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4th August 2013

Five Team Fortress icons added!

27th July 2013

Four Game of Thrones icons added!
Three the Hobbit icons added!
Three Sherlock Holmes (film) icons added!
One Game of Thrones banner added!
One Harry Potter banner added!
One the Hobbit banner added!
One Sherlock Holmes (film) banner added!
Four Book/Film/Television banner bases added!

9th July 2013

Four Team Fortress icons added!

1st July 2013

Three Flowers/Plants icons added!

28th June 2013

Eight Assassin's Creed icons added!

20th June 2013

One Skyrim banner added!
One Skyrim banner base added!

17th June 2013

Four Altador Cup banners added!

14th June 2013

Three Altador Cup banners added!

12th June 2013

Three Altador Cup banners added!

10th June 2013

Three Card Captor Sakura icons added!
Three Cat Street icons added!
One Cities & Places icon added!

8th June 2013

Two Neopets banners added!
One Neopets open banner updated!
One anime/manga Hiatus banner updated!
Oneanime/manga banner base added!
TwoNeopets banner bases added!

6th June 2013

Banners are currently undergoing quality checks.
One Ah! My Goddess banner added!
One Bleach banner updated!
One misc anime/manga banner updated!
One Chronicles of Narnia banner updated!
Three anime/manga banner bases added!
One book/film/television banner updated!

5th June 2013

Icons are currently undergoing quality checks.
Eighteen Altador Cup icons added!

3rd June 2013

Icons are currently undergoing quality checks.
Three Animal icons updated.
One Cities & Places icon updated.
Two Other icons updated.
One Neopets icon updated.

2nd June 2013

Icons are currently undergoing quality checks.
Three Final Fantasy X icons updated.
One Final Fantasy XII icon updated.
One Final Fantasy XIII icon updated.
One The Sims icon updated.
Three Miscellaneous icons updated.

1st June 2013

Icons are currently undergoing quality checks.
Eight Dragon Age icons updated.
One Final Fantasy III icon updated.

31st May 2013

Icons are currently undergoing quality checks.
One new affiliate, xoxo365.
One new Dragon Age icon added.
One Disney icon updated.
Two Harry Potter icons updated.
Three Pirates of the Caribbean icons updated.
Two Dragon Age icons updated.

30th May 2013

Icons are currently undergoing quality checks.
Three The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya icons updated.
Two Vocaloid icons updated.
Five other/unknown anime/manga icons updated.
Three Pokemon icons updated.
Two Psychic Detective Yakumo icons updated.

29th May 2013

Icons are currently undergoing quality checks.
Three Naruto icons updated.
Three Noblesse icons updated.
Two Alice in Country of Hearts icons updated.
Five Beelzebub icons updated.
Archive framework has been set up (not yet complete).

28th May 2013

Sorry for the unannounced hiatus
One Alice in Wonderland icon.
Two Disney icons.
Six Cities/Places icons.
One Flowers/Plants icon.

19th July 2012

I'm back~!
Icon requests are back open!
Affiliate requests are open!
Three Bakuman icons!
Five Girls of the Wild's icons!
Six Nineteen, Twenty-One icons!
Five Skyrim icons!
Three Cities & Places icons!

10th December 2011

Bumper Update!
Five Shrek icons!
Three Toy Story icons!
Four Up! icons!
One Under Construction banner (I'm sorry but I couldn't resist)!
One banner base (under 'other')!

30th November 2011

One new affiliate - Illusion.

26th November 2011

Blame life for the late update. :(
Three supernatural icons added - like fairies and stuff, not the TV show.

15th November 2011

Sorry for the late update! :(
Three Monsters, Inc. icons added.

6th November 2011

Three history themed icons added.
A new affiliate - Addiction.

30th October 2011

Three halloween themed icons added.

22nd October 2011

One misc anime/manga banner added.
One anime/manga banner base added.
A new affiliate - Brilliant Secrets.

16th October 2011

Three food icons added.

12th October 2011

Three city themed icons added.

9th October 2011

Three city themed icons added.

