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Welcome guest! My name is Achilles81 the Gelert, and I'll be your host, of course! This is my reading and writing corner, a place to celebrate, well...reading and writing! Before we get started though, I should tell you a little bit about myself. Where to start? Well, I'm 17694 hours old, and you should know that, although I've always been a Gelert, I haven't always looked like I do now...

The "Evolution" of Achilles81

Oh well, I don't look too bad, do I? Besides, I can't imagine being anything other than a Gelert, and Tdyans still likes me anyway. Oh, don't you know who tdyans is? Well, she's my owner, and a great owner at that! In fact, this place was her idea in the first place. As you can see from my stats, my intelligence is pretty high, because like most Neopets I love to read! And since Tdyans loves to write, we decided to create a haven for our fellow Neopian fans of reading and writing...
Strength 55
Speed 46
Defence 43

Hit Points

Max Hit Pts 69
Intelligence 179

Okay, now that we've gotten the introductions out of the way, let's get down to business. My Reading and Writing Corner is divided into three sections: Tdyans' Writings, Tips for Aspiring Neopian Writers, and Reading Recommendations.
Enjoy exploring them all!

Tdyans' Writings

As I said, Tdyans just loves to write. Here are some of the things that she has written for Neopets!


Neopia's Comic Craze:
This article from Issue 61 of the Neopian Times examines the ups and downs of the newly popular comic section of the Neopian Times and gives tips from the experts.

The Right Way to Adopt:
This article in Issue 13 of the new-style NT contains Tdyans' opinions on the best reasons and the best ways to find new family members, like my three brothers.

The Dreaded Makeover:
Tdyans offers tips on preparing for and dealing with one of a Neopian's greatest fears-- a pet makeover-- in this article in Issue 32.

Storytelling Made Simple:
This article in Issue 35 offers tips to help aspiring writers improve their chances of winning Neopets' Storytelling Competition.

Who Are You Calling Plain?:
In Issue 49, Tdyans profiles five unpainted pets and shows that "plain" pets can be anything but plain with a little bit of love and creativity.

Achilles81 on Writer's Block:
I myself am the author of this, er... informative... article from Issue 56 on the various ways that one can try to overcome writer's block. Good luck!

The Old Standbys:
This article in Issue 75 is all about some of the older games on the site and just why it is they're special enough to have lasted so long.

The Fate of the Top 40 List:
In issue 92, Tdyans examines some of the problems surrounding the AG Top 40 List and whether it can be made into a fair competition yet.


I Was A Contender: A Tale From Within the Battledome League Fights:
This is the true story of my time in the Battledome League Matches, found in Issue 53 of the Neopian Times. It was exciting and challenging, and I also learned a lot.

Where I Belong:
A particular favorite of Tdyans' readers, this story can be found in Issue 58 of the Neopian Times. It's the tale of a Zafara who is separated from her owner and adopted by someone else.

Sankara's Story:
Did Usurper tell the whole story, or is there more to it? This story, found in Issue 67 of the Neopian Times explores another possibility of the truth through the eyes of a prisoner who meets Sankara.

How Moeioe Got His Wings:
This is the story of my little brother Moeioe the Moehog, and the special way in which he earned his faerie wings and learned a very important lesson, found in Issue 12 of the new-style Neopian Times.

Rooruon Finds His Place:
This tale in Issue 40 of the Neopian Times tells of how our newest brother Rooruon, the mutant cybunny, came to join the family, and how we learned to love him for who he is.

Moeioe's Memory:
In this Issue 50 story-- a birthday gift to Moeioe-- a strange visitor on the day of Moeioe's birthday causes him to have an enlightening dream about his past.

Behind the Destroyer:
Just what is the truth behind MAGAX: Destroyer's "dark background" and his grudge against Hubrid Nox? Find out in this story that appeared in Issue 52.

A Different Faerie:
Why does the Snow Faerie ask for faeries in her quests? A possible answers to this question and others are explored in this story in Issue 75.

Rooruon in Flight:
When Rooruon's first birthday approaches, Moeioe decides that the perfect gift would be to teach him how to fly in this Issue 86 story.


The Strangest Lupe: Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7:
In this series, which began in the first issue of the new-style Neopian Times, a pack of lupes adopt a baby eyrie and raise it as their own, but not without a few problems here and there.

Legends of the Seasons: Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6:
My brother MaxKanine tells folk tales to Moeioe and myself that explain, among other things, how each of the Neopian Months got their names in this series beginning in Issue 25.

Sibling Rivalry: Part 1, 2:
MaxKanine and I run into a bit of a conflict while
vacationing in Meridell for our second birthdays in this short series
in Issues 58 and 59.

Needed: Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9:
This series began in Issue 46 with a pampered shadow gelert named Dantam whose life is turned upside down when he ends up on the streets and begins a new life with a group of other homeless pets.

