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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Pluckie
Owner: emmett_cullen18
Breed: Bruce

About Pluckie:
Pluckie was a brave little Bruce. A bit silly, perhaps, but brave nonetheless. He lived on Terror Mountain along with dozens of other Bruces his age, and they often gathered at the bottom of the mountain to play sports, have snowball fights, and roast marshmallows over bonfires. One of their favorite activities, however, was sneaking into the Ice Caves to steal from the Snowager while he slept during the day. Most of the time they were unsuccessful, but that didn't keep them from trying!

It was on one such attempt, while Pluckie and his friends were making s'mores over a fire, that one little Bruce came sliding at high speed down the mountain encased in ice. His friends dragged him over to thaw by the fire, and they all gathered around him eagerly, hoping to see some rare treasure stolen from Snowy's cave. With a frozen little shrug, however, the icy Bruce pulled his pockets inside out in defeat.

"Mean ol' ice worm!" the other Bruces shouted in sympathy for their disappointed friend. "We'll get you one day!" And they shook their fists at the mountain.

Pluckie, however, paused and spoke up. "You know, I bet that Snowy's not as mean as he seems! I bet he's just angry all the time 'cause everyone just goes to visit him to steal things. No one ever brings HIM gifts or anything nice."

A moment of silence passed, and then a loud snicker erupted from one Bruce, followed quickly by raucous laughter from the rest of Pluckie's friends. Lost for words, the little Bruces rolled around on the ice, convulsed in uncontrollable mirth at the sheer thought that Pluckie felt BAD for the Snowager.

Pluckie's cheeks flushed red, but he quickly balled up his fists and his courage, and said, "You'll see! I'm gonna gather up a whole pile of presents to give to ol' Snowy, and I betcha I won't come flying back down the mountain with an icy blast!" Pluckie spun on his heel and marched away to work on his plan.

Pluckie spent the next few weeks working hard for his allowance, and doing odd jobs around the neighborhood to earn some extra neopoints. Then he collected all the broken and unwanted toys he could find from his friends and local shops and used his earnings to pay the old Bori at the Toy Repair Shop to fix them all. Finally he had amassed such an impressive pile of gifts that he was confident that the Snowager would be speechless. He was ready.

Pluckie's friends gathered around the bottom of the mountain to see him off on his venture. With a smile on his face and colorfully wrapped presents stacked up high, Pluckie began his trek up the mountain to the Ice Caves and Snowy's lair. When he finally reached his destination, his heart was pounding and his palms were so sweaty that he thought the gifts might slide right out of his hands, but he bravely approached the opening to the cave and called out.

"Hello? Ar-Are you awake, Snowy? My name is Pluckie, and I brought you something."

With a flourish, the Snowager was at the entrance to his cave within seconds. He raised an icy eyebrow at the little Bruce, and repeated, "You brought ME something..?" and he eyed the stack of presents up and down.

"Why, no one's ever come to the Ice Caves to bring me anything at all," he muttered softly. "You may put them right there in that corner so that I can open them after my nap." Pluckie nervously skirted around Snowy to place the gifts in the designated corner. He glanced up at the beast watching him, and he was sure he saw a tiny sparkle in the corner of Snowy's eyes and a quiver in his lip. Beaming with happiness and pride, Pluckie exited the cave, and said, "Well, I'll be going now, Snowy! It was nice to meet you!"

But the Snowager called to him, "No wait! You've shown me such kindness today, I want to give you something too." And with a devious smirk, Snowy took a deep breath and sent Pluckie sailing back down the mountain with an icy blast.

Cheering and dancing around, Pluckie's friends greeted him at the bottom of the mountain to thaw him out and declare that they had told him so. Despite all their sarcasm and joy at his apparent failure, Pluckie still felt his heart swell. Maybe just one dose of kindness is not enough to overcome years of thievery and deception by others, but Pluckie's actions had touched Snowy's icy heart, he was sure of it.

"You just wait until next month!" declared Pluckie. "He's gonna love it!"

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