6th October 2011

Six requested icons made.

4th October 2011

Five requested icons made.

3rd October 2011

Two Fallout icons added.

2nd October 2011

An icon request completed (technically two).

1st October 2011

Three luck themed icons added.

29th September 2011

A new request sign added.
Nine revamp signs added.

28th September 2011

A new affiliate - That One Page.

26th September 2011

One hiatus banner added.
One anime/manga banner added.
Twoanime/manga bases banner added.

25th September 2011

12 open signs added.
An art request has also been completed.

23rd September 2011

Three animal icons added.

22nd September 2011

A cheetah PNG added.
Another lookup made for someone, I'm currently thinking about adding lookup requests.

21th September 2011

A cheetah PNG added.

20th September 2011

18 striped backgrounds added.

18th September 2011

11 envelope pixels added.
One icon request fulfilled.
Two Affiliates - Distressed and RAM.

17th September 2011

Made a lookup for someone so no update today.

16th September 2011

One anime/manga banner added.
One anime/manga banner base added.

14th September 2011

Three Final Fantasy X icons added.

13th September 2011

One closed banner added.
One gaming banner base added.

12th September 2011

No update today, I was making a lookup for someone instead. Sorry. :C

10th September 2011

One hiatus banner added (link fixed now, sorry!).
Oneanime/manga banner base added.

8th September 2011

One open banner added.
One anime/manga banner added.
Two anime/manga banner bases added.

6th September 2011

Three Doctor Who icons added.

5th September 2011

Six icon place holders added, animated because I got bored.
Review section has been tidied up a little.

4th September 2011

One icon request completed but you won't find it here.
I'm planning on reorganisation a few sections, mainly requests and icons.

3rd September 2011

Three Final Fantasy VIII icons added (I'm on a bit of Final Fantasy kick at the moment).

2nd September 2011

Three Final Fantasy IX icons added.

1st September 2011

Eight Welcome signs added.

31st August 2011

Four Naruto icons added.
One Final Fantasy VII icons added.
One Final Fantasy XIII icons added.

28th August 2011

Three Final Fantasy VII icons added.
Split and reorganised the Final Fantasy icons.

27th August 2011

Just one icon request completed today.

26th August 2011

Three Final Fantasy icons added.

25th August 2011

Three Final Fantasy icons added.
Requests open again, I got a new charger.

24th August 2011

Requests closed and no updates until further notice since my laptop charger died.

23rd August 2011

Three Final Fantasy icons added.

22nd August 2011

Two icon requests completed (but they won't be found here).

21st August 2011

Three My Little Pony icons added.

19th August 2011

Three Batman icons added.

18th August 2011

A new affiliate - Before Dawn.

16th August 2011

One Anime/Manga banner added.
One banner base added.

15th August 2011

One Open banner added.
Two Not UFA/UFT banners added.
Three Neopets banner bases added.

14th August 2011

Plushie Shoyru layout added.

12th August 2011

Three Animal icons added.

11th August 2011

Now listed at Deadly Graphics Directory.

10th August 2011

Three Black Butler icons added.

9th August 2011

13 Closed Signs added.

8th August 2011

One icon request completed.

7th August 2011

One Closed Banner added.
One Hiatus Banner added.

6th August 2011

Three Legend of Zelda icons added.
A new affiliate, Sunshine!
One Open banner
Plus, a matching banner base.

4th August 2011

Three One Piece icons added.

2nd August 2011

11 button place holders added.
One new affiliate, Nineteen Forty Five!

1st August 2011

10 button themed button place holders added.

31st July 2011

18 icon place holders added.

30th July 2011

Eight spotted backgrounds added.
One icon request.

29th July 2011

26 striped backgrounds added.

26th July 2011

34 star backgrounds added.

24th July 2011

33 diamond backgrounds added.

23rd July 2011

17 spotted backgrounds added.

22nd July 2011

Five SHINee icons added.

21st July 2011

Five Big Bang icons added.

20th July 2011

One Harry Potter icon added.
Four 2NE1 icons added.

