I'm into invisible customisations, customising in general, NC trading, and making my user and pet lookups look pretty. I also collect Shenkuu items and mystery capsules.

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My master lookbook showcasing all my pets and their looks can be viewed here.

Pets with closets:

Pets with one look:


Ombré Quartets
Collects edible items in four colours.
My most aesthetically-pleasing gallery. I had way too much fun arranging them by colour so that the sets blended into each other.
Visit here.

Made in Shenkuu
Collects all things Shenkuu.
I chose the items for the East Asian aesthetic, even though some of them aren't directly linked to Shenkuu. Mixes NC and NP items. Although some things are so rare and expensive I'll never get them.
Visit here.

Rainbow Pool Plushies
Collects plushies of painted pets.

A very casual gallery I don't plan to spend much on, but have fun looking at.
Visit here.


Achaeon the First
My original lab and battledome pet, and the pet I've had for the longest. I stopped zapping him when he got zapped to Maraquan Gelert, one of my dream pets. [lookbook]

Aequiri the Atlantean
Another old pet. I loved Maraquan Eyries and painted him after receiving a Fountain Faerie Quest.

Eiriae the Fighter
My battledome pet, and a Stealthy x Shadow crosspaint. This ninja warrior is not-so-secretly my favourite— along with his petpet, who's based off the archetypal kungfu master/teacher.

the Maraquan Quetzal

the Maraquan Albat

the Elderly Juma

Senyaria the Shenkuu Keeper
The last of my four pre-hiatus pets. Created as a Xweetok partially because the Lotus Xweetok clothes were so beautiful, she's now my Shenkuu-themed pet and the keeper of my Shenkuu gallery.

Daremoinai the Nonexistent
誰もいない, which means There is no one here. My first Invisible pet. Paired with Nanimonai (何もない), which means There is nothing here. [lookbook]

Hisomeru the Hidden
潜める, which means to hide; to conceal; to become quiet and inconspicuous​. Paired with Hisomu (潜む), which means to be hidden. [lookbook]

the Faerie Kazeriu

the Invisible Warf

the Kazeriu

Kanzakura the Winter Sakura
寒桜, the winter-blooming cherry blossom. One of the first pets I wanted when I returned from my hiatus (and created around the time I actually did see sakura in full bloom for the first time irl).

Nehris the Pastel Autumn Dream
The second full-fledged customisation I created, and also my next favourite. I love the shades of pastel.

Terashidasu the Lightbringer
照らし出す, meaning to illuminate; to shine a light on. She has a sort of Shenkuu-lanterns-at-dusk theme.

the Birthday Ukali

the Woodland Feloreena

the Alkenore

Dawnspring the Daybringer
I wanted a Pastel Draik because I really loved the colour, even though I don't actually like Draiks much haha. Its petpet, Eos, is named after the Greek goddess of the dawn.

Silflae the Golden Woodland Nymph
Named for the lapine word silflay in Watership Down and a wordplay on sylph, a mythological air spirit. Didn't originally plan on this pet but then I got a fountain faerie quest and couldn't resist the cheerful pale yellow of a pastel peophin!

RodongSinmun the Cloaked
Current affairs geek that I am, how could I pass up a pet in the pound with a name referencing North Korea's state newspaper? Kiringul is named for a cave in North Korea said to have been the home of the kirin, an East Asian mythological chimeric beast the Quilin is clearly based on. [lookbook]

the Ukali

the Yellow Peo

the Quilin

Zeikei the Ethereal
I wanted a pet to match the Sea Shell Crown, then the rest of the custom fell in place. Stunning was a perfect background to use :') [lookbook]

Mikokagura the Warrior Priestess
Miko kagura (巫女神楽) are dances performed by shrine maidens, or miko, in Japan. Kaguya-hime aesthetic; warrior princess-ish theme. [lookbook]

Mefdet the Sand Princess
A precursor to the goddess Bastet (and her alter-ego Sekhmet), Mefdet or Mafdet was an Egyptian cheetah goddess. [lookbook]

the Ghost Mauket

the Royal Sandan

the Gold Mauket

Mirior the Watercolour Peophin
My first and favourite full-fledged customisation, which is saying a lot because I've come up with quite a few more since.

Esfain the Midnight Mare
...or the Mid-Nightmare? Yes, her entire aesthetic is based on this wordplay. [lookbook]

Ihuin the Living Forest
Where lies the strangling fruit that came from the hand of the sinner I shall bring forth the seeds of the dead to share with the worms that gather in the darkness and surround the world with the power of their lives. Inspired by the biological weirdness of Jeff Vandermeer's Annihilation. [lookbook]

the Royal Delfin

the Eventide Muyang

Strangling Fruit
the Mutant Fir

Niranae the Sorceress
I wanted a pet that went with the Horned Wig with Flowers, and Niranae's custom grew out of there. [lookbook]

Hernne the Hunter
In English folklore, Herne the Hunter is a ghost associated with Windsor Forest and Great Park in the English county of Berkshire. He is said to naturally have antlers upon his head. The transparent eyrie, with its skull, seemed a great fit for that.

Streachery the Shapeshifter
I went pound-surfing for a pet with a name that would fit a Mutant Draik, and Streachery was perfect. Morphed into a Draik, then painted Mutant using a Fountain Faerie Quest. [lookbook]

the Stealthy Muyang

the Halloween Antwerph

the Darigan Ukali

Kaapvaal the Primordial
The land to Nealbara's sea. Kaapvaal was the name of one of the two cratons which made up the supercontinent Vaalbara— the name of my first side account. A Magma x Royal crosspaint.

Nealbara the Primordial
The sea to Kaapvaal's land. Nealbara was the ancient superocean surrounding the supercontinent known as Vaalbara, which Kaapvaal was part of. Sirenia is named for the Latin order of manatees.

Einalioi the xxxx
I love Xweetoks and Maraquan ones are magnificent. "Theoi einalioi" was the ancient Greek term for sea gods.

the Ignalce

the Maraquan Weewoo

the Maraquan Floud

Sikade the Chevrotain
Short for sika deer, though I wanted a mousedeer-reference or at least more Southeast Asian name at first.

Iranan the Inventor
I just really liked the Moltaran Eyrie clothes.

the Maraquan Noil

the Goyalbotnik

planned pets

None for now!

favourite closet items

I love NC backgrounds. If it's not on my DTI tradelist (impress.openneo.net/user/36946/closet) it's not for trade, sorry!

dream nc items

NC wearables tradelist + wishlist: impress.openneo.net/user/36946/closet
NC non-wearables wishlist: items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/liegeman/176848
NC retired mystery capsules wishlist: items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/liegeman/181655
NC retired GBCs wishlist: items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/liegeman/181583

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NP wishlist: items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/liegeman/176849/





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