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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Cuerio
Owner: lizzieseagrave
Breed: Krawk

About Cuerio:

The cold winter wind whips around your head as you hurry down a darkened street. You keep looking around constantly, too frightened to stop checking. You watch as your short shallow breaths leave your mouth in frosted whips and encircle your head before vanishing into the mist.

You think back to the previous days and the series of events that led you to this path. After the sudden disappearance of your beloved Warf, you have decided to consult a professional. You were pointed to him by a close friend, but he came with a warning. His methods, you were told, were somewhat confusing and his manner could shift from eccentric to deathly serious in a matter of seconds. But you have run out of options and so lead to this journey down a cobble street, lain thick with black gloom.

You blink slowly as you notice something through the gloom. A sudden flicker of light swings just ahead. This newfound sight fills your heart with joy; you hurry ever faster. You continue towards the light until you come to a grand Neohome. A single lantern is swinging overhead, illuminating the surrounding street. The door is as black as coal, with a Yurble-shaped brass knocker that glows in the orange flicker of the lantern's flame. Beside the door are two great pillars of concrete, each engraved with slight cracks running down the sides, showing their age.

You hold your breath for a moment before stretching out a quivering hand. You pull back the knocker on the door. The thud of the metal against the wood is still fresh in your ears when you hear movement from behind the wooden frame. You wait patiently as the bolts are drawn back and the door swings open. The light from within gleams brightly and you have to blink a few times before you can make out the figure in the doorway. There stands a rather sinister looking Krawk, his sharp blue eyes glaring at you. You look at him more closely and find he's rather neatly dressed with a crystal white shirt, black tie and waistcoat. Upon his feet is a pair of shining black leather shoes, tinted with white panels. He pauses to look at you for a moment before inviting you inside.


Cuerio looked down at his new client with a smile as he welcomed her in.

"Hello, hello, madam, and good evening to you. My name is Cuerio," he remarked cheerfully before leading her into a living room. On one side of the room stood a blazing fire which was enclosed by a marble fireplace. Several chairs were dotted around. Upon one sat a Uni who smiled as they entered. Around the sides of the room stood multiple bookcases, globes and relics. In one corner stood a wooden perch with a fine Horus on it, which looked at the new guest curiously. "Do come in. I deduce that you are weary from your travels; please sit." He gestured towards a velvet arm chair. She nodded with a smile and made her way towards the chair. Cuerio beamed and took up his usually seat, a large dark green arm chair that sank slightly when he perched upon it. Once they were all seated, he nodded towards the Uni that sat beside them. "This is Doctor Tobyios, my assistant and close friend."

Tobyios nodded a greeting. "Good evening, madam, I'm sure we would both be happy to assist you with any problems that you may have." The guest nodded back with a smile.

"So pray tell us, when did you Warf disappear, Miss Lockgreen?" Cuerio asked. Miss Lockgreen looked at him, startled.

"How did you know my name? Or that my dear Warf had disappeared?" she asked with a suspicious edge to her voice.

"It was a perfectly sound observation, madam, one I would be happy to explain if you so wish it," Cuerio replied, ignoring her tone of voice and curious stare.

"Pray continue," she commented. Cuerio nodded and began.

"Your dress is lined with fine petpet hairs. None are above the knee, so it must be a small petpet. The way you shy away from Sleuth, my Horus, also suggests that you're not too comfortable with large petpets. So small petpet it is. The hairs are fine, but they are many, so a petpet with a lot of fur, then. The two colours brown and blonde are clearly visible, the pattern of a Warf. Warf looking the most likely. But there aren't as many as there should be, so the Warf hasn't been near you for, I would say, three days, going by the spacing of the hairs. So a disappeared Warf, last seen three days ago. You came here late at night, which suggests you're frightened without it. You couldn't stand being at home without it there to reassure you. But you were still too scared to be out in a dark street for very long, so you must have known where you were going. A friend most likely pointed you in my direction. And as for the name..." He paused and held up a copy of the Neopian Times. An image of a young Xweetok was printed on the cover, under the heading 'Miss Lockgreen to inherit Lockgreen house.' The image clearly matched the client.

"Rosetta Lockgreen, daughter to Lord Marcus Lockgreen. Owner of the Lockgreen house, the grandest Neohome in all of Neopia. With your beloved companion gone and your father soon to follow, you had to consult a professional. Which is what lead us to be meeting here tonight," he finished with a smile. He sank back into his chair and placed his hands together. "But you need not worry, Miss Lockgreen, I am indeed a professional and I will be able to locate your Warf for you without too much trouble, I'm sure."

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