1. Do you believe that the guild needs activities/games at all? Why do you feel the way you do?

Yes! Games are fun, and they encourage members to be more active by checking to see what's new!

2. Please rate how easy the activities page is to navigate: Easy, moderate, or hard?

3. What do you think of our guild festivals?
Awesome! The guild council puts in a tremendous amount of work!

4. Which activities do you find you enjoy the most? Why?

5. Which activities do you like least? Why?
I'm not terribly picky. I seem to enjoy them all! Haha!

6. How many activities do you think is reasonable/necessary within a month's time? (Choose an amount between 1 and 5.)
I think 1 activity per month is reasonable, and attainable.

7. Do you think activities should be scheduled or announced at random?
Scheduled. That way we can plan to be online at the right time!

8. Which do you prefer: Festivals or 1-day-long games?
Definately Festivals!

9. Where do you like activities to take place the most: On a public guild board, or on the private guild board?
Either is fine with me. Both are fun in their own way!

10. Would you be interested in hosting events/festivals?
Yes, I would!!