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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Hatsumeisha
Owner: minichaokitsune
Breed: Ruki

About Hatsumeisha:

You climb through the Dark Cave in Moltara, miraculously avoiding the Lava Monster for so long, and finally making it to the edge of the cave, to see...

Someone already here?!

You drop your Brightly Lit Lantern, it crashing against the floor, the worms you worked so hard on finding crawling away. You sigh at the sad sight of the broken lantern at your feet. Luckily, the Neopet who was already working on mining the Moltite out had their own lantern, which was lit by even more worms. "What're you doing here?" you ask the Neopet incredulously. She looks back at you, the bright light of her lantern blinding you momentarily.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!"

She sighs, standing from her spot and walking over to you. She stretches her hand, offering it to you. "Sorry 'bout that! I'm Hatsumeisha, but my friends call me Hatsu!" She is a camouflage Ruki, and a Wheelie, about an eighth of her height rolls to her side. "MUST PROTECT NEOPET!!" it says, its wheel skidding against the floor as it rolls in place. The Ruki holds her arm out in front of the Wheelie. "Sorry... This is Ruro. He's... not the most easy Petpet, but I've been learning from Tangor, and I tried to build one myself!"

You look down at the Wheelie.

The Wheelie stops its wheel, and looks up blankly. Hatsu looks down, confounded by its sudden change in attitude. She blinks down at it. "...What happened to him?" she asks, and kneels down next to the Petpet, turning it around and popping the wiring open. "Well, something fried... Why don't you stay here, I can tell you a little about myself while I fix Roru."

Having no other way out, you sigh, and sit next to the Ruki, who pulls a wrench out of her Inventory sack.

"Well, I already told you, my name is Hatsumeisha... My family is made up of three other people. Tassumaki, a Kougra. He's the oldest one of us all. Furadansu, a Lupe. He's Tassumaki's younger brother, even though he towers over him. Kutsusheta, a Wocky. He's the youngest one. And then there's me. Currently, I'm the only one painted. Isn't that cool?" she goes on. You assume it is a rhetorical question, and you continue to listen. "My owner, Mishu, she's real nice. She doesn't mind taking me to Moltara as many times as I want to look for these Glow Worms."

She stops pulling at wires to lightly tap at her lantern, a rainbow of worms exciting, and beginning to skitter around in the lantern, as fast as they can go. She continues to yank at the wires hanging from the Wheelie's back.

"I like Moltara, too. Tangor is my teacher, and he's been teaching me how to make my own Petpets. He even taught me how to make a Gio! I made one for Fura, because... Well..." She stops what she is doing to fiddle her thumbs as her freckled face heats with blush. "Anyway... Lampwyck scares me a bit... I visit Igneot a lot, and that Tonu who stands at the Magma Pool REALLY scares me."

You sit back, wondering when the Ruki will start talking about herself.

"I like visiting the Petpetorium, too. The Marlocks are so cute! But, what I really want to do is become an inventor! That's what my name means, y'know? Hatsumeisha is Japanese for Inventor. I'd like to go to the Virtupets Space Station, but we can't afford a rocket to the station. But once we get one, I'm going to be visiting there ALL day! I've always loved outer space. But, we've never taken the time to visit the Virtupets Station, or Kreludor."

You stare at her, still wondering what anything of this has to do about herself.

"What I like to do?... Uh... I like going through janitor closets. You never really know what you'll find if you keep looking. It's not all that bad of a way to get free stuff. The janitors won't miss a thing!... I think... But, whenever you see a custodian's closet, be sure to peek around. You never know, our paths might cross again." She laughs, and she closes the Wheelie's back, lightly patting its head.

Hatsu pushes a button on the Wheelie's back, all wires in place, and switches switched. The Wheelie starts again, and says, "REBOOT." The Ruki laughs and stands, grabbing the lantern and the few large chunks of Moltite she has managed to break off. "Here!" she says, offering a piece to you. "Thanks for listening to me ramble on and on." You take the piece of Moltite, and although it is a small piece, it glitters brightly.

"Let me lead you out. That Lava Monster's been bugging me all day..."

Smiling, you follow the Ruki and Wheelie out, knowing your afternoon was not spent in vain.


(Author's Note: I know, I know... The picture really doesn't look like much. But trust me, it was much bigger, and had a background, and it wasn't cropped so close to their faces. But really, it took a long while before I realized that there was an image size limit, and I worked almost four hours on it. I want to thank you all for taking the time to read my piece, and looking at my art. :) )

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