Beetle comes from BTL, an acronym of "Behind The Layout". It's a site to help you personalise a layout or even make your own from scratch. It's been around in various forms since March 2012.

Many of the layouts on this site are designed to be building blocks - take them apart, find out how they work, replace their graphics with wonderful images of your own creations. Or leave them as they are; nothing wrong with a bit of simplicity.

If you want a bit more of an indepth explanation for how to make a layout, then head over to the tutorials page. Here, I walk you through several different layouts. Some of them are for beginners, some of them are more advanced; hopefully, all of them will show you something interesting.

And if coding interests you, then I sometimes post mini-rants and fun css tricks over here, on the coding blog. Or feel free to send a neomail my way with a question - my inbox is always open.
Need graphics or coding help? Interested in collabs? Want to be part of the wider graphics and coding community on neo? We're over here.
News and updates
14 September
Big beetle news!
Beetle is changing and getting a complete face lift and turn around. What will emerge out of the other side is the BEETLE FAMILY - a group of four or five separate sites that work together under the Beetle banner. The very first of these sites, Mariposa, is live and running and replaces Beetle Backgrounds.

I apologise for any broken links while the changeover takes place and please bear with me while it happens - a lot of work is going into this!

Breaking up the sites will allow me to dedicate focus to each section at a time, giving you a better overall service and higher quality content. The new Mariposa site has already had over 90 new backgrounds added to it compared to Beetle Backgrounds as well as a vastly improved and expanded usage notes section.

It's exciting times, and thank you for sticking with me through them!

(also I should mention that the family concept isn't quite mine, I shamelessly stole it from Jewlz and her gemstone family of sites - including Beetle's sister sites Jewel and Bejeweled)

by Beetle

* Closed / hiatus, but
still good content
(N/A for tutorials)

These layouts are free for any use.
Credit is appreciated, but not required.
You may edit any part of these layouts.
You may use what you learn to build layouts for other people.
(Just please don't redistribute my layouts as they are)

Do you offer premades or requests based on Beetle code?
Let me know; I'll list you below as a collaborator!
Request Status

Topics covered on the coding blog

Any new userlookup or petpage
Sourcing a style of tiling background
Personalised graphics for any layout
Recolouring or full page backgrounds
In depth tutorial walk through
Current Requests

No form, just describe what you want and send it my way!
Sister Sites
Bejeweled and Jewel are two sites run by the ever fabulous Jewlz offering premade and custom layouts, lookups, buttons and resources of exceptionally high quality. You want that little something to make your site really stand out? Jewlz has you covered, friend. Somewhere in her family of sites you will find exactly what you need.
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Interested in making a layout using Beetle code? Or working with me to build something new? Fabulous. Let's talk.

Got a tip or a topic for the coding blog? A guide to link from the tutorial page? Made a layout? Genius. Let's talk.

» Request status signs by Foomanshu
» Neomail icons by Whirligig
» Low opacity fills and various backgrounds by lolwhut.
» Graphics and backgrounds from various free wallpaper sites including
planwallpaper, pixelstalk, subtlepatterns, hdwallpapers, bg-repeat,
and others
» Resources in premades credited where used, but often involve
Bejeweled, Landscape and lolwhut.