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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: x_plushieh_x
Owner: roseart16
Breed: Buzz

About x_plushieh_x:
Born on an island north of Mystery, dear Ishy was a dying breed. Being a Plushie Buzz in the islands was never really the best of evolutionary options, and as the years went by, they fell into seclusion, and when their species evolved into more flight compatible beings, the older Buzzes could only sit and watch, their distended bodies not able to take to the air.

Ishy had grown apart from his hive, and taken to sunning himself on the beaches, his eyes cast out towards the waters. During the first week of Running Y12, on the horizon he spotted a small vessel. And every day he watched it approach closer, until one morning he awoke and it was gone. Saddened, Ishy resumed his collecting of honeyplumes for the ongoing Gadgadsbogen festival.

Obtaining these succulent fruits required much work for the poor UC Plushie Buzz, as they grow in high branches, and are normally taken by the younger ones. While reaching for a particularly nice specimen, Ishy slipped and fell out of the tree, and lost consciousness.

When he awoke, a diminutive, yet imposing Grundo was standing over him, her large eyes examining him closely. Another Grundo, shining like ice in the shade, nodded at Ishy,. "You took quite a fall there. I'm Whitegoth, and this...," here Whitegoth rolled his eyes slightly as the other Grundo poked Ishy hard, "is Mal. We and our other companion appear to have gotten lost on the way to the Festival. But may I ask what you were doing in that tree there? It doesn't seem the best place to be for one like you."

Ishy paused, not used to speaking to anyone anymore. The old Buzzes so rarely did. " I... was... collecting honeyplumes."

Whitegoth did a little dance, and started talking excitedly. "Honeyplumes? Do you mean to say that this... yes, this must be that little island where that rare strain of Honeyplumes grows! Rare produce is quite a passion of mine, but I hadn't dreamed we'd ever end up here!"

Ishy smiled sheepishly, quite a feat for a Buzz. "Would you like... some? I... have more... in my home?"

"Would you mind?! I would love to see them."

Ishy proceeded towards a little hut adjacent to a cave on the beach, hidden by a copse of trees. Whitegoth exclaimed loudly and rushed to look at the honeyplumes, leaving Ishy with the other Grundo, Mal. She stood staring at him, frowning silently, as Ishy fidgeted nervously. Then came a yell from the cave, and they both ran towards a screaming Whitegoth.

A large turquoise pet sat on the sand of the cave, happily nomming a pile of honeyplumes. As Ishy came to a halt, the pet cocked its head to one side, "Bugggg?"

Whitegoth sighed. "This is Waka, our friend I mentioned earlier. I'm very sorry about the fruits; he manages to get into just about everything. Waka, this is Ishy."

Waka laughed, his deep voice rumbling happily, "Hellllooo, Ishyyybugg." Ishy grinned back. Mal watched on, looking thoughtful. "We shoulldd goooo too the beachh."

And so the three companions and Ishy did, and spent the rest of the day playing in the sand and lying on the beach and gorging themselves on the local fruit. But as the day drew to a close, Whitegoth, Waka, and Mal had to go. "Thank you so much for showing us this wonderful island. We do have to move on, though; we're already late."

Ishy nodded understandingly, but morosely. It had been nice to have friends for a day. As the three began boarding their ship, Waka stopped, and plopped back down on the beach. Mal motioned with her hands in irritation, and he started to growl loudly. "Like Ishyyybugg." Mal motioned again, and Waka growled even louder, and Whitegoth smiled in amusement.

Then Mal marched over to Ishy, and pointed towards the ship. Whitegoth called over, "Uh... that's her ordering you, I'm afraid. Mal only answers to Waka; no one even gets why she does that, but for your safety, I suggest you come with us."

Ishy beamed, and began towards the ship. Waka ran over, scooped him up, and sprinted back, dropping him on the deck. "We arre goingg to anotherrrr islanddd nowww. Youu can't stayy byy yourrselff."

Ishy curled up next to Waka and fell asleep as his new best friend munched on honeyplumes as the stars came out.

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