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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: ikkibikki
Owner: oloklijihuhy
Breed: Acara

About ikkibikki:
Umm... hi! Hmm, I don’t really know what to say. Maybe I should start at the beginning. My name is ikkibikki and I am a Purple Acara. Some may say that I am shy, but just ask my sisters! I have a wonderful family and I love my sisters Henwhen and Hissianthia very much, as well as my petpet named Shawna. I enjoy swimming in the Rock Pool in Mystery Island and in Maraqua. Drinking a cup of hot juppie java on a cold winter day makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Also, I enjoy dressing myself up in the latest fashions, as well as read for hours on end. I’m very proud of my silver Beauty Contest Trophies; I treasure them very jealously. Most Neopians say that I am a sweet and innocent pet, but you haven’t seen me in the Battledome! I am a member of the Defenders of Neopia, so watch out!

Enough about me. I’ll tell you more about my sisters; believe me, they are crazy! Hissianthia, as you may have guessed, is a Speckled Hissi. Henwhen and I just like to call her Hissian because she refuses to be known as Hissi, a “common unoriginal and boring name” she says (she likes being “sophisticated”; bleurgh). Hissian is obsessed with fashion; a million times more than me! She always criticizes the way I dress. One morning, I was wearing sweat pants with a white T-shirt and she flew out of the room, screaming, “FASHION ALERT! FASHION ALERT!” I was partially deaf for the whole day. She also can’t stop ranting about flying. I think she just does that to annoy me; mocking me for hours and hours about how great the sky is. But I do have to credit her for her awesome skillz. She does tricks that I never thought were possible. Once, she did cartwheels in the air followed by five loop-de-loops and then a gut wrenching dive of over 80 feet! Recently, Hissian got painted and now says that she looks like a lime with a tail. (True, but don’t tell her I said that.) Mimi (our owner) went berserk after saving her neopoints for too long so she bought the paint brush as a surprise (more like a sour surprise for Hissian; *cough* sorry, couldn’t resist).

Henwhen is a White Cybunny and our entire family calls her Hen. She and I play pranks on Hissian all the time, but she says that I have to stop with the lame jokes. (I’m against it, but that’s what they all say.) Everyone who sees her practically says that she is soo cute and cuddly. Hen walks away with a stiff face. (She would have used a large stick if she could find one.) She also has the most creative mind. One time, using the extra wood from our neohome, she made three light frames, like those of a kite. Next, she draped Hissian’s favorite clothes over the frames and attached some sturdy strings to the “kites”. To our luck, the day was very windy (score!). Since the clothes were attached loosely and the frames were light, the kites started soaring in no time. The result was hilarious. Hissian, who had been out flying for the last hour, literally dropped out of the sky when she saw her clothes being treated like that (don’t blame me, she was okay). After that day, Hen and I woke up to find the fur on our faces painted a horrible greenish yellow that reminded me of puke. We couldn’t wash it out for two weeks! But we got her back. *smirk*

I also love my petpet, a Purple Babaa named Shawna, very dearly. I’ve had her for little more than a year, but it feels like I’ve had her forever. She has those huge blue eyes and little orange spots on her wool that are just adorable. But the strange thing is that she seems to understand me. If I’m in a rotten mood, she is always there, a look of concern in her eyes. I’m followed by her almost everywhere I go. She never turns me down; Shawna is like my little fluff of light. Maybe all petpets are like that, but Shawna is still very special.

I may be just an average neopet that you might see wandering through Neopia, but I have the greatest family ever. I will never give that up for anything at all.

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