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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: admantine
Owner: selphie_tilmitt
Breed: Krawk

About admantine:
Two shadowed figures slipped quietly through the cave, casting nervous glances back over their shoulders as they stalked.

"You really t'ink dis is a good idea, mon?" whispered the smaller of the two, his voice quavering.

"Shhh!" The other turned, giving his companion a sharp look as he shushed. "Ya gotta keep yer voice down. And o'course this is a good idear! Imagine the kin' o things we can buy with this booty!"

The more nervous of the two, a lanky Nimmo, shook a bit more as they pressed onward. After a few more moments of creeping, he reached out and tapped his partner, a stout Kyrii, on the shoulder.

"I still t'ink dis is a bad idea. Don' you be shushin' me again!" He reached out and slapped the Kyrii's hand away from his lips before he could let out another loud "SHH!" sound. "Dey say dis cave and de treasure be belongin' to Admantine. She's da Krawk pirate known as da Mad Marauder an-."

The Kyrii tripped over a particularly deep sand pit. Flailing a bit, he reached out and grabbed the Nimmo's shoulder, causing him to stop mid-sentence and utter a surprised squeal. A distinctly un-pirate-like squeal, in fact.

Rolling his eyes, the Kyrii continued onward. After another few moments of walking, he tripped again, but this time over something solid. In the pale light from the cave entrance, he could clearly make out a wooden object half-buried in the sand.

He felt his pulse begin to race as he hovered over the chest, his mouth practically salivating in anticipation of all the treasure. His excitement was interrupted, once again, by his now EVEN MORE anxious companion.

"Mon, we shouldn' do dis!" The Nimmo was flailing a bit as he spoke. "Admantine has s'posedly sunk whole fleets for lookin' at her funny! She gon' know we took it, mon!"

At this point the Kyrii was quickly losing his patience. He shot a steely glare at the Nimmo and placed his hands firmly on his hips.

"I don' care who this belongs ter! It's ours now! And 'sides..." He smirked a bit, "Whoever heard of a GIRL pirate being so strong and fearsome, eh? Yeh're jes' a big ol' coward!" The Kyrii lifted his hands to his chin and began prancing around the Nimmo, speaking in a high pitched falsetto. "Ooh look at me! I'ma scared o'a girly pirate wots wears dresses an' drinks tea!"

"But but but!" the Nimmo sputtered. "She ran de Usul pirate gang aground, an' made Itchybeard walk de plank!"

"Yeh fergot the part where I keelhauled a ten story leviathan wit' me bare hands," said a rough voice from somewhere behind them.

Both thieves went silent, frozen in place. The Kyrii felt all his courage suddenly drain out of him. Taking small, slow steps, they turned towards the source of the voice. The Nimmo let out another terrified squeak.

A darkened form rose from one of the corners of the cave. The light from the entrance barely silhouetted the stranger, but even in the waning glow they could make out the figure of a pirate Krawk.

"'Oy, gents," said Admantine, flashing them a dangerous grin. "Fancy seein' lads like yerself about in one o'my caves."

The Kyrii's eyes were as wide as saucers, and the Nimmo's knees were knocking together in a horrible clatter. As the Krawk stepped closer, they both found themselves rooted to the spot with fear.

"I see yeh found some o' me treasure," she continued, nodding towards the chest the Kyrii had been hovering over. "I assume it was so that yeh could bring it back to me ship. In fact..."

She strode up near them."Why don' yeh just grab ahold o'that and come with me back to my ship. I'll make sure yer..." She paused a bit, then emphasized the rest of her sentence with a low tone. "Rewarded."

The Krawk narrowed her eyes a bit and shot them another smirk. Both thieves swallowed hard against their fear of what was in store for them.

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