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Your Map

Adoptables/Pixels Adoption Agencies Account/Basic Info. Art (Diverse Forms) Avatar Boards Buttons/Banners Directories (Links) Directories (Neopets) Game Guides Graphics HTML/CSS Making Neopoints Music Neopets' Services Non-English Guides Premade Pages Reviews/SOTM Specific's Item Guides Untaken Pet Names


strike -means that the page is being worked on and all info is gone

*=You can get customs here
**=This whole page is only customs
Ctrl+F= search
F11= Full Screen
=recommended site
=resources on this page
-Non-Updating page (Hasn't updated in 6 months).
(OPEN)- Customs are open
(CLOSED)-Customs are closed

How To Get The Most Out Of Lost Links

Searching for a page is a fast way to find your page. If you know the name of page, ctrl+F to open find. Then type in and press enter.
Alternately, each cat. has a list of search terms. Use these to find a page that has what you want in it. Words in ( ) are not exact words you should use, but words without them are. DO NOT add S to the end of any word, it won't work.
If you have a certain thing you want and cannot find it here, you have several options. If I'm online_ you can neomail me and I'll respond quickly. Or you can go to another directory and look though there list of links. Otherwise go over to the friendly help board and ask them there.

Questions that are never asked

Possibilities is misspelled in your banner. Is it suppose to be?

Well, no. Tell you the truth, I can't spell. But, it's on a banner, it's too hard to fix, and I kind of like it. So, yeah. It can just stay like that. :)

When did Lost Links start? Why did you make a directory? What was your first start?

Okay, all these questions involve one answer. Lost Links started on a different petpage and was nameless. Some of you might remember my banner saying '010rebecca's helpful links' It was a giant list of buttons, but they were organized and everything nicely. Then, I decided to get a better name, Lost Links, made a neopet named that, Lostlinks, and we were borne! Every since then, we had 2 or 3 layouts, lot's of dead ideas, and one major hiatus. But, in a long way, Lost Links was my first site.

Why did I make a directory? Well, how many of you remember So_you_need_a_guide? It was one of my major influences on my first account (Which I self-froze) So I knew I wanted to make one just as good, and famous, as it. Now, it's barely named and I don't have a single influencing directory.

Can I review you?

Go ahead, my goal is to make this directory yours! So any feedback you give me is greatly appreciated.

I made you a (insert graphic). Why don't you use it anymore?

I'm sorry. Some graphics I get made for me are taken off site when I decide for a new look. If you made me a button with 010rebecca's helpful links on it, I took it down because that confused people. If you made me a banner, I took it down when I decided on a facelife. And if you made me a button that said 'Lost Links' on it, truthfully, I didn't like it that much.

How can a site be non-updated and recommended?

A recommended site is a site I think will give you what your looking for. Some sites don't need to be updated dailie, like game guides, Account Info, Screenies, ect. ect. (Directoies, Graphics, Requests SHOULD be updated) If there site contain quality info and isn't updated within three months, it's still qualify to be recommended.

Updates- Adopt-A-Xwee, Adoptable site, has been taking down and the message "hi get out" has been put up. Serendipity Pixels has been cleared with the message- "I no longer run Serendipity Pixels on Neo. Deal.

Explore and discover

This is not Lost Links Directory. Go to This is an experimental graphical page.

Hi, I'm Jerika and welcome to Lost Links directory. My goal is to give you all the petpages you need and supply quality information. I hope my petpages helps you in your time of need and in your free time. I also hopes that our page loads fast and efficiently for your computer. (P.S. I do realize possibilities is misspelled)

Total Sites Listed: The Construction Crews have started to rebuild : )
Last Site Listed: October 24, 2010
est. (On this URL) August 18, 2009


There Is 45 Sites In This Section

Adoptables/Pixels/Adoptables & Pixels
Search Terms-
(Name Of Neopet), Neopet, Non-Neopet, Celebrity, Petpet, (Name of Petpet), painted, custom, clothes, story, open, closed, animated, *, **,Non-Neo,Neo-related,adopt


Adoptables and Pixels

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Adoption Agencies There is 27 Sites In This Section

