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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Draeluna
Owner: jazzehness
Breed: Draik

About Draeluna:

If you thought Faerieland used to be high in the sky, just imagine traveling higher to a small cloud cave close to the atmosphere of Neopia. If you had traveled there in the past, you would've been able to find a lonely princess by the name of Draeluna. She would stay inside of her home during the day, and come out to dance in the moonlight when it got later. This made her happy for a while, but soon she craved something more than eternal solitude.

"It gets lonely up here by myself," she told herself one day while gazing up at Kreludor. "I need interaction but I don't want to get hurt again..." Her thoughts trailed off to memories of losing the kingdom she loved in an unfortunate tragedy. At the time, she blamed the incident on her own carelessness; she could think of a thousand ways she could've prevented the past events and save her people from the downfall they suffered. None of these thoughts were realistic, but she let them burden her for the longest time.

One day she decided to fly down and look for a brand new friend. She didn't often show her face during the day since the events that destroyed part of her life, but she knew she wouldn't meet anyone at night. While gliding over Neopia, she spotted an interesting girl. The girl was standing in front of a Draik nest, the one Draeluna was hatched in, and appeared to be in deep thought. The curious princess ducked behind a tree and decided to observe. "I've always wanted a beautiful Draik of my own," the girl sighed. "Maybe someday I'll be lucky enough to own one. What do you think, Moku?" The girl looked down at a pet next to her: an island Flotsam who looked very upset over her owner's seemingly hopeless desire. "Who am I kidding? Only the most important Neopians earn the right to own a Draik. Let's get out of here... I don't want to think about it anymore."

The girl turned around to walk away from the nest, but something was blocking the way. "Excuse me..." Before she could say anything else, she realized what she was facing. Draeluna, the elegant Faerie Draik, had presented herself in front of the lonely dreamer and was smiling nervously. The girl was obviously surprised as she reacted by jumping and stumbling backwards, nearly falling on her back. "Wow, am I dreaming? What are you doing here, Draik? I'm sorry if I disturbed your nest. You see, I was just hoping I could get a Draik of my own someday... not that I would steal your eggs, ma'am!" She was stuttering, hoping not to be punished by the creature in front of her, which made Draeluna giggle a bit.

Suddenly, Draeluna flew closer to the girl and began to detach the crystal necklace that rested upon the dragon's chest. The girl watched in amazement as she was presented with this gift; it fit the girl perfectly around her neck, and made her blue eyes stand out even more than before.

"Is this for me?"

Draeluna nodded in reply and smiled with more confidence this time.

"I really appreciate it! I don't want to be too forward, but do you have an owner? Or is this just a kind gesture that I shouldn't think about too much?"

Another laugh came from the Draik, who proceeded to wrap her slender tail around the girl's hand and lead her back to Neopia Central. A mutual understanding was born at that moment: Jazzeh's wish had finally come true, and Draeluna had made a new friend. The princess was lonely no more.

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