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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Deyllia
Owner: i_rox_my_sox315
Breed: Korbat

About Deyllia:
The sun was just starting to set in the great city of Altador while Fauna, one of its Founders, was walking in the edge of a forest near the ocean. Just as she decided to head on back to her home, she heard a faint cry. Fauna was used to hearing the different sounds of the animals in the forest, but this was coming from the shore. Wondering what sort of Petpet was in trouble, she rushed toward the direction of the sound.

On the beach she discovered not a Petpet, but a baby Korbat, washed in from the sea in what looked like a homemade basket. The Acara's nurturing nature could not allow her to leave the poor baby there, so she picked her up from the basket and carried her toward the city.

Unsure of what to do with the little Korbat once she got home, she decided to go straight to the Hall of Heroes, where she knew King Altador would be. Once inside the magnificent building, she entered the Council Chamber and found that not only was King Altador there, but so were all the other Founders, the "Heroes of Altador," with the exception of one.

"Welcome, Fauna. We were searching for you, but you have proven yourself rather hard to find." A blue Techo winked. Still holding the baby in her arms, Fauna sat down in her seat, not quite sure what to say.

"Wait- what is that you're holding, Fauna?" asked a Cybunny whose seat was next to Fauna. "Is that a BABY?! Oh my goodness, she's so cute!" If they weren't staring at her before, they definitely were now. Everyone's eyes were wide open as they stared at the now-sleeping baby.

"Yes... I found her on the beach. I couldn't just leave her." Fauna looked down affectionately at the sleeping Korbat.

Suddenly a pair of hooves banged on the table everyone was sitting around. A blue Peophin stood up from his seat. "What?! You cannot have a baby here! This is not the place for a child, and most certainly not the time! If you hadn't noticed, we are in the middle of a meeting!" He snorted as he sat back down.

"Oh, right, I was actually coming here to discuss what to do with her. Had I known there was a meeting going on, I would not have brought her. I was wondering if I could keep her and raise her..." replied Fauna with a small smile.

"Raise her?" A Skeith on her left raised his eyebrows. "A baby is a lot of responsibility; how are you going to raise her when you have other duties to your city?"

"I don't know... like I said, I can't just abandon her."

"Maybe we could all raise her together?" the Cybunny chimed in.

"Well, now that's just preposterous!"

The Heroes began to argue among themselves, except for the two at the head of the table, who had a quiet conversation just between them.

"Your Majesty," whispered an Aisha, who looked wise beyond her years, to the Lupe sitting next to her.

"Yes, Jerdana?" replied King Altador.

"You've been rather quiet. What do you think of all this?"

"Well, this is definitely not what we originally gathered to discuss," he chuckled. "To be honest, the idea of raising a child frightens me. Monsters I can handle; children... not so much."

"You're right about this meeting, of course. We came here to talk about what to do now that the Darkest Faerie has been imprisoned under the sea. But think about this: we will not live forever, nor will she be imprisoned forever. What if something were to happen to us and the Darkest Faerie comes back to Altador? We could raise this child, teach her all we know, to become the new Hero of Altador to protect this country when we're gone."

The King listened closely to every word the Aisha spoke. When she was finished, he stood up and the room went quiet.

"Jerdana and I have come to the agreement that Fauna shall raise the baby until she is old enough to come live here at the Hall. At that time we shall raise her together and teach her each of our unique talents as our apprentice... Now, we will go around the room and take a vote of all those in favor. Torakor?"

"Yes, I love kids."

"Oh? That's rather surprising... Florin?"

"I guess..."




"Well, I would love to have someone to teach the ways of thievery... kidding, kidding!" *whack* "Ow, Marak, I said I was kidding!"




"Of course."




"Um, I'd rather not... I'll say no."


"Why not? Who knows, maybe she's inherited a knack for magic."

"Well, that's eight votes 'yes,' three votes 'no,' so it looks like the child is staying." Altador closed his eyes tightly; he could feel a migraine starting to form. "Meeting adjourned."

"What?! That's it?! What about what we originally planned to discuss??"

The king waved at his colleagues to dismiss them, then got up from his seat to leave.

"Wait, Your Highness!" He stopped and looked at Fauna, who asked, "What is her name?"

Altador sighed and said, "Um... Deyllia, I suppose, after my mother," then he walked out the door.

The room went silent once more as the Heroes stared after their leader in awe... and little Deyllia finally woke up... and began to cry.

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