Needed Too: Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9:
Dantam and the junkyard pets return in this sequel to "Needed" beginning in Issue 64, and now he's met a new friend-- a female cloud-coloured gelert named Tessa who cannot remember her old life.


Crossword Conundrum:
MaxKanine and I (or at least, certain body parts of ours) star in this-- Tdyans' first comic (and the only one she drew herself), which appeared in Issue 60!

Something Has Happened: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18:
This is a set of comics that began appearing in Issue 70 based around Random Events. Tdyans writes or co-writes the ideas and various artists help to draw the comics.

Storytelling Competition

Tdyans' wrote the third entry in this very interesting tale about four Neopets' unforgettable vacation to Tyrannia.
This is the story of what happens to the mischievous Ruoill when he tricks his owner into letting him stay home from school, in which Tdyans wrote the third installment.
Tdyans' contribution is the second part in the adventures of a gullible kacheek whose sinister owner turns him into a mutant.
Tdyans is responsible for the second part in this story about an owner struggling to learn to care for her new Grarrl.

Poetry Contest
After tons of tries, Tdyans finally won the poetry contest with a poem entitled "The Legend of Tyrannian Victory Day.
Nearly a year after her first victory, Tdyans stuck again with a Moehog Day poem entitled "Seven Young Moehogs.

Adventure Generator

Neopia's Greatest Villain
You are Banjo, a brown Zafara living a perfect, peaceful life in the suburbs of Neopia Central. Unlike your brother, Murky the mutant lupe, however, you're unhappy and wish you could have just a bit of adventure for once. Well, you just may get your wish when an unexpected visitor shows up at your Neohome door! Oh, and just who is Neopia's Greatest Villain, you ask? You'll have to decide for yourself... if you can make it to the end.


Pet Spotlight
MaxKanine, Moeioe, and I won the Pet Spotlight by telling Neopia what makes us special.

Tips for Aspiring Neopian Writers

Do you want to write stories and articles for Neopets like Tdyans? Well, here are some helpful hints from both of us on how to do so.

What should you write?
When you write for the Neopian Times, you have a choice between writing an article or a story (not to mention series and even comics!) Which form you should use depends on what you want to write about (see the next section.) An article is good if you want to write something informative or make a certain argument. On the other hand, a well-written story can also be informative and convincing. The decision comes down to personal preference. Do you like writing essays best-- being logical and organized-- or do you prefer to write fiction-- showing off your imagination? If you decide to write a story, you then have to decide what kind of story to write-- action-adventure, scary story, tear-jerker, or something else? Again, personal preference and what you want to write about matters. Think about the kinds of things you like to read. Those are the same types of stories that you are most likely to both enjoy and be good at writing.

What should you write about?
The subject of your story or article should also be based upon your likes and interests. You should write something that is original and interesting to your readers if you want it to be published, though. Keep your eye on the news section and the chat boards. What's new on Neopets? What are the hot issues right now? If you write an article giving your opinion on an oft-debated topic or tips on the latest game, or write a story about the newest pet, world, or event, your chances of getting published and read improve. Keep your topics within Neopets and focus on what you think people want or need to know, what is important to you or interests you here, and as always, be sure to follow Neopets' guidlines for what topics are and are not allowed.

How should you write?
Everybody has their own personal style. In some part, this just comes naturally to each person, but we can also develop and improve our styles. One way to do this is just to read works by other writers and learn from the way that they write-- see what is effective and what is not. Another way is to keep practicing writing yourself and getting feedback from other people. Sentence structure and word choice are some important points to consider. If you vary the words that you use and the lengths and forms of the sentences that you write, your work will be more interesting to read. Style should vary depending on what you are writing. If you're writing an article, there should probably be a logical structure to the development of your ideas, whether you're trying to make an argument or give advice to other players. Do you want to take an informal tone, which can appeal to your readers, or a more formal tone, which can make you sound authoritative? If you're writing a story, do you want to write in first person point of view (through the eyes of one of your characters) or third person point of view (a narrator outside of the characters who may either know everything about everyone or may focus on only one specific character)? All of these things should be determined by the author and the particular story or article that he or she is writing.

What about the details (length, language, grammar, etc)?
Once you've followed these general guidelines, you're still not quite ready to submit your story. You need look at the details and make sure that your story is perfect before you send it in. Your article or story should not be too short, but if it is too long, your readers may lose interest or not bother reading in the first place. If it seems lengthy, you can either try shortening it down or you can split it up into parts and submit it as a series. Proofread your writing several times before you submit it, and read it aloud to see how it sounds. If a certain sentence sounds strange, try rewriting it. If you use the same words over and over, look up similar words in a thesaurus and try substituting them for some variety. As always, keep your language appropriate to Neopets. Try to fix all of your grammar and punctuation as much as possible. It can also be good to have a friend, teacher, or parent read your work over, because often something we write makes sense to us but not to anyone else. Finally, before you submit, you need to give your work a title. It could be the main point of your article or an important phrase from your story, or something else. Just try to make it catchy so that it will grab the readers' attentions and make them want to read on.

