As the sun began to rise, the forest canopy stood black against the burning sky. Few leaves still clung to tree's branches, snow covered the ground, and a haunting wind wandered through the wood whispering secrets to those who could understand. You pull your arms around your body to warm yourself. You knew you had come here intentionally to learn more of a wise lupe called 'Vitrial', but you had no idea he liked the colder climates. Ravens circled a clearing atop a rocky hill that rose from the rest of the forest. There, a dying oak stood lonesome compared to the many trees below it. A stone altar lay at the base of the large oak, which was wrapped in vines and ivy. Laying on top of this old altar was a lone lupe, who was licking his paw at that moment. Beside the altar was what was left of his most recent kill. Ravens had began to land and were creeping cautiously towards the carcass in hopes of free food. The lupe payed no mind to this, though. After he felt that his paw was its sufficient pure white color again, he looked over to you. You watch warily as he jumped gracefully off the alter, and made his way over to you.

Hello, he spoke boldly, and with the air that he knew that you would someday come. Lets get this started then? His tone had picked up from the seriousness and went towards a much more friendly tone. He was now grinning at you, tail wagging and all. It seems he was quite happy to let you know more about him. REF -

Lupe Adoptables.
Please use common sense in this. I should have to post rules. I will find out if you use one of these in the BC.

ANYWAYS, neomail me on artislove if you wish to get a custom. ONLY TRADES ARE OPEN.
Here is the example;

Customs -
Pick up ; Put your lupes full name in the place that says petsname

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