Sell! SELL! Avatar in 2 Minutes

Guaranteed No Loss

This method does NOT WORK if there is NO STOCK between 500-999nps per share! If you buy at 1k+ per share you will glitch your port. You can still buy the highest stock of the day to get the avatar faster, but there is risk of loss.

This method takes 2 minutes Here is a method I worked out to get you that avatar FAST and with ZERO risk!

All You Do

1.Buy 1000 shares of any company that is between 500-999nps per share at 11:59 p.m. NST.
2.Buy another 1000 shares of the same stock at 12:00 midnight NST.
3.View your portfolio, get the avatar, sell the stocks. You will get ALL your neopoints back, minus only 20nps.
That's all there is to it. You can stop reading right here.

How It Works

If you want to know how this works, keep reading! You are limited to buying 1000 shares per day, and the last Stock Market update for the day is @ 11:58 p.m. Now, 11:59 a.m. NST is the last minute you can buy stocks for the day. 12:00 midnight NST is the first possible minute to buy stocks for the next day. When you buy & sell your shares at the times I recommend, the Stock Market does not go through any updates and your shares will not change price. The 20 nps you spend is the cost of selling shares.

CURRENTLY there is no stock price over 500nps/share and under 1000nps/share. Any stock with current sell price over 500nps/share and under 1000nps/share works, including VPTS and KSON when they go back under 1000.

The reason you do NOT buy a stock that costs 1000+nps/share (as in when VPTS or KSON is 1000 and up) is because your portfolio glitches and will not award the avatar! To view a sample of how it looks when you do buy a stock @1k+, click 'NOT' above. Happy Av Hunting!
~ DT Xx0o

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Two Day Method

You can also shortcut getting the avatar with buying a high priced stock two days in a row when you are normally online_ rather than waiting for midnight NST. Any stock that 2k shares adds up to 1m+ will work, as long as the shares are not 1000nps and up! This technique will get you the avatar, but it's not Guaranteed No Loss, so you may lose some or even most of your investment. But it's not predictable... in fact, if you're lucky, you may win nps!

Mini Lecture

It's still better to play Stock Market the right way. This game can earn you lots of neopoints!!

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