What now-- submit!?
Okay, so you've finally finished your article or story, read it over and over, and you're ready to submit. So, go for it! After all of this hard work, don't get shy and give up. Take the final step and send your writing in to NeopianTimes@neopets.com, and be proud of it whether or not it gets in. Make sure that your correct username is attached, because they won't be able to accept your work and reward you without it. It's also good to put the title and your username in the subject line, rather than just "story" or "article," to catch the editor's eye, and it's nice to put a short note at the beginning of your e-mail thanking Neopets for their consideration. There are a lot of entries every week, and Neopets cannot accept all of them, but that doesn't mean they're not all great. It may take a couple of weeks for your entry to get published. If it doesn't happen after a few weeks, you can edit it and submit it to them again-- trust me, this works! Finally, if you story or article does get published, you're likely to get a lot of great compliments from other players. Be sure to thank them for their encouragement and bask in the glory of your accomplishment.

What about the Storytelling Competition?
Maybe you don't want to write a long article or story for the Neopian Times, but you'd like to know how to get one of those nifty trophies (not to mention the 2000 nps and rare item) from the Storytelling Competition. In many ways you should follow the same advice, but keep your writing shorter. Timing is important; to improve the chances that your entry will actually be read before a winner is picked, try to enter as soon as the previous chapter of the competition comes out. Make your entry interesting and well-written. You want it to stand out from other entries, so try to write something that the reader might not necessarily expect, something exciting or funny, and end it with a nice cliffhanger for the next person to have fun trying to start off from.

Reading Recommendations

Of course, Tdyans and I love to read the Neopian Times. Whenever we see a story or article that really catches our eye and that we think everyone should read, we'll put it here. There will always be three stories listed here, so whenever a new one gets picked, the oldest gets bumped off. We'll be sure to contact you if we post your writing here. There's way too much stuff out there for us to read it all, so if you see something you think should be here, be sure to neomail us and we'll check it out!

The Fine Art of Desctruction by geovii:
Geovii demonstrates that he's found the perfect recipe for a great game instruction article: good writing, helpful and accurate information, and just a dash of humor.

Mordegan and the Ixi of Doom by battlesunn:
Battlesunn has had several stories published in the NT by now, and this is probably one of the best-written. Hilarity ensues when sibling rivalry goes too far.

Into the Dark series by starhamster42:
Between the author's descriptive ability and riveting plot, this series about the adventurous MakiKai and a mysterious amulet is shaping up to be a terrific read!

Favorite Authors

So you still haven't gotten enough to read?! Well, that's exactly why Tdyans and I created this little sub-section of Reading Recommendations containing all our favorite Neopian authors. Check out all their old work and keep your eyes peeled for their latest stuff! Scriptfox has created an NT Master Index, where you can find links to every single published piece of writing for every single NT author, including the ones listed here, so check it out!

This is the owner of my friend Monokeras, Private Investigator, who tells a mean detective story. I even co-starred in two!
Whether it's a helpful article or a hilarious series, her stuff is always worth checking out!
We love Shidi's Harry the Grarrl stories, which are the perfect combination of sweet and funny.
His stories about Alexander T. Chia and the lupes he studies are well-loved by all, and for good reason.
This author's works are always well written and a joy to read. Need more be said?
She has written quite a few cute stories, including the fantastic "Pup of the Wilds" series.

Don't forget, if you really like something that you read, neomail the author and let them know! Trust me, it's a great encouragement and they'll be happy to give you some of their own tips on writing if you ask!

Questions or Comments?

You're welcome to neomail Tdyans any time. She loves to hear your questions and comments on her writings and on this page, as well as your suggestions, and she does her best to answer all neomails that she recieves. Also, if you've enjoyed my reading and writing corner, you should check out her guild!

Tdyans' Awards

I'm honored to have been nominated (and even to have won once) in the NT Awards, which are run by my guild!

Woohoo! We won the Site Spotlight! Thanks to all who have visited since then, and thanks to all the loyal fans who came by even before!

Fan Art

Finally, a section that's all about me!

Yay, I have fan art! Take that, Moeioe! *cough* Did I say that out loud? Well, uh, anyway, check out this fantastic picture of me! It was a birthday gift to me from my owner's friend Lost_desert_fan-- I think she captured my good side.

More fan art, woohoo! This one's from hannah_banana_2002; thanks a bunch Hannah!

Okay, so this one's not just me, but isn't it fantastic?! It's a family portait from felabba, of Alpha70 and Murou fame!

All images on this site are the property of Neopets.com. All modifications of or additions to these images were made by Tdyans, with the exception of the mini at the top of the page, which was created by bytail, the guild banner by girlsrule261, the NT Awards Trophies by sarakrindel, and the pictures by lost_desert_fan and hannah_banana_2002.

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