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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Ravenclawion
Owner: iggy_b_puff
Breed: Korbat

About Ravenclawion:
Hello, my name is Ravenclawion and I am a Blue Korbat. I live up at Terror Mountain with my sister, a Yellow Xweetok named Huffapuffle. So far, I have no other siblings at all besides her! Luckily, I'm younger than her and I always get whatever I want done MY way. But my sister is now thinking about getting ANOTHER sibling for us. I hope she forgets all about that so I won't have to share any of my toys with another brother or sister.

All day, I play in my Neohome with all these great toys and plushies that my sister buys for me. She goes shopping to the market, like, every day of her life! But the good thing about that is that I'm left alone in the house to do whatever I please and she always brings me a new toy or plushie. I love my Blue Korbat plushie the BEST, because it looks just like me and it was the first plushie that my sister ever brought home for me. I always drag it around with me, so it's really dirty and torn up now! The tail even got ripped off once, but my sister took me to the Toy Repair Shop and fixed it for me!

My best friend is this other Korbat named Korebaatt. He has such a plain name! But at least it's not a girly name. He's just like me: we're both troublemakers, and we're both proud of it! We always play pranks together on my sister, but now she takes away my TOYS if I do that with Korebaatt! I mean, she just takes them away from me and locks them all up! Well, I suppose I DO deserve that sometimes. But anyway, Korebaatt and I love to get ice cream from Ice Cream Cart! My sister always buys us the coupons, and we give it to the nice Lutari at the cart gives us our ice cream. We also enjoy trying to sneak up on the Snowager down at the Ice Caves. Well… we stopped after a while, when the Snowager woke up on Korebaatt while he was trying to take a Negg from the Snowager. He barely made it out of that cave alive! Good thing that he runs all the time with me, or he might not have escaped. Now we don't go there, but the other Korbats at Terror Mountain call us cowards! We're CERTAINLY not cowards, so every now and then we sneak an item from the Snowager and bring it to them as proof.

Since Korebaatt isn't always around for me to hang out with, my sister bought me a petpet. Let me tell you, I am VERY picky about my petpets. It can't look ANYTHING like a bug, because I hate those things. I don't like Mootix, Pinchit, Larnikin, Vernax, Spyder, beetles, or ANY kind of bug or p3. I was practically stuck with this Spyder as my petpet for a really long time, until my sister FINALLY brought along a Feepit. I named it after me, of course, and Ravenclawion Jr. and I have been through so much together. We even try the Snowager together every once in a long time! My Feepit is actually very brave at that. He just runs up, snatches an item, and brings it back to me. That's what I call a good petpet. Korebaatt has NEVER had a petpet before, not even one of those little cardboard ones. That's why I am very PROUD of my Feepit! My Feepit always tells me that he wants to have a Mootix or something living on his back, but I certainly won't be able to live with THAT: Mootix counts as a bug and plus it's just too much money!

My sister owns a shop where she sells all the junk we find. Since she says we can't have two shops, I made my own gallery! I think it's much better than my sister's shop. I spend a lot of my time trying to find things for my gallery nowadays! But you know, I actually have a ton of items in my Safety Deposit Box, but I just need to make more NP to upgrade my gallery's size. Mainly, it's made out of plushies, toys, and island merchandise, but I'm trying to get more and more things to put into my gallery. Soon, I'm going to add all this junk that I hid from my sister (so she won't throw it away or give it to the Money Tree). I have lots of rotten shoes, sticks, boots, sandals, and even prismatic sea ferns! It costs now over 4000 NP to upgrade my gallery, so sometimes Korebaatt and I go to the game room to play Key Quest and make some money for ourselves! I have lots of plushies that are different colors, like Christmas plushies, Faerie plushies, and other things, but I know how to find them all for a cheap price.

My sister makes a lot of money, so we're able to travel to many places. My favorite place of them all is Terror Mountain, though, because that's my home and there are fun things to do. But Huffapuffle has taken Korebaatt and me to the Haunted Woods before (we really enjoyed flying there), Mystery Island (the boat ride was really fun!), Neopia Central (there are many different things to see and do), Tyrannia (the concerts there are really entertaining), and even Shenkuu one time! We've never been to Faerieland, though. It's not like I want to – I don't care. My sister goes there all the time, to something she calls 'the Healing Springs', right after she's been fighting in the Battledome. She always offers to take Korebaatt and me to that place – she says it's really fun there – but we flatly refuse. Everything there is pink, white, or purple, and pink makes me feel funny. I always have wanted to go to the Lost Desert! We've never been there either, but my sister says we're making enough NP so we might go some time soon!

Most of the other Korbats who live at Terror Mountain love to fly all day and night! Most of them are also nocturnal, though, so they sleep during the day and wake up at night. Even if I'm a Korbat, I have officially decided not to be nocturnal. I stay up all day, then go to sleep at night like any other Neopet. I also don't hang on bars or anything while I go to sleep. Korebaatt sleeps like that. But I don't, nope! I know how to hang, of course, but sleeping on a bed is MUCH more comfortable.

My sister always asks me: why don't I ever fly around like the other Korbats? She keeps telling me that she needs to take me to the doctor if I don't know how or something. Well, let me tell you, I can fly PERFECTLY WELL! I just don't ever fly around her. I mean, she stays in the Neohome all day, and there is hardly any room at all to be flying around. Korebaatt and I have decided, anyway: we're going to practice flying, and when I'm an ultimate flying master, I'm going to show off my flying moves around my sister! She'll be so shocked, since she always underestimates me. She'll be all like, 'Wow, Ravenclawion, how did you learn to fly so well?' Don't tell her what we're doing!

I have to go now. My sister is calling me and telling me to mow the lawn. As IF! We live in Terror Mountain! There isn't any grass or anything (not that I know of). She claims that there is grass under all that snow, and she wants me to get a hair-dryer to melt all the snow, cut the grass, then wait for a blizzard and make sure that all the snow is laid out evenly. I keep telling her that there's DIRT and STONE under the snow, or at least I think so, but she doesn't listen. She says 'the grass will get too long underneath if we don't cut it'. And I thought she was smart! Anyway, I'm going to go tell her that right this very moment. Hopefully she lets me go play with Korebaatt! Oh well, I'll see you then!

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