Welcome to my portfolio! It is the first time I make one, even though I did own a page before.

I really hope to make this page more interesting eventually.

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My name is Anna, I'm 23 years old and live in Brazil.

I started playing Neopets when I was in High School. I was searching for faerie images and stumbled upon the site. I still remember my first day here. My first pet was a Gelert - I liked the species immediately, mostly because they really look like real life pets.

My English is not very good. I try to pay attention to what I write, but there may be mistakes or misunderstandings. Still, neopets is a much more interactive place when you browse it in English, in my opinion. The forums in Portuguese are just too slow.

Currently, I am an accounting technician. It is also my third year in university.

I absolutely love drawing and writing! That doesn't mean I'm any good at either, and my results are usually quite pitiful, but I hope that, with practice, I will eventually become better.

Questions and Answers

Name/Nickname: Anna/Anna. It is already a short name, so please just call me that.

Timezone: GMT -3

What time are you usually on neo: It is really random. My university classes happen randomly through the week, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, and specially during the night. My job is also the same. From ~6:00 PM to ~1:00 AM NST I am usually sleeping but, besides that, I may be online any time.

Birthday (month&day): Is it really safe to say, I wonder?

Which of your pets is your favourite: Abdemis, for sure. He is very dear to me.

Why did you join the guild: I wished to make new friends; I spent six years on neo being a recluse, simply because I prefered being alone, but I tired of it and wanted to meet new people. The guild pages and activities also prove it to be fun and open to players of various kinds.

What are your neopian interests (avatars, BDing etc): My main interest, currently, is to train my battle pet, but I also want to try collecting trophies again, and design characters for my pets. Those are secondary, though.

When it comes to your account, what are you most proud of? Abdemis, for sure :) He's the one who's been with me the longest and I've invested a lot on him, according to my possibilities. Besides that, I am also proud of some trophies and avatars that were very hard to get. I don't have an impressive count, but I surely worked for what I've got.

On a scale of 1-10 how involved were you with your previous guild? How? Zero, as I didn't belong to any guild - Unless the famous "Don't want to be in a guild - stop asking me" guild counts, lol.

What do you hope to improve while being here? Everything, really. As I said, what attracted me is the fact that Brutal is not exclusively made for one type of player, like, only battledomers, or only avatar collectors. I want to improve various things, mainly my pet's stats and characters and maybe the amount of trophies I have.

What else should we know about you? (2-5 sentences): This question was answered in the previous tab! :)


Abdemis is the pet that has been with me for the longest time, even though he is not the eldest. You see, when I started playing, my dream pet was a Royal Gelert. So I was decided to save for the paint brush. Halfway there, I lost it, because I wanted to paint my pet NOW (yes, quite childish), so I just bought a Halloween Paint Brush, that was cheaper, and painted Abdemis. Very random, and the most probable outcome would be me regretting this decision and saving from scratch in order to paint him royal, but I ended falling in love with him, thinking him a character, a design, and becoming his slave. Ahem. He even had customized userlookup and graphics once, but I was never good at such things and decided to take everything down and only upload my work for him if it was really good. Hence, it's been years and Abdemis still doesn't have special coding, writing or art. ._.

Vzni is a dream pet of mine, and the only one I got through help. I never liked robot pets much, but the gelerts were an exception. I think the robot gelert is one of the few robots that look friendly, and I loved the whole design, specially the heart in the chest. Of course, the only way I could get such a pet for myself would be through zapping, and getting a specific species/color combo is very difficult. When I found Vzni UFT, I really wanted him, and offered some of my pets, but the owner rejected my offers. A year or so ago, I tried again. Vzni's previous owner decided to give him to me without trading. I am still very grateful! Like Abdemis, he does have a character, but it is a challenge for me to actually put it down to paper (or screen). By the way, long time ago, the person who created Vzni (not the one that put him UFT) mailed me to say that Vzni was created years ago as a Lupe, painted pirate by a FFQ, and eventually pounded. It was very nice to know more about Vzni's past.

Any other pets in my accounts are either lucky zaps or misuses of Fountain Faerie Quests and are most likely going to be put up for adoption.


Stamps from Brutal Stamps.




These are some of the avatars I believe I can pursue. If I ever get one of them, I will put a green border around it.








Always! I'm not asking for help, though. It is my personal policy to buy my things myself. :)


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