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Hello guest, welcome to my screenie page! I apologise (in advance) for my inevitable spelling errors, I'm afraid I wasn't born as the worlds best speller so I hope you can understand me! Also, I'm not the greatest HTML expert either (unfortunately) so the layout, writing, background etc. may be incredibly awful.

I try to make my screenies light-hearted and funny, not the usual; "I got a quest", "I completed the quest", "look at my beautiful neopet" type screenies - although I might trip up if I am particularly pleased with an event *whistles innocently*...

I would just like to say hello to all those computers who now have names. I- well Sebastian- have apparently inspired quite a few people (one's even called Nia!). I never expected this and it's so nice to hear the profound effect my screenies are having :).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my screenies, my sense of humor is not everyone's cup of tea -you don't really want you SHARE your tea do you? o_O - all neomails, comments, ratings, advice and (*cough* *hint*) awards (oh, who am I kidding...) are appreciated so much. I love feedback! Now, on with the screenies!

First of all you should meet Sebastian, my computer;

yes, yes, I know it's sad giving a computer a name, but it helps when I shout at him.

The Lab ray(s)

And before you neomail me saying that there IS a frog neopet,(I was truly amazed at how many people found it nessesary to tell me) I would like to tell you there isn't. Quiggles are not frogs- 'quiggle' doesn't begin with 'f' for a start.

Jelly on a plate, jelly on a plate, wibble wobble wibble wobble...

I'm just SO witty!


Hmmm I wonder how this will end?

Told you! My sycic powers are proved right!

poor cookie...

Dalies, prizes and... "prizes"

Something Has Happened!(s)


Random (and very random)


See everyone! I'm not alone! Computers need names!


Thank you to everyone who has deemed my screenies worthy of their award!

Ooooo a bean...

Sure... I'll *stay* pink o_O lol

ooooooo muffins...

Haunted Woods Random Event!!!
Your screenies are Magical! 6hanna6

oooo personlized!

Wow... a TROPHY!!! *grins*

*blinks* *becomes dizzy*

A teddy! yey!

Thanks again everyone! *hugs*

*hugs* lol

Take one, I KNOW you want to!

Links to other great pages

I only link good pages so enjoy!

beans! YEY

mmmmmm strawberrys...

Link Back?

And for all you meanies;

Thanks for looking at my screenies!