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Every day (well, most of them) we will release a new Card of the Day. Keep checking back, as you never know what interesting strategies and combos you will find!


Hints and Tips

Who is this vile creature? What is he doing in this cave? What is his connection with the defeated Lord Darigan? You may just find out in the next couple of days...

The Bat-Thing is the first Villain that we have featured on this Battle for Meridell Card of the Day. He is Dark-aligned (no surprises there), and his stats are extremely low compared to all the other villains on the site. In fact I think that there has not been a villain yet without a stat above 15! When you consider that basic Neopets can have stats up as high as 9, a good dice roll and an item played in a contest can easily eliminate this beast. An Experienced Neopet would be able to win this contest without breaking a sweat!

So why, you ask, should I put The Bat-Thing in my deck? First, and foremost is the card's mysterious connection with Lord Darigan and Darigan, Redeemed. When the bat monster is defeated you get the option to search through your deck to find one of these high-stat cards and put it in your hand. Make sure you defeat The Bat-Thing on your go, because if your opponent gets the opportunity to defeat him instead you will lose out.

Lord Darigan will boost all your Dark Neopet stats, and Darigan, Redeemed has the ability to destroy all heroes. In the Neopets TCG it is always good to have as many options open as possible!

Secondly, it is important to note that the winner of a contest against this villain does not get to either draw a card, or to untap their challenger. The only other Villain that has not provided a guaranteed victory condition like this is the Dark Faerie Sisters, but a high-stat Neopet could easily beat them by 5 points. Stopping your opponent banking and drawing is an important part of the Neopets TCG. If your opponent plays an early Neopet and you can block him off with The Bat-Thing and force him to waste time moving arenas (or trying to roll a 6), that can mean an early advantage that will pay off in the long run.

So anyway, for all of those of you in Meridell... sleep tight, and make sure you lock your windows. The Bat-Thing is out there...

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