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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Eibme
Owner: luwrina
Breed: Blumaroo

About Eibme:
Have you ever heard about the land with milk rivers, golden honey pools, choco chips on trees, white chocolate streets with gingerbread houses, jelly clouds and raining donuts? Believe me or not, my pet Eibme is from that land.

How is that possible, or you're joking, you might think. I tell you that I'm not lying. Firstly, all chocolate pets and petpets came from THAT Chocoland. But after a life in that wondrous land, they have to find new owners who will take care of them. :)

However, for unknown reasons, they don't remember anything from the life in Choco world. On the other hand, I'm afraid to think what would happen if MEEPITS would discover that land. :o

Anyway, I think you still don't believe me, but why don't you ask your choco pet about that land? Oh yeah, no chocolate pets can remember Chocoland. Almost no one... except Eibme. She remembers every part of her "past" choco life. The only thing she doesn't know is how to go there again. x3 Anyway, I will tell you a story about how I met Eibme and how she became my pet.

One sunny and very beautiful day I was walking down the street of Neopia Central. I was looking to the right, to the left... when I decided to buy some chocolate in the Chocolate Factory. So I went straight to the Neopian Bazaar and I found a bag of neopoints with a sign: 2000 NP on it.

Firstly I looked around to see if anyone was looking for this bag, but surprisingly there wasn't any person around me, only one or two white weewoos on a tree. Then I thought that I was lucky and I decided to keep those neopoints. I took them to the Wishing Well, but I wasn't sure what I should ask for, when I saw one person who came to visit the Wishing Well with her pet - a chocolate Usul. I suddenly realised that some time ago I was thinking of getting my own choco pet, but I changed my mind for some reasons. However, that wish for a chocolate pet came back, but I didn't know - does the Wishing Well grant dreamie pets?

I took a sheet of paper and I started writing:

Dear Wishing Well,

My name is Rina and I'm not sure if you are granting this kind of wish, but I would love to own a chocolate pet. I don't care about species, I just want to give a good home for him/her. This is a bag with 2000 neopoints. Thanks for your time, always be so awesome and grant our wishes!

~Rina :3

I dropped the bag with neopoints and my "letter" into the Wishing Well and after couple of seconds it started to shine and glow. I looked at it with surprise in my face and then I fell in! *after half an hour*

When I woke up, I was soaking wet from my head and hair to my toes. After recovering from the shock, I realised that I wasn't in the Neopian Plaza anymore. The only thing I could recognize was the Wishing Well and it was made from chocolate!

Firstly I thought that I was dreaming, but when I hit my leg on stone (well choco-stone) I felt the pain. Yup, I wasn't dreaming at all! Unless my dream was very realistic with smells and PAIN! I started to walk, though I was so shocked and surprised -- everything and EVERYONE was made from chocolate and other tasty things!

Surprisingly, everyone was very good and friendly to me; of course, some of them looked at me very strangely and some even asked: "From what kind of chocolate you are made? :D" I asked myself how I came here?! Then I remembered the Wishing Well. I asked for a chocolate pet, but I didn't ask for a specific one, so probably it got confused and gave me the chance to choose by myself!

I was walking and looking at the shop displays, trees, and other beautiful things, when I saw the Adoption Agency. Well, since I came here for a chocolate pet, I thought that this place was the best to start my looking for a pet to adopt; also, I wasn't sure how long I could stay in Chocoland.

I came in and the smiling face of a chocolate Draik gave me a warm welcome! She took me to see the pets. Amazingly they looked so cute and happy. I think they were playing Hide-n-seek; they looked so funny, even I started laughing a bit, when I heard a quiet crying. I went to the tree from where the sound was coming and I saw a chocolate Blummie crying mildly. I asked, "Is everything alright, little girl? What's your name?" She looked at me and said, "My name is Eibme, and other pets don't want to play with me."

That little Blummie was very beautiful; she was wearing a short pink dress and bow on her head, and she had a star-shaped necklace. "Would you like to play hide-n-seek with me?" I asked. Suddenly a smile came back to her face and she said, "I would love to, could I hide first?" She went to find the perfect place to hide and I covered my eyes and started counting: "1... 2... 3... 100!" I opened my eyes and unfortunately I was in the normal Neopian Plaza. I was very disappointed, because I wanted a chocolate pet! Actually I wanted to adopt Eibme and play hide-n-seek with her again and again!

Then she jumped out from behind the tree and said, "You found me." Then she looked around with fear in her face. "Where am I? *cries*." I tried to calm her down and when I said that I would love to adopt her and be her new owner, she stopped crying and said, "COULD WE GO TO EAT ICE-CREAM, MOMMY? :)"

I remember that day as if it had occurred yesterday. I was so happy because I got a dreamie pet and Eibme is now a member of my small family. I love her very much, as like I said before, we now play lots of interesting games including hide-n-seek and she is very happy with me.

Well, there is one thing that bothers Eibme. :( She can't remember the way to return to Chocoland. She thinks that if she will eat lots of candies and chocolate treats, one day she will get her memory back. x3 I said to her that she will get to know the way to the dentist office if she still eats so many candies. Guess, does she listen to me... *facepalm* She even manages to find all candies and chocolate bars which I have hidden from her. :o That must be one of her super powers which I like to call smell for sweets. Believe me, she has even more for now unknown powers. :D

In conclusion, don't tell anyone that my pet Eibme knows about that secret land. Can you imagine what can happen to her? I don't even want think about that; also, I'm very afraid that Meepits can kidnap her. :( Thank you very much for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it. And that wasn't some kind of fairy-tale, that happened for real! For me and my chocolate Blummie.

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