19th July 2011

Three Harry Potter icons added.

18th July 2011

Three Harry Potter icons added.

17th July 2011

Three D.N.Angel icons added.

15th July 2011

Icon requests are open!

14th July 2011

Three Bleach icons added.

13th July 2011

Three Fruits Basket icons added.

12th July 2011

Three Fullmetal Alchemist icons added.

11th July 2011

Three Ouran High School Host Club icons added.

10th July 2011

15 bullet point pixels added.

9th July 2011

Background requests are open!

8th July 2011

New affiliate - Delicious!

7th July 2011

Semi-late update: Seven Coming Soon signs added.

6th July 2011

Eight teacup pixels added.

5th July 2011

Eight teapot pixels added.

4th July 2011

A new anime/manga banner base added.

3rd July 2011

A new layout added.

2nd July 2011

Six panda pixels added.

1st July 2011

Six cat pixels added - enjoy!

30th June 2011

Six rabbit pixels added - enjoy!

29th June 2011

Banner bases can be found in the banner section and a few text-free versions of my banners have been added.

28th June 2011

Eight new striped backgrounds.

27th June 2011

Eight new striped backgrounds.

26th June 2011

One new Anime/Manga banner.
A set of Coming Soon signs added.

25th June 2011

Two new affiliates - Out of Focus and Dreams of Neopia.
Some new Not UFA/UFT signs.
Two new buttons.

24th June 2011

New layout!

31/05/2013 3:50:01 pm NST I'm currently in the BC, I thought I'll try and goldban my last pet on my main. It's Koryuui's turn and I've stuck his BC entry on his petpage, /~Koryuui. It's been a while since I updated this and for that, have my most sincere apologies. I've been getting Shine back on track. I started with a good 'ole quality check. Some icons weren't quite up to scratch, I have improved quite a bit over many years and some of the icons were positively ancient. But instead of scrapping them completely, I've been remaking them. I have a temporary archive set up at /~calymara for all the old icons. That's it for now, I want to get back to BCing!

Past Entries

10/12/2011 4:27:01 pm NST Sorry really doesn't feel... adequate enough. But it will have to do. /hine has been a little neglected and I have no excuse really. I've been home from uni for a week now. But my bumper update will make feel a little less guilty. /
I am planning on opening another site. A dolling site. After dabbling again in dolling, I've realised just how much I enjoyed making the little fantabulous creations. But it will take ages and ages. for me to make all the bases and dolls.The site is probaly going to have an art section as well, maybe dolling contests (or whatever) as well. I've already got a name for it but I'm not telling. Feel free to neomail any guesses. If you happen to get it right, I'll make a custom doll/graphic (within reason).
And another thing, this update was at 1am on 10th but it was technically the 9th on neopets. D8 26/11/2011 12:51:33 pm NST Hi people! I've got some good news. Term ends in less than one week now. How awesome is that? I will admit I think I'm going to miss the lectures and what not (even the essays to a certain extent!).
To the left is a preview of a doll I started earlier. I'm also making the base myself. Considering my dolling skills are rather rusty, I'm rather proud of how she's looking so far. She's a witch if you can't tell. ;P
If you want to know why the update was late, blame the fact I had an essay to write, a presentation to do, a practical write-up, two dissections, yadda yadda yadda. T'was a busy week.
15/11/2011 2:01:15 pm NST I've got less than three weeks to go before it's the winter holiday but I have collections (college exams) when I get back so I've got a lot of consolidation and revision to do. My tutor hinted - well, near enough outright stated - that we're going to be busy. Fun times ahead! But I know for a fact that I will have no work at all during the three months I have off in the summer.
On a Shine-related noted, I've got an idea for the next layout drafted. It will be annoying to code and blah blah blah. Maybe it will be worth it. Oh, I don't know.
22/10/2011 1:22:27 pm NST Oh my goodness gracious gastropods - when they said the terms were intensive, they weren't kidding. On Monday, I was given a week to read both Gould's Wonderful Life and one of Conway Morris' works (The Crucible of Creation was the one I picked) and then write an essay with a pretty vague title. One or two books and essay a week seems to be the current theme on top of the ten hours of lectures and the three hour practicals I have.
But I can't say I hate it, because I don't. It's seriously an amazing experience so far, even if it's a little busy. Really, really.
I might even try coxing next year.
09/10/2011 11:57:53 am NST Hi folks, so, freshers week at uni for me is drawing to a close - and what a busy week it was! But sadly, my timetable for this term looks horrible. I think it's going to be 40 hour weeks for the next eight weeks. So I think until I adjust to the new workload and what not, requests are going to be closed. I will still try to update when I can but if I don't get the chance to, don't worry! ^^

