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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Auretiana
Owner: ayvayshun
Breed: Draik

About Auretiana:
I've never been one to fit in with the crowd.

During my early days of Neoschool, I often found myself sitting alone in some secluded area of the playground with no choice but to closely observe all of the other Neopets from afar as they conversed and ran about, acting and treating each other as though they could never be capable of making someone feel left out or hurt by their actions. Their routines were playful and carefree, doused in companionship and imagination as they pranced about in some imaginary land that only their eyes could see.

I had always wondered what it would be like to experience something like that, but to experience an escape from my lonely reality was nothing but an idle daydream to me. Being relatively shy and ill-confident in myself didn't add to the fact that nobody wanted anything to do with me because I was different.

"Careful, if you get too close to her she might bore you to death with all her stories of how much her amazing owner spoils her," a red Acara whispered as she and a green Blumaroo passed me in the hall one day as I was making my way to the library.

I never really understood the stigma attached to the Draik species, but I could only assume that it was because a great deal of neopoints were usually involved in the act of owning one. Not only was I a Draik, but I was painted as well, which just added to the whole incredible mess of things. Because of this, most people seemed to automatically (and falsely) assume that I was a rich Neopian of the bragging type and therefore shouldn't be associated with. This saddened me deeply because really, I was just a normal kid like everybody else. There really wasn't anything special about me as a Draik OR an average school-going Neopet, but perhaps that just made my problems even worse.

Despite my hardships, however, I still managed to find things to do. When I wasn't sitting alone on the playground or working in class, I was often found in the section of the library with all of the picture books or sitting at a table observing a children's novel. Abstract art and color always fascinated me to no end, probably because I always liked to imagine myself being caught in the middle of the violent swirls of color with nobody to tell me who I was supposed to be or why I wasn't able to fit in with their crowd.

Day after day I noticed my interest in the library increasing, with each day becoming slightly more appealing to me than the last. The days eventually turned into weeks and there came a point where I gradually began to forget about trying to make friends at school and found more solace in my artistic nature than anything else. I discovered things about myself that I never previously knew and it absolutely fascinated me. Every day after coming home from school I would grab a snack from the kitchen before running upstairs and dragging out my easels and paintbrushes. They were the only outlets I had at the time, but I didn't care. My creative juices were flowing and all I cared about was finding somewhere to spill them all out and create a little thing on a canvas that most people like to call 'art'.

Soon enough, art and color and creating things replaced my idle daydreams and became my emotional shelter. I had finally reached a point where traces of whispers and insults disappeared from my head, and eventually the whispers themselves faded completely as I began to gain respect and acknowledgment from a select number of my peers - not because I necessarily measured up to anyone's standards, but because people started noticing a new confidence in me that resulted in a sudden absence of fear and the ability to just be myself. Perhaps that's what they had all been searching for underneath the facades. Maybe I possessed what they had been yearning for this whole time, and I just never really realized it.

I've never been one to fit in with the crowd.

But in all honesty, I think I like it better that way.

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