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- Okay, I don't think I'm going to be listed anywhere anymore. Because I love making layouts, but I want to do it because it's fun for me. So I'm only going to take requests when I feel like it. Thank you.

Welcome to Active Imagination

Hello guest, I'm Darky and welcome to Active Imagination! It's a layout request site ran by yours truly, and I think for being so new with layouts I do a decent job. But I guess that's for you to decide.

The site name 'Active Imagination' came from my goal to be able to make the best layout (within my capabilities) I possibly can for the people who request. And to be able to make amazing layouts, you have to have an Active Imagination. So whatever your here for, I hope you are able to find it!


-If Requests are closed, don't request because it's a real pain to clean out my inbox.

-Please don't ask me to do anything outrageous, I'm glad you have faith in me, but I'm only one person for goodness sake.

-Please don't request for anything other than what is listed, I can barely do what I'm decent at let alone whatever you dream up (Shop Layouts, Shields, Pixels, etc.)

-And please, please, PLEASE, do not steal my layouts, I really work hard on them and the last thing I need is some punk taking my merchandise.

-IF YOU REQUEST A LAYOUT, USE IT! I will go back and check on your guild (so long it isn't private) and it doesn't make me happy when I see that you aren't sporting the layout a week after I have made it for you. It's so frustrating to me -when you abandon it- and other people. In the two - six hours it took me to make your layout, I could have made a layout for someone else who actually appreciates it!

-If you don't like your layout, ask me to change it (refer to the rule above) That's what I'm all about, I want to make a layout that you're going to be happy with and want to use. So please, I don't mind doing it over.

I Have Read the Rules and I agree | I Disagree With Your Silly Rules

Request Form and Waiting List

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Please remember when you request, I can do a better job with more leash. That means the less specific you are, the better I can do. Yes, I'll be asking you your opinion through out the whole thing, but just keep that in mind.

Waiting List

P.S. I'm not going in any special order, the numbers are for my benefit. It's just saying whose layout I have left to make.

Banner/Button Beta

I'm kinda starting to make both, though I think I'm doing better with buttons than banners. If you feel brave enough to request one, feel free. By all means, take a look at the few that I have already made on my examples page.

Pick Up

none currently

Drawing Board

Were you not on to tell me what you think of your layout? Well, I'm very busy and I need my guild and pet pages free to finish other requests. So I put your layout here, on the back burner





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Don't be afraid to ask if you'd like to list me! I'm always looking for some good directories! ^^


I'd like my affiliates to have higher quality content. No that doesn't mean you must be recommended on 5 different sites . . . it would just be nice if you had good stuff to offer neopia.
But affiliate requests will always be open ^^



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