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Usuki Paper Dolls

Now you can have your very own real-life Super Fashion Playmate with these great Usuki Paper Dolls! Firstly print out the Usuki model, and then you can print out a variety of clothes to dress your Usuki up with, it makes a really great decoration!

Instructions : Simply click on the picture you wish to print out, and a window will pop-up with the image in. Click on the new image to bring up the printer dialog box. If you want the full colour dolls, Click Here.

When you have finished, why not buy some great Usuki Dolls - click here for USUKILAND!

Usuki Model

(print me out first!)

Graduate Usuki

Magical Hair Usuki Hair

Magical Hair Usuki Outfit

Traditional Welsh Usuki

Tyrannian Usuki Set

Seaworthy Usuki

Pretty Pink Usuki

Usuki Shipwreck Set

Usuki Defender

Ornate Usuki

Mermaid Usuki

Prom Date Usuki

Meridell Usuki

Summer Fun Usuki

Gondolier Usuki

Back To School Usuki Set

Werewolf Usuki

Ladybird Usuki

Tyrannian Usuki

Grundo Independence Usuki

Beautiful Bride Usuki

Bride Of Frankenstein Usuki

Devilish Usuki

Little Witch Usuki

Cheerleader Usuki

Hawaiian Usuki

Fly Fishing Usuki

Alpine Adventurer Usuki

Artistic Usuki

Pirate Captain Usuki

Cowgirl Usuki

Tiki Tack Man Usuki

Photographer Usuki

Flight Attendant Usuki

Meridell Usuki King

Sun Fun

Mystery Island Tourist

Sloth Usuki

Bat Thing Usuki

Spooky Usuki