25/09/2011 12:20:47 pm NST When did September become the months of requests? Three lookup requests, an art request and some other stuff I can't recall off the top of my head at the moment. I'm not complaining, I'm just surprised since before September, you could probaly count all the requests I got before this month on one hand or something.
Anyhow, just a week now until I'm off to uni. It still hasn't hit me. I still need to pack my things and the fact my room has been cleared out, ready to be redecorated, is not very helpful.
Urgh, I'm too tired at the moment. I've entered a pet in the BC on a side and that's keeping me busy.

01/09/2011 2:05:47 pm NST Busy, busy, busy. That has how real life has been for me. It's shocking! It's horrible! It's downright despicable! I haven't had much time with my beloved internet and it's been eating away at my soul!
Maybe I'm being over the top, but still!
Anyhow, results day was two weeks ago. I jumped, danced and laughed (it might've been closer to crackling but I dunno) - in that order. I got the grades to get into first choice university, a part of me still doesn't believe it. Since then, I had a whole heap of forms and order forms and stuff like that to fill and send off. Not to mention all the other stuff I have to read! Then there was a few real life problems.
Here's hoping September is a quiet month.

12/08/2011 2:00:47 pm NST Did I actually mention why I want a holiday? I don't think I did. Hmm, the reason is mainly because I've been super busy (for me anyway) and ill. Not a combination I'd recommend any time soon unless you want to skive off school. Then I might recommend it.
But I wouldn't actually recommend skiving off school anyhow. Except in certain circumstances. Like the Fridays I've had for like the past year. One lesson that was at the end of the day but I still had to go in for nine. Waiting around for five hours with nothing to do, every week without a fail for months... It's okay to skive the odd Friday lesson. Although, I never did.
08/08/2011 2:24:47 am NST I need a holiday. Okay, more want than need but hey! Who cares? No update today but it is 11pm and I don't want to have to decide if I want to go by Neopets-time or England-time.
So as I was saying, a nice holiday. Just a day in an open field, a light shower of rain, an umbrella and wellies. I like listening to the gentle pitter-patter of rain.
Things in real life has been a bit err-ish. So hectic and busy... At least my chubby collie has been a little sweetheart. An annoying sweetheart, mind you, but a fluffy and adorable one. Even if he's leaving hair everywhere because he's shedding his coat.
17/07/2011 4:30:17 am NST I don't know why but my recent updates seem to be a bit pathetic in my view, I didn't even bother with an update yesterday. I blame my headache and the complete lack of a desire to do anything but stare pointlessly at whatever.
Eh. I got a new pet, Hirrivi, isn't she lovely? I sorta officially outed my secret lurking account, _evil_genius_222. I also have a chomby and a cybunny on that account that I don't know what to do with. Je suppose c'est la vie pour vous. Urgh, je vais dormir maintenant. Réveillez-moi quand c'est demain s'il vous plaît? Merci et au revoir.
11/07/2011 6:11:40 am NST: Last week was bit busy - I had entered Synod into the BC despite only having him for a day or two. He's been goldbanned and he was 13th overall, not bad for a quick drawing on Friday morning. Only Koryuui is left to goldban on my main and I want the picture to be spectacular.
Anyway, I still have no mouse and it's seriously getting on my nerves now. Eh, I'll live, won't I? I'd like to think I've managed to cope pretty well without one.
I'll be adding a wider a range of backgrounds soon-ish and actually add a coat of shiny gloss to the request page. I was sleepy and a bit grumpy when I made it so yeah.
I was going to write more but my dog is being positively adorable and he wants a fuss. Toodles!
28/06/2011 12:47:06 pm NST: Yo! This entry is going to be a tad on the long side. I still no mouse sadly. My internet connection has also been a bit of see-saw, one moment there's the euphoria of having a fast connection and the internet at my fingertips followed by the moments where it all comes crashing down when it poofs. It's been driving me batty if I was honest. I have thought about going on a temporary hiatus until the internet is playing nice again but I won't! That would be admitting defeat... and I wouldn't last five minutes before going back on the internet.
