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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Shoyrneozilla
Owner: castamere
Breed: Shoyru

About Shoyrneozilla:
It was a bright spring day; winter had finally melted away and flowers were blooming everywhere you looked. In this particular field, it seemed like the world was covered in specks and splotches of all types of color. The red roses were bright and vivid, and stood out amongst the sunny yellow daffodils and lush purple lilies were like a breath of fresh spring. You could see tulips, marigolds, daisies… and more flowers than you could identify in every color imaginable. The bold colors and the pastels were everywhere you chanced to look, and every time you looked somewhere different, it seemed like more and more flowers were blooming every minute!

As you stood taking in the wonder of the flowers, with the wind blowing in your hair, a loud "Look at me!" rang out from the ground. Startled, you looked around you.

No one.

"Look at me! Look at me!" the voice sang out again, more insistent this time.

"Look at me, I'm flying, I'm flying!"

The smallest Shoyru you've ever seen grinned at you as he leapt from flower to flower. He couldn't have been more than three inches tall; he looked like a yellow-green blur, cleverly disguised in the field of flowers. He stopped hopping when you kneeled down in his general area. You could see he was wearing a light yellow rain slicker, carrying a leaf that seemed larger than he was on his back. He plopped down on a flower petal and his head tilted curiously at the sight of you.

He very quickly said, "Hiya! I'm Shory! That's short for Shoyrneozilla, but no one calls me that anyways, so it's really just Shory. Nice to meet you!"

He hopped up again, smiling. "I don't really see big people like you around here! This field is really big; why are you walking around in it? This is my flower field, you know. Well, my village's flower field, I mean. We use flowers to hide 'way. And you see this big leaf? It's to keep me in the shade. And it's kinda like a parachute, but mother says it's dangerous for me to be using it, since I'm still so young but –"

He noticed your shocked expression.

"We don't have wings, but it's okay, because hopping around on flowers is just as fun. You haven't seen Shoyrus like me before? Father isn't much bigger than me either. Just a little." Shory tippy toed on the petal, and raised his hand up higher slightly past his head. "That's how tall he is. Yup!" His amber eyes glowed in excitement.

"Anyway, it's really quiet where I live. Everyone likes it that way. Is it quiet where you live?" Shory didn't wait for an answer before he rambled on.

"My village is pretty small, and most other Shoyrus just gather flowers and berries and fruits and nuts to trade with each other at the watering hole. My father's a scout, so he's always out adventuring, but he says I can't come because I'm not quiet enough, and I'll be seen.

"But I don't really like quiet. I like loud, and I mean LOUD. I like running and jumping and making lots of noise and EXPLORING! But Mother says it's important that I don't let other pets and people see me because it's dangerous and oh – ooops. I guess it's too late for that!" He grins at you again. "You looked really friendly, though, so I wanted to say hello!

"But I think I can hear mother calling for me. It's almost dinner time!"

And with that, the little Shoyru hopped off the flower petal he was sitting on, and on to the grass. And then, he was gone. It was like he was never really there...


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