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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Ponced
Owner: marzipan
Breed: Usul

About Ponced:
It is said in Neopia that Usuls are very vain creatures, who like their fur combed and their huge tails trimmed down to each hair, and you know - that's entirely true. Since the beginning of my Neopian career, I've owned many Usuls, and still own multiples of this species. Though, none did I get through such remarkable means as Ponced. He was the result of a gift from a Faerie - the Fountain Faerie, Naia. This story is about how he was born, and how his colour came to be.

Born on the 8th of the Month of Gathering, Y10, Ponced started out life as a basic Usul, as all Usuls obviously do. A few days earlier, however, I was graced with the presence of the Fountain Faerie. A fable in much of Neopia, it's a rare and happy day for many Neopians when she visits you.

"Oh dear!" said Naia. "I appear to have lost my Pink Kacheek Bathing Cap! You wouldn't be able to find it for me, would you?" Having dealt with the shock of her appearing in front of me, I was now her cadet and ready to run this errand for her in exchange of a reward. I hurriedly shouted a "Yes Ma'am!", and I scuttled off in a zig zag route, to the boards for some help.

I was congratulated by my fellow Neopians on this brilliant piece of news, as I went to my home board, the PC, to express my jubilation. I was subsequently given help by some kind people, and procured this Pink Kacheek Bathing Cap that Naia wanted.

"Oh, you've found my Pink Kacheek Bathing Cap!" Naia was relieved for having her bathing cap (which ironically she couldn't wear...). "Next time you visit my fountain, I'll have a special surprise for you!" she said with a wink. After that, she floated away, as faeries do, strangely humming the theme tune of Meepit Juice Break.

Quest completed, I checked in to her fountain to see what was the difference. Lo and behold! I was given the choice of nearly all the colours in Neopia to paint one of my pets. But my pets at the time were already painted, and I did not feel like changing their colours. I deliberated some choices, one of which was to trade this quest in exchange for another pet, but that felt like a waste of my first visit from Naia. At last, I settled on creating a new pet to paint. Deciding the colour and species wasn't particularly difficult; I had for some time been zapping Usuls via the laboratory ray, with no luck of any Usul changing colour to Chocolate. Frustrated at my lack of luck, I decided to use this turn of my fortune to make a Chocolate Usul.

Now finally created, fresh faced and asking for grooming items already, Ponced was to be my specimen taken to Faerieland. However, like a child being taken to a dentist for a harmless check up, this Usul wasn't going to come easy.

"I heard that Faerieland is a place where the dark faerie resides, and she will turn me into her errand boy, putting a plate of peanuts on my head and forcing me to run around her lair for entertainment!" You see, though Ponced is a newly born Usul, all Neopets have an innate wariness of dark faeries; it's only a logical intuition, I might add. So frightened was he of visiting the realm of the faeries, that he and I went to visit the book shop in Neopia Central, where a friendly (and rather flexible) Nimmo greeted us, sitting in some ridiculously complicated yoga pose.

"Good morning, Mr. Nimmo," for I did not know his name, "I would like to purchase some books on faeries, if you'd be so kind to find me some." Seemingly not bothered at being called Mr. Nimmo, the Nimmo took more and more books down the shelves of the shop, and piled them onto the counter. Ponced climbed on top of my head to see better, but the books soon piled past both of us.

"These are all the books I have on faeries," said a muffled voice coming from behind the mass of literature.

"I'll take the lot!" I shouted. I had always wanted to do that, though I mainly wanted to do that at the bakery. Subsequently, I was squashed by forty or so books, with my once fat Meepit design coin purse being a skinny Meepit design coin purse.

Ponced and I began to work our way through these books. Fire faeries, water faeries, dark faeries, faeries in a tower, faeries in a lake, faeries out of Faerieland, faeries in Faerieland, faeries on a boat, in a boat, near a boat, faeries, faeries, faeries... The last book was read, and all of them had disappeared from my inventory. We both sat down in our Neohome, rather dizzy from reading about so many faeries.

Decisively, Ponced said to me, "now I know that you will only meet a dark faerie when you go into a dark faerie's lair. I'll go to Faerieland with you, but if I see myself being led into one of those lairs, I'm going to leg it before you can say 'super Meepit bullldoser', agreed?"

"Brilliant!" I said. "We'll go tomorrow." We then both proceeded to collapse onto our beds and pass out.

The next day, with the help of the many volumes on faeries, I eventually coerced Ponced into visiting the Fountain Faerie for a paint job. Both of us took a long detour around Jhudora's Cloud, with Ponced hiding under trees and walking on all fours. I felt that that Cloud was something shifty as well, but we hurried into the Rainbow Fountain, where Ponced was at ease.

"Wow! Ponced looks amazing!" said Naia. Brilliant! Finally, as Ponced, in his new Chocolate fur, and I frolicked away from Faerieland, we were both happy with how we used Naia's generosity.

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