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Listed below are a collection of foster parents and their respective rules/pets UFA pages. Clicking on the left link or button will direct you to their rules/UFA page and clicking on the Contact username will allow direct you to the foster parent's lookup.
Please take the time to READ THE RULES before contacting the foster parent. Thank you!
If you are a TNOer wanting your page added, please see the form below on how to get your page on here.
Applying for any of these pets does not guarantee you as the new owner of the pet. Once in the pound, a pet is freely available to anyone. By applying for a pet you recognize that you are giving your own free time and effort, that you are in no way making any form of transaction directly to the foster parent, that the only NP you will have to spend is the NP the Neopian Pound charges.

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The List!

– Contact bloodrein_

– Contact ceena_punk

- Contact the_psychic_slayer

Janine's rules and pets UFA - Contact janvix

– Contact evie_fae

Flora's rules and pets UFA - Contact evening_mist

- Contact ladybuglover_01

Caroline's rules and pets UFA – Contact theater_rules

– Contact lilypadfoot

- Contact EmmathePiper

- Contact x15stitches

- Contact victordudes

– Contact jenypher610

- Contact Comet55525

- Contact newenglandquizzer

n3k0's Rules and Pets UFA - Contact n3k0grrl

- Contact jewel1099

- Contact mycaritas

- Contact cheeky_sweetie

*is another pet directory

- Contact new_life_poundies

- Contact starrona

- Contact fishchan

- Contact Smile4mebabe333

- Contact StarPrincess1684

- Contact jeany210

- Contact flees2be

- Contact mespirit24

- Contact Patchlvr52598

- Contact gabunni

- Contact shamanicshaymin

- Contact vivichan

- Contact bladdy_the_cow