Adoption Agencies/Application/Guides
Search Terms-
Pound Release, Guild, UFA, UFT, Guild, (Number that ends with 0 or 5, exa: 15, 25, 90) (number between 1 and 9), worth, trade, pound, chat, uc, database, application, app

Adoptions Agencies


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Account/Basic Info

There is 23 Sites In This Section.
Account Scams/Basic Info/Campaigns
Search Terms-
Harassment, Scams, Safe, Rights, Copyright, Credit, Locked Topic, Avoid, Hack, Side Account, Lose, pet trading, frozen account, rubber chickens, chain letters, anger, supporter list

Account Scams

Basic Info


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Art (Diverse Forms)

There is 21 Sites In This Section
Search Terms-
Poetry, art, adoptables, real life, quiz, poem, band, screenies




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There is 11 Sites In This Section
Avatars/Packrat List
Search Terms-
Packrat, SDB, lending, game



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There is 8 Sites In This Section.
Search Terms-
Chatspeak, acronym, dictionary


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There is 8 Sites In This Section.
Custom Buttons/How To
Search Terms-
Custom, adimat.,(OPEN),(CLOSED)

Custom Buttons
How To

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Coding Help

HTML/CSS guides
Al's HTML/CSS----Tells everything about HTML and CSS that Al knows
.amber's css----premade css/petpages
Basic HTML Help----Tells Basic HTML Help
c0dinghelp----Tells you how to code backgrounds and do simple HMTL
Coding Help By Kitty----Layout coding help
CSS guide----Css common help
CSS Help----Help on CSS
Darkest Fariae Lair----Make a guild layout
Guild Coding----How To Code a guild, step by step
Finger Prints----Premade layouts, layout Css, coding help,
Full Page Guild Coding Help----Detailed on how to make a guild layout
HTML basics---Outdated, but explains basics for HTML
HTML/CSS Help Page----Common Petpage answers

Page Guides
Apartment 9---tells how to make a good pet-page.
Be Ad Free----Tells how to stop annoying ads on Neopets
Graphic Sites----How to make a graphic site

MS Paint
MS paint tutorial---A quick guide on making graphics with paint

Fliter Fixes
UL codes----Fliter fix for userlookups

GIMP Guides
GIMP Sensation ----Explains Gimp

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Directories (Links)

Angle's Directory
Apple Tree
Converse AllStarz
.dot helpfuls
Lorna's Petpage Directory
Little Black Book

The Purple Pages----Closed but links are still up
Sandstar's Directory
Search Soroptimist
Meepits Are Love
Soroptimist's Directory

Adoptable Extravaganza ---An Adoptable Directory
Akazamara's Adoptables----An adoptable directory
Emma's Guide Directory---Has Info on different guides
Gallery Index----List galleries of all kinds.
Rachel's Shop Directory----Shop/Mall directory
Ultamite Lookup Finder----Links to getting or making a lookup

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Directories (Pets)

Aquatic Life----Pet directory for Maraquan pets
Charmed----A Royal Pet Directory
Club Chocolate----A chocolate directory
CocoNuts----A chocolate directory with lots of members
Grandfathered----Has lists of unconverted Neopets
Neopian Supers----Are you neopets a super hero or a super villian
Painted Pet Directory----Has lists of all painted Neopets
Splits----A split painted neopet directory

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Game Guide----Guide to all games
Advert Attack ----10 tips for everyone and code word
Advert Attack Guide ----Explains game and has images. Tips included

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Little Bit Of Everything
ACE*----Banners, signs, ect. Ect..
Trendz*---Has Blogs, blinkies, ect. Most neo-related.
Charlie*----Has buttons, sheilds, and premades
Essence----Icons, resourses, layouts and more
Somersault's Graphics ----Neo themed graphics
Sunny Neo----Has basic info/graphics/ect.
Twisted Twilight----Lots of Twilight graphics

Shopbackgrounds----Has a lot of nice backgrounds

Pet Banner
You Are You----Pet banners for what your pet is.
Your Pets are not UFT----Has Not UFT banners with pet species/color

Amazed Custom Graphics!**----Makes custom icons and glitters
AishaBaby----It's closed but it still has some icons on it
Diamond Designs----Has lots of icons on a vary of subjects
Hayo Grafik----Has random icons
Pink Punk Graphics----Has icons, backgrounds, and layouts
Saphires Icons----Has lots of icons

