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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Jams
Owner: cabbagese
Breed: Aisha

About Jams:
A small, red Aisha wanders on stage, holding a scroll. He unrolls it and begins to read.

"Hello, my fellow Neopians. I am... erm, Jams, the Aisha. I know, you're wondering why you should listen to me, right? I'm just an Aisha, a basic little Aisha anyone could get from the Pound or Create-A-Pet. Why listen to me when you could hear the tale of a dashing Pirate Draik, or even my own brother, Jiotto the Plushie Xweetok, right? Well..." He straightens up, holding his ears up higher to make him seem taller.

"I believe I deserve this spotlight because there's nothing special about me. I'm not a fancy colour, I don't have some sob story about how I was left in the Pound for years and I have a fairly ordinary family. Yes, Jiotto is rather special in that he's Plushie, but Arondight and Metaru are just ordinary Blue and Green Xweetoks respectively. No Draiks or Krawks, even if my owner absolutely adores them. In our house, you can only dream of being painted. Our owner is hopeless at saving and according to my calculations, it will take her two years to save for Arondight's Grey Paint Brush."


"Yes, Sapphire?"

"I rather resent the 'diss my owner' talk you're givin', Jams. This thing's supposed to be about you, not how hopeless I may or may not be."

"Sorry, Sapphire. Yes, she's my owner. A rather strange one who blabbers about this strange 'Real Life' thing with something evil known as 'Surds'... Sometimes I believe she belongs in Meepit Oaks, really. Anyway, back on topic.... Oh, crumbs..." He nervously laughs as he quickly scans the paper, looking for where he was up to.

"Ah yes... My owner keeps saying that I'm as sweet as my name suggests, but I'm sometimes a bit of a Know-It-All. She believes it comes with me being an Aisha, but doesn't get why her other Aisha, Chaotix, isn't like me but from what I've seen, that guy's more interested in flowers. Such a waste of his intellect. After all, it's well known that we Aishas are much more intelligent than those Lennies.

"Well, I don't really have much more to say. My owner may enter Arondight, Jiotto and Metaru into the Spotlight in the future, so look out for them... I don't think there's really anything more I can say. Good day to you all."

He walks off stage so quickly he almost runs. A minute later, laughter is heard from backstage along with someone shrieking for the laughter to stop. A small Blue Xweetok comes on stage.

"Greetings, I am Arondight, proud Neo-Warrior." He gestures backstage. "Apologies about Jams. He acts all nervous at first, but when he gets going, there is no shutting him up." A Plushie Xweetok wearing Pirate clothes clambers onto the stage and stands next to his brother.

"We think Jams should get the Spotlight 'cause he's so, like, helpful 'n' stuff. Like, I wanted to take on a bunch of enemies in the Battledome, and he was like, no, they'll kick the stuffing outta ya, and I was like, no way bro, and he was like, yeah way, bro..."



"Back on topic..."

"Oh yeah, right. Hehe. So, we think he deserves to be recognised as the, like, totally pwnful brother that he is." Arondight stepped in front of his brother.

"And we also believe that while Jams can be the most annoying thing in all of Neopia, he is also one of the best things to happen to it, as well. Thank you, and goodnight."

The two brothers walk off stage together, discussing secret things in a hushed whisper as the stage becomes dark.

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