Moving on, I might add banner bases. I don't know yet. Requests, requests, requests - still dithering about that. I'm thinking sign and banner requests. Pick size/font/image/colour/blah blah blah.
And multi-coloured diagonal striped backgrounds can be such a pain! Sure, they can look nice but still! That's so not my point.
20/06/2011 4:36:12 am NST: If you're wondering about the sudden expansion of backgrounds over the past few days and colour variations of existing backgrounds, well, my mouse died on me (the poor thing!). I could use another mouse but it's really just not the same. I had a tiny little mouse and I'm so used to using it that everything else just gets on my nerves. I will be getting a new mouse and hopefully I can find one that's the right size. I'm using the touchpad on my laptop, it annoys me but it's the lesser of two evils. At least it's easier to zoom in/out and the touchpad does have smoother scrolling than the mouse.
Aussi, expect a new layout at the end of June or start of July.
14/06/2011 3:37:29 am NST: Okay, so Shine might be getting a new layout in July - one with windmills maybe. I honestly don't know what's with me and windmills lately. There was that icon, then button, now user lookup... Oh well. Windmills are cool. Like Fezzes.
And I think that's it. Unless you want to count the guide about drop down menus I'm planning on writing, that is.
31/05/2011 1:56:21 am NST: Just two banners today, I think I need to start expanding that section. It looks rather small. Anyway, Shine has now now been listed at even more directories and is currently looking for affiliates. Requests are still set to open up in July for the summer, however I was thinking of having requests and layouts on different page, a different site and have Shine as a sort of umbrella site. In other words, I want to make a layout but I want to keep Shine's current one. It would certainly help shorten the loading times and just updating, it's bad enough as it is to add stuff to some of the sections!

21/05/2011 08:27:44 am NST: Thank you to everyone who voted for Teahae! She now has a spiffy gold trophy that will keep her from robbing stuff for a few days and she won't be stealing any votes for a few months at least (three cheers for the gold ban). She was also placed tenth overall. Next time, I think I might aim a little higher.
I've started a range of Altador Cup icons, I've only got five so far but hopefully I'll have one for each team.
It's also nice to know that I've inspired people. It's a very nice way to start a day.
Oh and my internet connection has been rather temperamental lately, very annoyingly so.

14/05/2011 05:05:24 am NST: Hey, guess what? I need people to vote for my shoyru! So vote, pretty please with a cherry on top? She's a little thief and she's been stealing votes left, right and centre since the contest started. Misakeigh is now goldbanned, whooo! I'm not allowed to enter her until the 3rd September. That seems like such a long way away! Shine has been growing steadily. I might be adding a requests section once all my exams are done - July in other words.

09/05/2011 07:55:44 am NST: It seems like I've increased my update rate, I think I'll try to keep it that way. Lately has been a bit busy, I entered the BC, so vote for meh cybunny plz? I've been posting BC spam since early Saturday morning, the views for Shine shot up and hit 100, I'm not going to miss any brilliant BC spam opportunities.

01/05/2011 11:31:41 am NST: Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've just had a lack of drive to do anything. So to make up for that, I made Shine a brand new layout! I drew the picture a few days ago and I was just waiting for the chance to use it for something nice.
I just need to out the finishing touches up and there we'd go! It'll be all done. Bust sadly, I need to add a bit more coding (in the CSS mainly) and add a nice bit of polish to some of the sections (like the entire 'other' bit).

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