Tippy Custom Shields*----Has custom shields for userlookup

Fake Avatar
Flash**----Choose your own custom avatar/banner

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Baybeluv's Music+Icons*----Has music codes, does request, and some icons
Emzee's Music Codes----Music codes for popular songs
Dazzling Music----Has full songs
Lily's Music Page----music without words. Easy load and no copyright.
Marshmaal's Music*----Has good music codes in a simple format
Pink Glaze Music----Lots of songs
Sponsor Game Music----Has the music that were in sponsor games
Sunshine----Has music codes and tells how to make your own
Very Cool Strawberry's Music----Has good music codes

How To
Toona's Music Help----Tells how to make your own music

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Neopets' Services

Advent Calender
Fizzy's Advent Archives----every prize given out in advert calender
Loveywovey's Advert List----every prize given out in advert calender

How to fix the Tarla Alert bug in Firefox----How to fix the toolbar in FF
Tarla Checker----Tells you how to know if Tarla is going to come that day
Tarla's Prizes----Has every day Tarla gave out a prize and what it is.
Neopets Toolbar Info Page----Explains the toolbar and Tarla
Firefox 2.0----fix the toolbar (and other stuff) in FF
Xoe's Guide to Tarla----Has a list of prizes Tarla gave out
Lutari Bead Guide----Everything you wanted to know about Lutari beads
Lutari Talisman Guide----Everything to know about Lutari Talisman

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Neopoints (making)

50k a day----Tells of ways to make a avg. of 50k a day
_alamara_----Daily Clicks, Easy NP, and useful times and dates
Dailes, Freebies, Giveaways, and More----Simple list and easy layout
Daily Links----Easy to follow list
Daily Neopets Clicks ---- Tells ways to get neopoints and items.
Guide to 1,000000 neopoints ----get a mill. in a matter of days.
Hesokuri----List of dailies. Straight and to the point
Jubbyjubjack's guild to neopia---- tells you all about Neopia and freebies.
kipchipotto's 50k a day guild----Tells how to make 50k a day
Kissmoto's 100k a day----lists of ways to make neopoints quick and easy
Kristie's Guild to Restocking----Learn how and what to restock.
mammab37's N N W----Nice layout with dailies
MyEmmaGal's Dailies----List of things you should do daily to get neopoints
Neo-links----Gives links to dailies
NeoMillionaire----Step by step on how to make money
Nightsteed's Nightmare Dailies ----Tells of ways to make more Neopoints
Quick Links----easy list with pictures
SevenToedKitty----Tells you everything to make neopoints
Starcrossed----Has more then just dailies
StarryTimes----In order of what you should do first
The Wealth Runs Deep----Tells how to make and save neopoints
Your Daily Freebees----Easy to find. Sorted by what you should do first
Your Neopet's dailies----Links to dailies and easy games

Stock Market
Journey Through The Stock Market---Explains the stock market with screenies
What is the Stock Market----Explains the stock market

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Non-English Guides

A Help page----French
HTML guide in Spanish
HTML guide
A Neopet's Basic Knowledge site----Swedish
Stock Market Guide----Is Translated several times

Earning Neopoints---How to earn Neopoints

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Premade lookups

Exclusive----Has petpage layouts-4 different styles
Jelly's CSS----Premade layouts
Whiteh's Premades----Has premade petpage layouts-1,2,3 columns

Art Of Infinisha----Userlookup Premades
Sareko's Premades----Premade lookups, similar style

Petpage and Userlookup
First Impressions----Has celebery/neo related layouts
Let's Have A Good Day----Mostly Amine layouts.
Teetot----Premade petpage/userlookup layouts+backgrounds and pixels

Userlookup/Pet Lookup
I_Deal's S,G,and U Page----Has a ton of layouts. All premade

Userlookup, Petpage, Guild
Chains Unbound----Amine themed layouts. Also has icons
The Future----Has layouts and other graphics
Nienke's graphics---- has premade petpages, guilds, lookups and more

Katie's Fonts----Get a unique font @ Katie's fonts.

