Neopets Life According to Quinn ♥

About Me

Quinn is the name! So you've stumbled upon my little page, hmm? I'll try to entertain you as best as I can, but alas--this is mainly a page for me to keep track of my goals on Neopets.

I'm 21, full-time college student, and a complete and total nerd. Proooud nerd. :] I'm majoring in English with a minor in Secondary Education so I can become a high school English teacher! Tres excite, non?

A couple of my favorites: Movie: Kiki's Delivery Service, Book: The Life According to Garp [and the Harry Potter series...its a tie!], Band: Oasis, Color(s): purple, pink, teal, DS Game: Pokemon...

If you'd like to know anything else, or become Neopals (note: we MUST have talked first, otherwise I will ignore you) then just send some mail to babycheekies! :D

Current Goals

x = Completed

100,000 neopoints [x]
500,000 neopoints [x]
1 million neopoints [x]
Cybunny Morphing Potion (any color)
Lab Map #1
Lab Map #2
Lab Map #3
Lab Map #4
Lab Map #5
Lab Map #6
Lab Map #7
Lab Map #8 [x]
Lab Map #9 [x]
Baby Paint Brush [x]
Cloud Paint Brush [x]
Silver Paint Brush [x]
Faerie Paint Brush

Gallery Items List

Cybunny plushie theme! Once these are collected, the cybunny theme will continue!

Still needed:

Thanks to my best friend ecsullivan for her kind donations!