Hi there! Welcome to Cib's Premades, a premade userlookup site run by none other than Cib. Here you'll be able to find quality lookups that are easy and fun to edit, as well as stunning from the start! Feel free to edit these lookups as much as you'd like; it's easy to do! If you have any questions about them, you're always welcome to contact me about anything! Enjoy!


1. Always leave on credit.
2. Please do not beg for a request.

There aren't many rules, but please follow them. They are very important, & I want them to be followed to a tee. However, you are allowed to edit these lookups as much as you want; just leave on the credit! Thank you.

the premades

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Before you do anything, put #avatars table {width: 160px;} inside your style tags.

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Image mapping tutorial found here; it's a wonderful guide!
Special shout out to Shingie for being my inspiration to make great lookups. Her site, *blocked*, is absolutely amazing.
Resources: Bullets from Peach Pit and Pirouette. "To the Top" image, "Neomail Me" image, Open/Close image, and Fast/Medium/Slow image from Foomanshu. "Button Here" place holder from The Lunch Box. Fonts on banner from DaFont. Thank you to all of you!

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