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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Gantz21341
Owner: marina5_55
Breed: Jetsam

About Gantz21341:
The mists of Neovia curl around your legs. You wade through the thick fog, peering into the darkness of the night. All the houses are dark and deserted. As you walk through town looking for a place to stay, you see a light in the distance. Walking towards it on aching feet, you see it to be a lamppost, its warm glow illuminating a store still open. You push the door and it swings inward without a sound.

Inside you hear the ticking of clocks and the hissing of steam. The walls are covered in every type of gear imaginable. Small mechanical creatures scurry about the floor and machines hiss and spit all around you. You gaze curiously at one which has caught your eye. A small one made of brass and steel.

"How may I help you?" a gentle voice says from the back counter.

You jump up and see a fire Jetsam grinning at you. A top hat sits precariously atop his head. Gold gears adorn it and the coat he is wearing. A skeletal pocket watch hangs from one fin and in the other he holds a softly glowing lamp. A gear spectacle is attached to his left eye. The other is warm and welcoming. You explain your reason for coming this late at night and he nods.

"Yes, I understand perfectly. The name is Gantz and I own this shop. A little bit of everything I sell here. If you like you can look around."

You thank him and begin browsing the odd little shop. As you pick up a small twirling gadget, he makes conversation.

"Ah, now that has quite a bit of memories to it. You see, I got that in Moltara. I grew up there, you see. Then when the caves were opened, I left for the surface."

You nod and the little thing buzzes off in search of adventure. Gantz continues with his story.

"You see, I was tired of all the gadgets. That's all there was. Many people in the town thought I was to make a fine craftsman when I grew up. I decided to ply my trade elsewhere, though. I've traveled all across Neopia in search of the perfect spot. Much like you. I was traveling through the Haunted Woods when it happened.

I came upon a group of gypsies. They told me if I was looking for a lovely place to live, Neovia was the place to go. They pointed me down a dark rundown old trail which I took readily. I traveled for what felt like hours. The fog was rolling in from seemingly everywhere. I, quite frankly, became scared and dashed forward. To my amazement, I saw through the fog a light. I ran to it and found it to be a lamppost. Just below it was an old house. I opened the door and stepped into this building. There was an old Acara sitting behind the desk and an assortment of books stacked up around him."

He pauses and smiles at the memory. You stare, amazed at the story so much like your own.

"I explained to him my problem and he offered me a place to stay for as long as I wished. I was lead up to an extra room and slept there. The next morning when I awoke, he was gone. Not just him, but all his books as well. Behind, he left only this pocket watch. I've owned the store ever since. Building my own gears and hoping some day he might return. He offered my this house for as long as I please and I've taken his offer."

He pushes away from the desk and comes around to face you. He holds out his fin and takes yours gently.

"Now I am offering it to you."

He leads you upstairs and to an extra bedroom. The bed is large and comfy and you fall asleep immediately. The next morning when you awake, you race downstairs. Just as you suspected, he is gone, and with him all the little trinkets and clocks. You are staring blankly around the empty room when you hear a noise: the soft gentle tapping of a watch. The skeletal watch sitting on the counter. You pick it up and stuff it in your pocket.

Outside, the fog is rolling in once more and the darkness of the Haunted Woods is pressing in on you from all sides. Yet here in this little shop, you are safe. You know what you're going to sell. You've known all your life. You reach up and light the wick in the lamppost. A glow immediately surrounds the front step. You back into the shop and get to work. Someday you hope he will return, and when he does, you're going to be ready.

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