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Neopets TCG

Neopets TCG - Organised Play

Every release of a TCG Expansion is going to be accompanied by a great organised play tournament. Yes, you can now head to your nearest participating hobby store and join in the action. There will be freebies for everybody who turns up, great prizes (virtual and non-virtual) - it's really a lot of fun!

5th July

The Lost Desert Celebration Tournaments will appear in a town near you! Make sure to bring your own Neopets TCG deck and don't forget, Lost Desert cards are allowed. The Lost Desert Celebration Tournaments will be held Saturday, July 23rd at participating retail locations.

All players will receive an exclusive unique Ruki Wanderer promo card and a Prince Jazan and Princess Amira lanyard. Prizes include Lost Desert booster packs and the first place winner will take home a Lost Desert Sand Pyramid Trophy!

To see the list of locations - click here to visit the official Wizards site.

5th March

The Curse of Maraqua Organised Play event will be happening on the 5th of March at a participating store (hopefully) near you. Make sure to bring your own Neopets TCG deck and don't forget, Curse of Maraqua cards are allowed!

All players will receive a Green Flotsam promo card and a Garin the Foolish and Isca lanyard. Prizes include Curse of Maraqua booster packs and the first place winner will take home a Curse of Maraqua Trophy!

To see the list of locations - click here. As always, there is more information on the official Wizards site.

Here is the trophy ... isn't it cool!


October 30th

We are proud to announce the Hannah and the Ice Caves organised play event! It will take place on Saturday, the 30th of October in a store (hopefully) near you.

All players will receive a promo Red Bori card, and a Hannah and a Bori Lanyard (pics coming soon). The prizes will include Hannah and the Ice Caves booster packs and .... *drumroll* a Hannah and the Ice Caves Snow Globe Trophy!!!

A little Pteri tells us that Adam and Donna and other members of the Neopets Team are going to be stopping by the Glendale location (Legacy comics) to say hi :)

Click here for a list of participating locations!

July 31st

New Event! Yes there is going to be a second Mystery Island promo event and it's going to be held on the 31st of July. All the people who participate will get a Blue Krawk promo card too (your only chance to get one)

Prizes will include Mystery Island booster packs, and the first place will get an awesomely special red Zed Codestone trophy. Use it as a paperweight, put it on your mantlepiece, or just use it to summon the ancient powers of Mystery Island to give yourself extreme power - the choice is yours! Every participant will also get a Strength, Agility, Magic or Intelligence lanyard to train with.

Click here for a list of locations!

July 19th

At last, it can be revealed... Mystery Island will be featured in the next Neopets TCG expansion set! To celebrate the upcoming arrival of this latest release, another organised play tournament has been set up for Saturday, June 19th. The first fifty players at each location will receive a special Lu Codestone foil promo card, which is the first card being released from our Mystery Island expansion set. To commemorate their victories, tournament winners will be presented with (straight from Mystery Island) their very own Lu Codestone!

Click here to find the closest participating tournament location near you.

May 1st

The next organised play event is going to be the Return of Dr. Sloth tournament, and it will be on the 1st of May. Bring along your Neopets TCG deck to one of 45 different locations across the US and compete against fellow Neopets TCG players. The first 50 people that turn up to each event will get a special super-shiny Galactic Green Grundo promo card! The normal one (shown below) isn't a foil, but the promo one is.

There will also be cool prizes for the winners, including Dr. Sloth booster packs and new site items that we will create specifically for this event. Also you may just catch a glimpse of some of the Neopets Team (including Adam and Donna) at the Glendale, CA location (Legacy Comics).

For a list of participating locations, click here.