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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Tenaby
Owner: aelain
Breed: Shoyru

About Tenaby:

"YEAHHH!" Tenaby screeched as she was catapulted over the stony walls of the manor, clinging to her violet bandana for dear life. At the time it so happened to be the coolest item ever and she didn't want to see it go sailing off without her. While her ascent over the barrier wall had been excellently planned and executed, the young Shoyru hadn't given a sweet thought to how she was going to go about landing. With the ground approaching rapidly there wasn't a terrible lot of time left to consider it either!

Without a moment to spare she began flailing about in the most sporadic fashion Tenaby knew of just before she crashed into an unfortunately solid tree. There was a thud, an awful lot of shouting, several other cracks, and the sound of falling leaves in the quiet spring morning. At least, I think that was the order those sounds came in. When I stepped into the manor garden to investigate just what was causing such a ruckus, Tenaby was fighting a losing battle with some of my mighty marigolds. Her bright eyes were narrowed at this floral adversary, accompanied by pale blue hair that was riddled with leaves and twigs galore. She stepped forward in a valiant effort to free herself but only managed to trip and land flat on her rump with a squeak. I couldn't help myself at that; I laughed. Tenaby heard easily, and looked over at me in surprise. A grin split across her face, and she began to laugh too.

That was my first meeting with the most incredible and wonderful Shoyru I have ever known.

To my great fortune, it would not be the last.

We became good friends over the years as she repeatedly visited the manor, somewhat secretly. My noble parents frowned upon the idea of their daughter enjoying the company of a commoner like Tenaby, though there was little they could do to stop the crafty magician! If the electric blue Shoyru wanted to visit? She would, and that was all there was to say on the matter! Time and time again she evaded capture by our guards with her magic, which amuses me to this day. Tenaby's heart always seemed full of good cheer and adventure, and I'm grateful for every moment I shared with her. There was not one gloomy day she would stand for, tackling it with laughter and imagination. Come to think of it, that's how she dealt with almost everything that troubled us. I'm thankful for her spirited attitude, even on the days she caused more harm than good with her shenanigans. Though, how is it the saying goes?

All good things must come to an end, I think. Very suddenly, my family had to move away. To a place I'd never heard of, to a place I'd probably never be returning from. It was one of the few things Tenaby's amazing magic couldn't change, though I wish it could have. Even so, things didn't turn out so poorly in the end.

Just as she had planned, Tenaby entered the manor without any opposition that afternoon for her regular visit. Contrary to what she liked to believe, she was bad at doing so quietly and frequent outbursts of giggling gave her away to the nearby servants. They didn't bother to report the Shoyru anymore, as she'd just end up sneaking in again. Any effort made to throw her out was more often than not wasted. Several of the guards still made a hearty attempt now and then, but without any lasting effects. I could hear her humming as she half-tripped up the stairwell outside my room and stepped to the door, welcoming her inside. Suspecting that all was not so well, Tenaby asked what was wrong and why I looked so glumpy. Assuming "glumpy" meant gloomy and lumpy, I told her about the horrible news. There was a moment of silence before either of us spoke, at which point the Shoyru tackled me in a surprisingly large hug for such a small Neopet.

"Isn't that great, though?" Tenaby blurted out once her voice was steady, but even this surprised me. I asked how this could be good in the slightest.

"Oh," she began. "It's simple, don't you think? You've always wanted to travel, right? Maybe this isn't the way you imagined it, and it's probably not the way you wanted to go about a situation. But that's okay, because it's your adventure!" I remember seriously questioning if Tenaby was delirious at this point, because I certainly didn't think this was adventurous or enjoyable. Not even a little! Yet, she persisted in her explanation.

"You're the bestest friend in all of ever that I've ever-ever had, and to be really honest... no. I don't want to see you go at all, or think about it too much. Goodbyes are pretty awful, you know? So let's not call this a goodbye, since I don't think it is! Becaaause, you have to tell me all about your crazy new place you're headed to! I need to hear absolutely everything, do you hear me? Every last detail of your brand new journey! Okay?"

Just like that, all the sorrow in her eyes snapped to giddy delight. I couldn't help but smile, wondering how I could have expected any different from her.

"We'll keep in touch, right? That'll make it more of a see-you-soon than a farewell. Besides, those things are sappy. Maybe we could write ultra cool letters?!" Forcing a smile, I told her that we could certainly try.

While it wasn't much in return for such words of comfort, I offered her my royal vestments as a parting gift. Tenaby never cared much for robes and fanciful garments, though I told her these were to symbolize that I recognized her as a sister and true friend. That we would always be family, no matter the distance or time that might pass between us. Tenaby told me that sounded really lame, and gave me another big hug.

I have Tenaby to thank for so many things in my life. For teaching me about life outside those dreadfully boring manor walls, about the powerful magic we call friendship, and that there is hope even in the most dismal of circumstances if only you are willing to look for it. She says it's not as hard as it sounds... and I'm rather inclined to believe her.

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