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Pet Spotlight

Submit your pet to the Pet Spotlight!

- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Larghezza
Owner: lurienne
Breed: Chia

About Larghezza:
Appearing before the stage came a small carrot Chia, crawling on all fours. A pink bow was affixed on her stem, and she spoke completely senseless babble.

"Oh dear, I apologize," shouted a backstage voice, then the voice was given the face of an azure Lupess trotting after the toddling carrot. "She wandered on when I wasn't watching. I apologize for interrupting the process. Did I mention I was sorry?"

"Actually, go on ahead. Introduce this little one to us," commanded a judge hidden in the shadows, as spotlights directed themselves upon the carrot. Her toothless smile and emerald eyes were awe-inspiring to the voting audience.

"Oh, well, I was actually supposed to go-"

"Now, please. Let's hear about our little contestant here." The shaded judge resumed speaking, to put the impromptu process into a quick forward motion.

Majjesti the contest-hopeful Lupess put her chances aside in a hard sigh, and took a seat next to the silly baby, who was fascinated with rocking back and forth in her seat.

"Good evening, lords and ladies of the Pet Spotlight. I-" she halted, remembering this speech was now to become bent around the little Chia who found quality entertainment in passing gas. "This little carrot Chia here is Larghezza. But in the family, she's known as Ghez. Ghez joined our little inter-species family when our owner, Lurienne the Jelly Queen, had discovered her babbling to the carrots baked into the carrot and pea omelette slices in Tyrannia. It wasn't like we could check her for tags or anything, so we ended up wandering the heat of Tyrannia trying to find whomever she previously belonged to before she tried talking to carrots."

Majjesti paused to put her paw behind Ghez, as she was falling backwards when trying to gnaw on her own toes.

"After endless weeks of searching all over Neopia, we simply gave up. Wandering back to Jel- err, home, Ghez settled in comfortably by climbing on Tahaen's back and riding him like a Uni. Now Tahaen is our mysterious, antisocial Kougra brother, so he didn't take kindly to a baby being in the house, interfering with his relaxing time while Luri and I were gone. But Ghez's green eyes soon took him right over, and one day we found Hae singing lullabies to her. Of course, he'd deny it, but Ghez fits into any situation perfectly from her silly personality. I mean, Luri didn't exactly expect to fall in love with a carrot Chia, but we all did."

Ghez let out a wonderfully childlike laugh, causing the audience to aww in her presence again. Majjesti gave a smirk at how her point was so beautifully proven, almost as if Ghez really knew beyond her years.

"Ghez loves balloons, crawling around the house, and for some reason, she loves to talk despite the fact that no one knows what in the world she's talking about. She can only babble at this age, but soon she'll be forming real words and knowing how to walk. At that point, look out, Neopia."

Majjesti let the laugh subside, and gave an endearing glance at Larghezza. Ghez gave an equally stunning gaze back at her, and Majjesti knew that Ghez was definitely her little sister, and she would be proud as a faerie Lenny if she won the spotlight over her.

"Ghez is by far the best little sister that any pet could ask for. She lights up every room, makes everyone laugh, and just knows exactly how to make a bad day bright again. She's much smarter than her age, almost like she knows exactly what she's doing, even though she's this young in life. But I'm sure that she'll grow up with just as much spunk and personality as ever, which I'm sure you've seen presented here on this stage. I hope that she wins the Pet Spotlight so I can be the proudest sister, Hae can be the proudest brother, and Luri can be the proudest owner. Although, she'll most likely end up trying to gnaw on the trophy."

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