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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Mantophasmatodeus
Owner: lasthorizon37
Breed: Ruki

About Mantophasmatodeus:
Hi, I'm Mantophasmatodeus. Pretty long name, isn't it? I bet you can't repeat it. You can call me Manto; everyone does.

I'm a Ruki. Many people don't like us, maybe because we remind them of bugs or something. I think it is really unfair. All Rukis I know are really nice.
I was born on a chilly spring day in Brightvale as a green Ruki. It was nice there. I lived there with my parents and Shiriki, my little spotted Gruslen I got just after I was born.

But ever since I first saw the picture of a beautiful, small island, I fell in love with it.
I loved the idea of living on an island, surrounded by the deep, blue, clear sea. Not those boring, massive, big old trees one can find in Brightvale, but thin palm trees, swaying gracefully back and forth in the wind. No squishy, dark and heavy earth, but bright and soft sand under your feet. No odd cheese and potatoes, but tasty and colourful fruits.

I started drawing islands in my colouring book, I built islands in my bathtub and I even made a hammock out of my bedsheet. Of course my parents noticed it, but they were nice parents and had no objections.

From then on I got island related things for my birthday. Plushies and flowers, codestones and bamboo furniture. I grew older but my fascination for islands did not cease.

So one day my parents gave me a Mystery Island Paint Brush for my birthday. I was so excited! I couldn't believe it. This was my second biggest dream - right after living on an island itself.

But I guess I was too nervous. When I took the paint brush and started painting myself, I was trembling so much with excitement that I spilled a bit of the colour. As I had started with my feet, working my way up to my head, there was no paint left when I reached my antennae! I realized it when I looked into the mirror. I had become a marvellous Island Ruki, but my antennae were still green.
At first I was a bit upset, but as the paint brush was too expensive to get another one I decided to get along with it. By now I think it is pretty nice to have something that sets me apart from all other Island Rukis.

Back then some of the other children laughed at me because of the pink flower at my antennae. I never thought it looked ridiculous, but I became tired of their jokes and replaced the flower with a fluttering blue ribbon. I still keep the flower in a jewel case, though.

After I was painted island, life couldn't get much better. A few unspectacular years followed until I finally acquired adulthood. I had been thinking for a long time, I wanted to live on a real island, but I was not sure whether I could really leave my parents and my home.
So at the eve of my birthday I sat with them in front of the fireplace, drinking a cup of hot borovan, and told them about my dream.

They understood. In fact, they had suspected it for a long time already. When the next day came, I packed my bags and said goodbye.

A few years have passed since then. Now I live on a small island, right next to the beach. I have a small bamboo hut, bamboo furniture and a garden full of tropical flowers and vegetables. I can swim in the sea every day, as the weather is almost always sunny and warm. I made a few friends and every once in a while we explore the island and search for treasures, though we will most likely never ever find one.

I even own a pretty sailboat which I use to visit other nearby islands.

It is everything I have ever dreamed of! Even Shiriki, my Gruslen, likes it here now, though he was rather miserable at first. My dream has really become true.

So if one day you will be near Mystery Island, you might stop by and I will invite you to tea or lunch if you like. And if you have a dream, just keep believing; it might become true one day.

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