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Constructive Criticism----A constructive review site
Hot and Cold reviews----Get a friendly review here~Closed
Private Detective---Helps find broken links/images
Snapple Reviews----Where we review by the apple~Closed

Delicious pie----SOTM and BOTM
Every Full Moon----A SOTM for all kinds of sites
Lighthouse----SOTM site. Open to 10 sites
Somewhere Over The Rainbow----SOTM
Wrapped up----SOTM site. Hasn't updated since July. I think closed

Ashleigh's Ratings----Rates guilds and graphic pages
Top Hat----A Ranking site, ranking the best sites
Top 50 Pets----List top 50 most powerful pets. Updated regularly
Top Gamers----List the neopeople who had played the most games

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All about the Money tree----All the Money tree secrets
Asparagus Anonymous----A fun page for people who love asparagus
Battledome guide----Guide to the battledome
Buried Treasure Guide----Where is the treasure
Gnardy's Jelly World Concept----Everyone knows there is no jelly world
Hush-----The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie
Fishing Made Easy----Explains all you need to know about fishing
Meridell Dump FAQ----Explains all you need to know about the Meridell Dump
the Neopets Closet----Has every single wearable listed
Neopet's SDB----A list of all Neopet's items
NC Mall Catalogue----Has the NC mall stuff for neo-homes
Nilakantha's Lunar Temple----Getting most out of the Temple
Omelettes! The Eggy Feast Of Neopia ----All about Omelettes
The Snowager's Cave ----When it is best to bother the snowager+prizes
Special Event Times for Dragon Folk -----Special events and times
Turmaculus Tracking----best time to bother the Turmaculus
Wheel of Monotony Guide----Great guide

Painters Weekly----Get the latest info on your favorite paintbrush
The Paintorium----A complete list of paintbrushes and their values
Secret Lab Map And Paint Brush Prices----Keeping track of prices

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Untaken Pet Names

A gift for life----Over 1,000 untaken names
Fluttering Dreams----Lists of good names. Has lots of names.
Launche----unused pet names, unused site names and unused user names.
Naming Neopia----Untaken pet names
Never Names!----Nice fun names in easy lists
Pinaele's Pet Names----names that is the envy of all neopia

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I'm Online_


We are still under construction. Some features might not work properly.October 23, 2010

I deleted A LOT of dead links today, so you might notice the column is a little bit shorter. I'm trying to find/make a new divider for between the cats. If you are more graphically gifted and would like to make one, feel free to neomail me.

October 22, 2010

9:41-I added a new button, made by me. It's just an image of text, but it's super small so it won't take up as much space as the bigger ones. I actually made it a while ago, but just got around to uploading it now. I also deleted the text 'Leaving The Desert?

October 21, 2010

AHHH! I haven't updated ALL MONTH. Right now, I'm going to do some MASSIVE Updating!**Please resend ALL neomails about listing your site... They got deleted. (Always check first to see if your site is listed)
12:18-Deleted all the awards and fanmail, since most of it is really old and many of the sites aren't up anymore. Also took out that little hr thingy above it, it's not really appearing.12:25-Took out the 'Proud to be part of' sections, it's really useless since both of them are really inactive now...12:28-I took out the online button and just put text there instead. 1:41-How you like the new background and banner? Both were made by me, for once, and took an hour to make the banner.

Reviews- Open

Clue Scrolls

Get Listed


Want me to do a quick review of your petpage?


Buttons are linked to credit

Other Pages

My gallery and goals petpage. Still under construction.




Lately I have asked for some feedback on the Help Boards. Here is the points I got-

You should defiantly add scroll boxes and maybe even tables.

Scroll boxes might make things a little neater… But honestly it's okay how it is. I love the search features.

You should make sure not to add any unnecessary images or pixels and make sure the page loads fast. I see this problem in some of the newer directories

Eyeglass Check

Lost Links looks good in the following-

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

Counted cleared October 23, 2010


Apartment 9 for petpage template.
band_geek_oboe_freak for making the motto.

Coding Help By Kitty Helped a lot with some finer coding

And to all the site owners, you can't have a directory without links!

Envelops by Peach

And to guest, for stopping at my page. Thank you for supporting this page!

Everything 010rebecca made on this page is protected by Copyright Law

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