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you're a wizard

Welcom to your gryffindor common room. I am your Head of House,Gemmy. Here you qill find graphics to show your support, some house specific games, news and maybe a few surprises. Please look around and if any questions then owl me.

About the tower

Once you've arrived inside Gryffindor Tower, come inside and be welcomed by the roaring fire, stuffed armchairs, and the great view we have from our windows. Our dormitories are reached by climbing the winding mahogany staircase, decorated with crimson and gold. As I said, there's plenty of gold around the tower. Our four-posters are covered with thick scarlet blankets (we have quite windy nights up in the towers) and are embroidered with gold. Gold chandeliers cast warm glows all around.
Gryffindor Tower, also known as the Gryffindor Common Room,serves as the living quarters for students in Gryffindor House at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In general, it sports several shades of red and gold. The fireplace mantle is adorned with a portrait of a lion (associated with the house).

Entering the tower

If you'd like to enter the common rooms you'd have to go the fat lady's picture and present a password that only gryffindors know. The password changes weekly so if you give the wrong password you don't get in.

Neomail me,geminixcreations(gemmy), or your prefects for the password to the secret place.

The Hogwarts Houses

Slytherin || Ravenclaw || Hufflepuff

I somely swear that I am up to no good


Gryffindor Secrets revealed

If you're here that means you're one lucky wizard to be here. Complete any or all of these and earn points for your vault.

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