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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Lucie730
Owner: silvergullmon77
Breed: Grarrl

About Lucie730:
The elderly Nimmo professor walked into his crowded lecture hall for his weekly seminar. He was Neopia renowned for searching and following tips and leads to find mysterious creatures – from the Krawk Island monster, the Chasm Beast, to the Terror Mountain Snow Beast... he had searched for (and found!) evidence for them all. The good professor (his name was Wallace Winchester) had discovered that some of these “beasts” managed to be quite false; others, very much so real.

Now, before we continue, Wallace names these monsters “Lucie”, after his travelling companion and petpet, Lucie the Meepit. The very first Lucie discovered all those years ago, was in fact his meepit – a less than auspicious beginning, but following Lucies were much more exciting, such as the aforementioned Krawk Island Monster. Recently, however, Wallace and his Lucie had been suffering a “Lucie” dry spell. The seven hundredth and twentieth Lucie turned out to be a false alarm; just a small Poogle hiding in the bushes in the Lost Desert. The next nine had not been any more interesting. However, today, Professor Wallace Winchester had come to report on the seven hundred and thirtieth Lucie. This is how he began:

“This is a beast of unimaginable proportions; it was long rumoured that there was a monster that lurked underneath the sea, sinking ships as it felt like. Of course, you’ve all heard of another similar Lucie I’ve discovered – the giant mutated Quadrapus – which also sinks ships. But I digress...”

As the students hung on his every word and began to scribble illegibly, Winchester proudly looked on. He loved to reminisce about his previous life as a student. But he loved to talk and brag about his discoveries so much more. He continued:

“But this Lucie is different! I don’t know how it eluded my tip line for all these years. I’ve discovered it’s much like a Maraquan Grarrl, but in a way, not like one at all. This is so because of a few reasons: one tooth is the size of a basketball, it only shows up when there is a storm and it rarely leaves any survivors in its wake. For centuries, sailors have been reporting sightings of it, but there was never any evidence of its existence.” Professor Winchester paused dramatically. The sound of mad scribbling continued on. “However, now there is.” Allowing a break for an audible gasp, he continued to speak in a hushed whisper. “I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. A filming crew I sent out a week ago during an unseasonably rough storm never returned. However, I did manage to find remains of their damaged ship. The wooden hull had evidence of extremely large bite marks, and the video they had washed on shore. The video is what I am going to show you now.”

The lights were immediately flickered off, and the video began. It was a stormy grey day, with thunder booming in the background. Rough waves attacked the sides of the ship, and while some sailors were shouting, gale force winds were bombarding the microphone. A voice shouted, “There it is!” and the camera shifted views to the direction of the voice. A gigantic mouth – the size of a bus! – came out of the rough sea; its teeth sharpened... it was almost too frightening to look at! The same voice screamed, “No...! Don’t come any closer...!”, but immediately after, the video came to an abrupt end, but the last image was clear: the monster’s bright, red eyes.
Professor Wallace Winchester looked positively ill after the lights turned back on.

“This is just one attack perpetrated by this creature. There is no doubt that there were countless more.

“So what do I call this creature? It has no name – just the seven hundred and thirtieth Lucie. But some sailors just call her the beast beneath.”


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