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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Carinata
Owner: sukita
Breed: Gelert

About Carinata:

On a cold day in downtown Faerieland, a swarm of Neopians gathers at a rather petite but cutely-contemporarily decorated building called Teasdales. There seems to be quite a buzz (no pun intended) checking in with a faerie Gelert before entering through the clear sliding glass doors. Out of mere curiosity, you line up along with these ecstatic neopets and their owners. As you quickly approach the entrance, you notice that the shop, originally the size of a normal neohome, grew to the size of a tall skyscraper building!

An illusion? you wonder in amazement. Magic, probably. Or am I hallucinating? Jeeze, I'm hungry, you ponder as you peer over the crowd of heads.

You tap the Neopian politely in front of you, who is busy chatting with her Kacheek. "Excuse me, what exactly is this place?"

"What?! You don't know?" she exclaims while looking at you flabbergasted. "It's the newest and hottest high tech sweets café in Neopia! Five star reviews from every top gourmet chef possible!" she explains with fervor, her eyes wide with devoted adoration and her arms flinging around in the air. You look at her blankly, wondering if she overdosed on chocolate. She goes back to blabbering to her Kacheek about cakes.

Hmm, well, I have 20k neopoints on hand. I'll give this place a shot, you think happily, imaging a surreal utopia to fulfill your sweet tooth.

Finally nearing the door, the faerie Gelert looks at you and then down to her electronic screen. Smiling, she says, "Welcome to Teasdales! I'm Carinata and I see that it is your first time with us. Would you like to register for a free membership ID today? You will receive free discounts and benefits as an active member, such as automatically participating into our monthly gift draws."

Slightly dazed by the tantalizing smells escaping the shop, you say, "Yes, please. All right, please hold out your left hand." She smiles coaxingly. Hesitantly you slide your fingers into her pink paw as she stamps the back of your hand. The shop's logo glows brightly white before fading in to your skin. Sensing your worry, she laughs and says, "Don't worry at all, it isn't harmful and it's not a GPS tracking device. Enjoy your time!"

A circular table and a comfy half-circle sofa on a semi-caged platform smoothly slide out underneath a rose decorated arch in from the right wall right in front of your feet. After sliding in, you prop your elbows on the table and sigh contently as you relax yourself on the plush sofa. The platform moves at a moderate pace on invisible tracks in spirals to go along with the shape of the café. As you move higher into the upper levels, every possible aroma tantalizes you; you smell yummy whips of vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, fruits, teas, spices, and more. Healthy laughter and murmurs throughout the café brighten the warm fuzzy atmosphere as you catch different channels of music. Traveling your fingers along the table, when your fingers suddenly hover in the middle, a circular pallet of buttons appears underneath your fingers like a computer keyboard, except everything is perceived on light. Curious, you click a button and soft classical soothes you.

Hmm, very high tech… the user interface is completely screened from light. You smile, amused and impressed.

The platform slides into an empty base and locks itself next to a happy Neopian and neopet in their semi-cage platform, both enjoying a huge sundae. All around, the chatter escapes from faces filled with delighted joy. As you eye the other tables, every type of cake, pastry, ice cream, bread, drink, and confectionary sweet possible are all being enjoyed.

Through the intercom situated on the semi-gated platform, Carinata's calming voice gently says, "Welcome to Teasdales! Ordering is simple and service appears right underneath the push of a button. Hover your hand over the middle of the table where our logo is, and a control panel will appear. Order anything to your heart's content and it will arrive in seconds. Thank you for selecting Teasdales, the finest quality café in Faerieland. Bon appetit!"

You click on the file for a Chocolate Rose Petal Ice Cream and within seconds, it appears right in front of you. Delighted, you take the delicate spoon and take a scoop.

Mmmmmmm… I'm on cloud nine… haha, I suppose that fits the shop for being in Faerieland, you think happily as the rose and chocolate flavors melt right into your mouth, a dreamy combination: a sweet and soothingly creamy delight.

Well sated, you daze into an ethereal trance as the classical music serenely played. You know you'll be visiting this place again. ;)

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