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The Wishing Well!

Here, you are able to make a small donation to the well and make a wish for an item that you would like to possess.

Note: Be sure to type in the object name such as "paint brush" or "Negg" or "bike." The magic well isn't very clever and will sometimes get confused as to what you want! Also, don't expect a fast response...the well sleeps for 18 hours a day.

UPDATE - Now the well will give out prizes four times daily instead of two!

Thanks for your donation of 999999999999999 NP!!!

If the well grants your wish it will be in touch
via Neomail!

Amount of Donation
What item do you wish for?

Here are some people who have had their wishes granted in the past:

Username Got a...
2014-09-21bobadobFaerie Furniture Shopkeeper Stamp
2014-09-21freakybutterflyNeopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag
2014-09-21sugarypixiestix2Autumn Shrubbery
2014-09-21piglet_brBag of Peanuts
2014-09-21axedollBag of Peanuts
2014-09-21perducoDerlyn Fonnet: A Biography
2014-09-21mocha397Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2014-09-21beckykbrooksFountain Faerie Stamp
2014-09-21perducoFountain Faerie Stamp
2014-09-21gardener3Faerie Furniture Shopkeeper Stamp
2014-09-20hharkerHubrid Nox Commemorative Stamp
2014-09-20arcanemodeHalloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2014-09-20striped_xweetok_5Neopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag
2014-09-20snowangelmidoriFamily Portrait Stamp
2014-09-20darface37Usukicon Y16 Goodie Bag
2014-09-20sftanglizUsukicon Y16 Goodie Bag
2014-09-20cadfr42Neopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag
2014-09-20xx_hot__dog_xxBag of Peanuts
2014-09-20butterfly_milkweedBag of Peanuts
2014-09-20airmansbabyHalloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2014-09-20rainbow__breezeFamily Portrait Stamp
2014-09-20dhamorakFamily Portrait Stamp
2014-09-20greenj12356Usukicon Y16 Goodie Bag
2014-09-20mint_911Family Portrait Stamp
2014-09-20sethdv7Bag of Peanuts
2014-09-20aimeelea11Fountain Faerie Stamp
2014-09-20wildkitty44Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2014-09-20wiggywoo1991Flying Korbats Stamp
2014-09-20gardener3Faerie Furniture Shopkeeper Stamp
2014-09-20horstclanBag of Peanuts