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The room is, unlike those of Telemakhos's other pets, laid out in a circular fashion; so that you feel infinitely trapped, or perhaps emancipated. Such fine lines.

Your eyes pause to rest on the various furnishings of the room as your feet acclimatize to the presence of rosin on the wooden floor. Many posters of famous fighters (Brucey Li, Abu-Bakr Ali, Moe Louis) decorate the red walls. Raggedy-looking punching bags hang from the ceilings. A bed and a bedpan lie in the corner.

Vertical punching bags hang from the ceilings. They look very worn out.


Something hits you in the square of your back.

Terrified to death, you crumble to your knees. You turn around to see your assailant - a wired, muscular Pink Aisha with more gold in her than the city of Tikal.

Heya, visitor! The Aisha says, beaming widely at yo. I warn't expecting any! Welcome in to my room!


Narrated in first person for a shocking change.

I - Atypical

I don't remember many days from my childhood, but the few that I do were mostly unhappy. Of course, good memories are there--tucked precociously between autumn-leaves, it seems. Their being so sparse makes me more inclined to remember them, like how clean white spots may stand out in a sea of red. (Cai helped me write this paragraph)

Most people don't consider me to be really eloquent or articulate, or smart in general. I can't say I disagree with them. I can't write as good as Nani or Cai, and I can't make stuff as good as Rino, and I can't draw as good as Qiozu.

But I sure love to fight.

Most of my brothers and sisters go into the quieter careers. Some of the braver ones become bankers. The less honorable ones abuse the psychic Aisha powers and grow to become stockbrokers.

I don't know; I just love to fight.

I delight in and crave every aspect of the sport. From the training to meet the opponent: the pulling of the muscle, the tearing of the heart, the rushing of the blood--to the confrontation on the battlefield: the emotional intimidation, the exchanged insults of mothers' purity, the hissing and the puffing of furs; (Nani helped me write this paragraph) I love to fight.

And the fight itself--the surge of adrenaline, the dance of reflexes, the abandonment of all things sophisticated and the immersion in all things primeval. (This paragraph was also written with Nani's help.)

Fight is the connection of the civilized to the waking days of nature.

- Master Techo


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Here I am in both anthro and quad versions. Rawrr! This was also a BC entry. Won silver grrTele spent over six hours painting this! She sure learned a lot from this painting. She says it's her favorite piece of art so far. It also won silver in the BC grr


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