Plugg's Makeables/ Adoptables

Rules for using the Makeables and Adoptables:

ïDon't enter them in the art gallery or BC
ïPlease don't remove my name and claim them as your own
ïFor the makeables you can edit the outline however you want such as draw in a mouth, change the eyes, add wings, etc, but not drastically enough so that it doesn't even look like my outline if you can help it xD
ï You CAN remove the japanese kanji if you'd like, i only added it to make it look nicer :3
ïIf it's not too much trouble, would you mind linking back since my whole username isn't on the adoptables, etc. Thanks ;D
ïAnd the rule i can't leave out, have fun with them ?


Requests are OPEN TO FRIENDS ONLY for the time being and trades are CLOSED.

Please fill out the form and neomail it to plugg_firetail5. :3

Full Name of pet:
Reference Picture:

Note: Reference pictures are a MUST if your pet has a very detailed design. I will only accept a description if they're clearly written and/or your pet's design is simple enough. ^^;

Oops, forgot to mention...
ïI don't draw clothes, sorry D:


Waiting List


Makeable Outlines


Regular Colour Adoptables

[Lupe Adoptables]


[Aisha Customs]
[Lupe Customs]
[Gelert Customs]
[Cybunny Customs]
[Uni Customs]

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