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Okay I'm still on haitus for, like, ever. But I just found this amusing.

Yep, that's all.

Last Update: (2010) So my screenies were on hiatus for more than a year, and I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to re-do them after all. I haven't had the time and I doubt I ever will have the time, at least until next summer or perhaps after I graduate from high school. I don't take screenies as often anymore, but I'll still leave the current screenies here for everyone to read. I apologize to those who neomailed me with messages like "Don't ever stop making them!" and I thank those who have supported me. If you want to read more screenies, I suggest this directory.

Hello, and welcome to Takara's Screenies! Yay! *runs around randomly* Yeah, so these are just some screenshots of many of the interesting and/or funny moments that I have had on this site. Hope you enjoy reading them! ^^

I made and coded this layout for my use only, so no stealing, m'kay?

Oh, and here's an awesome guide to making screenies. (No, I did not make this guide. I'm just linking to it since it was helpful to me when I first started out.)

And if you have time, please visit my About Me page. ^^

Just a few notes:

  • Do NOT randomly neofriend request me after reading these screenies unless I have spoken to you before several times and we know each other well.
  • From now on, if you send me fanmail, I'm assuming I have permission to screenie you and leave your name in. If you do not want me to screenie or leave your name it, please specify this in the neomail. ^.^
  • I'm looking for affiliates, so if you think you have good screenies, please neomail me to apply.
  • I will not take a screenie of you just because you asked me to do so.
  • If my inbox is full, throw rotten shoes at me or something.
  • I'm new to screenie making, so I'd appreciate it if you could neomail me to comment on my screenies after reading them. ^^ Any tips will be helpful too.
  • If you give me an award, I'll save it to my own computer and upload it myself, before putting it on here. This is just to protect myself from scams.
  • Feel free to send hate mail! XD
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    Yes, Takara really is a neomail addict. ;D

    So it's not rigged after all! :O

    *runs away while throwing exploding chocolates at squid*

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    Obsessed with oranges? Me? Pa-shaw! ;P

    Actually, this one's weirder than the ones on the floor... My food can fly now, apparently. o_O

    I guess chanting people like me or something. ^^;

    I'm going to be hearing these voices of chanting in my sleep...

    And after this day he started to stalk me for my neopoints. x_x

    It's bad enough when the chanting people like you, but when the ghosts like you? It's just unbelievable! DX

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    Errr... Someone borrowed her and never returned her... I forgot who the user was too. XD But really, stealing a 3K petpet? Is anyone really that low? o_O *shrugs* Ah, well, I'll buy a new one. But this time, you need 3000np collat to borrow it. *directs you to my avvie lending page*

    Update: So, after I got a new one, I made a free lending board on the Avatar Chat. And someone stole her again. -_- Yeah, so collat required now.

    Update (again): Sorry, but I really don't have time these days to lend anymore, and lending via neomail is too much of a mess. Try searching the Avatar Chat, though. I'm sure you'll find someone willing to lend you if you have the collat. ^^

    XP Takara dislikes people who dislike oranges.

    This later became the title of an SOS board. XD

    Exploding chocolates kind of, uhm, attack anything and everything.

    You'd think the Tombola guy was trying to poison us or something! DX

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    Okay, so you'll probably notice that I have a measly amount of screenies here. It may have something to do with the fact that I fail at RSing... ^^;

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    Games and Trophies

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    But please, don't take your anger out on the poor meepits.

    No offense to any newbie board chatters, of course. I go there all the time too when I'm bored, and I'm still living! I may be insane, but I'm still alive! ;D

    Exploding books? Awesome!

    Moral of the story? Please don't make threads on the HC saying that you can answer any question. Just go to the threads already created by users with questions and answer on those.

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    Typos and Glitches

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    Robots are such awesomeness!

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    This was actually my first sidebar theme.

    Do you see anything in here even remotely related to the altador cup?

    Yeah, I know people can make a millions in a month from stocks, but I'm still an amateur, so 200K is a lot for me.

    Who doesn't enjoy a sock celebration?

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    Fanmail, Hatemail, and Awards

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    Please note that I do not screenie /every/ fanmail I get. And it takes me a while to upload them, since I'm usually too lazy to. Don't neomail me begging to be in a screenie, or you most likely will not get in. On the other hand... if you send me hatemail, then you will most likely get in, so please send me hatemail! XD

    Something has happened!
    Ebil Screenie Lubber has crowned you worthy of a 10/10 or higher!! You Rock!! Even Edelle226 adores your screenies!

    If anyone's interested in her blog, it's here.

    XD Thanks for the "hate" mail Mei. ^.^

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