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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Lope
Owner: filter
Breed: Gnorbu

About Lope:
Lope was rather blue. Not in the sad way, though, as the small Gnorbu was never sad. Lope was actually a rather cheerful fellow. It was his coat's color that was as blue as the deepest waters in Maraqua. A pleasant color, his family always thought. Not one to really stand out in a crowd, or draw the wandering eye of any passerby. No, Lope was completely ordinary, and very blue.

That was the color Lope loved, though. For when his eyes raised to the sky, that same vibrant color was right there, out in the open. The early morning walks to Neoschool were Lope's favorite thing to do. He was never really excited about the classes, as Lope would spend most of his days, staring out the wide windows into the atmosphere. Once in a while, a fluffy white cloud would lazily make its way across the panorama, and Lope would feel a surge of contentment.

In his free time, the young Gnorbu would gallop into the vast fields of Meridell and spend endless hours lying in the tall grasses and overgrown wild flowers. He could appreciate every bit of nature around him. The potent scent of the Pebeanjay Flowers, the playful hum of the Beekadoodle foraging for nectar. If Lope wasn't pressured by his family to join in with the daily chores and nightly family gatherings, Lope would end up spending his life under the glorious sky.

Now, Gnorbus are a rather wooly Neopet. A Gnorbu makes that fateful trip to the Grooming Parlour almost twice as much as any other Neopets. Even the purrrrfectly manicured Wocky holds no candle to the amount of primping and preening that a Gnorbu has to go through. It was upon one of those bi-monthly trips that the strange event surrounding Lope started to take place.

The red Usul paused for a moment as she held the comb in Lope's mane. Her eyes studied him for a while, spinning his chair around slowly as if she was studying him.

"What is it?" Lope asked softly, confused at her sudden examination of him.

The Usul canted her head slowly, squinting her eyes as she stared at a particular spot in Lope's mane.

"You have this odd white streak of fur inside your mane," the Usul stated.

Lope blinked, turning to the mirror, watching as the Usul lifted up his top coat to reveal the white fluffy fur underneath. The Gnorbu gasped softly, his eyes widening. He looked up at the Grooming Parlour owner.

"What does that mean? Why did that happen?" Lope questioned, a twinge of fear in his eye.

The Usul shook her head, brushing back down Lope's top coat. "I've never seen that before in my life. I'm sure you'll be ok, though, don't worry!"

Lope brushed his mane softly with his hoof, gulping softly. He as well had never heard of a spontaneous color change like that. Usually those kinds of stories come from the end of a renegade zap gun clenched in the hands of a rather evil baby Bruce. Or perhaps a wayward blast of the Lab Ray, but never in the middle of the grooming parlour!

The Usul patted Lope on the shoulder, trying to comfort him. Lope quietly paid her for her work with NP out of his satchel, and began to make the trip back home. With his mind so lost in thought, it was the Meridell fields that he ended up in, and not his Neohome. The tall grass welcomed the Gnorbu, comforting him, and the sky danced before his very eyes, affording him the chance to decide what shapes the lazy clouds created as they passed him by. Almost forgetting about the streak of fur, Lope finally made his way home.

The very next day, while preparing himself in the morning for Neoschool, his groggy eyes came upon a strange sight in the mirror. His once blue mane, with that hidden patch of fur, now curled around his neck like a snow drift. The blue color was completely washed out, replaced by increasingly fluffy white fur. Lope gasped audibly, drawing the attention of his family members. Quickly, the Gnorbu wrapped a Summer Scarf around his neck, hiding away his newest discovery.

Lope's family members could notice his unease at the breakfast table, but they let the Gnorbu be as Lope flashed them all a well-acted smile. He hurried off to Neoschool before any of his brothers, and worried away the day, barely paying attention to any of his classes. He did not hurry home after the school bell rang, instead opting once again into his solitary fields, nothing but the soft gurgle of a stream or the light, whispering winds to bother him.

Staring down into the stream, Lope watched his own hazy reflection. Casting aside his scarf, he wondered why such an odd thing was happening to him. Never had a Neopet experienced this, their transformations usually by choice, or at least with a reason. He had no reason, and no one to give him an answer as to why his sea blue coat was turning snowy white.

A little fluffier than white, he took a moment to notice. As if the very answer was drifting by him at that exact moment, Lope watched the water's reflection intently. Another cloud was passing him by, drifting slowly, but with purpose. A little faster then the rest of the clouds, as if driven by a bigger force than the wind itself. Lope looked up into the sky to see the renegade cloud, but his eyes did not return the vision.

Back within the water's view, the cloud still lived. Lope canted his head in confusion and watched as the fluffy white formation approached his reflection. The cloud contacted with the watery Lope, and the real Gnorbu gasped as the cloud curled itself around his vision. The water rippled wildly for a moment, and when the tiny waves cleared, Lope's light blue eyes stared back into a fellow Gnorbu's.

Unlike anything he had ever seen, this Gnorbu reflection was wrapped with a white, fluffy cloud. The reflection grinned back at Lope, and held out his paw towards the Neopet. Lope warily began to reach his own hoof back towards the water, but the shock of what had happened wrapped itself around him as tightly as his new coat. When his eyes noticed his own forearm, Lope fell back from the water's edge as he surveyed himself.

No longer the sea blue of Maraqua, Lope was now that cloud-covered Gnorbu he saw within the water. He was now the cloud that had descended from the sky, the cloud that graced him with its own presence. For a moment, Lope sat stunned in the grass; even the ever changing sky could not ease his shock.

It was another long moment, waiting in that grass, before the realization dawned on Lope. The world outside; the sky, the grass, the flora and fauna that surrounded him, appreciated Lope as much as he did it. He was now a part of what he loved so much. The clouds, the sky, had chosen him to be its brethren with four legs. Lope's heart soared, beating so fast, as if it was about to fly away.

The Gnorbu spent the long day in the grass, appreciating his new placement in the world. Finally, he headed back to his Neohome. He knew they'd have so many questions for him, their eyes just as wide and curious as his own had been looking into the stream. After he recounted his tale, his brothers all hugged him, letting him know that they as well appreciated his new form.

It's not easy being a cloud Gnorbu, you know. Lope has to deal with those that mock his fur, calling him "Fluffy", "Powderpuff" and "Snowball". Lope doesn't mind, though, because he knows he's a part of something much bigger now. He was chosen by the very sky itself, and regardless of any that might mock his excess fluffiness, he knows he's appreciated and loved.

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