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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: lil_gigi_toffee
Owner: lil_sugar_mint
Breed: Xweetok

About lil_gigi_toffee:
Goo goo ga ga. I’m joking, I’m joking. Ok, here goes the real thing. Hi there, I’m Gigi and I live in Faeriela- Say... It’s awfully dark in here. Somebody care to turn on the lights? What do you mean you can’t find me? Am I really that small? I’m right here! No... Aim that spotlight a tad bit to the right... a bit more... there we go. Whoa, that's bright.

You want me to talk about myself? All right then, I’ll start from the very beginning. I’ve always been quite spoiled since I’ve always been the baby of the family (literally), and my mom usually gives me whatever I want. But I can say that I love my mom and my three siblings dearly, and even though I can be a nuisance sometimes, I can be quite a good girl. I don’t beg for things too often and I don’t throw tantrums too often either. Fine, maybe just once in a while, like when I saw those puffy wearable clouds and that cute purple plushie, and that nice picture filled book, and that baby paint brush...

To tell the truth, I never really thought too much of being painted baby. I just thought the paintbrush itself was pretty looking, with its turquoise satin ribbon and all. Did I mention that I absolutely adore painting? It’s one of my many hobbies. I was curious and wondered what would happen if I painted with one of them, so I saved up the neopoints I made from my part time job at the Faerieland Employment Agency for a long time and finally bought one. It didn’t have any effect on paper at all so I went to my mom for help. Before I knew it, we were at the Rainbow Pool, my mom painting all over me with the paintbrush. It was the queerest feeling ever. I was shrinking... I felt as if I was being squeezed... I couldn’t breathe... everything around me looked ten times bigger... Next thing I knew, I was staring at my completely new reflection from the water of the pool, my favorite artist smock that did not fit me anymore in a big heap beside me.

It took a while for my family to get used to my new look and for me to get accustomed to everything being gigantic, but now, I rather like it. Not only am I cute (if I do say so myself), I can also ride around on Puffles, my dear snowbunny and sneak up on my sisters without them noticing. Sure, there are downsides of being baby. I almost drowned in Sophie Bubble’s personal swimming pool once and I can’t even reach the cookie jar without a long perilous climb, but apart from that, everything is just about the same as it had been before. Mom built me my own playroom filled with slides and toys the perfect size for me. Yes, I’m really fond of playing with my toys like all other babies, but there’s one more thing that I love even more. Reading. Yeah, yeah. I’m so used to the usual “Holy Kau! Look at her! That baby is reading Time for Xweetok Talk and she's not even holding the book upside down!” So here’s another thing you might want to know about me: I’m a genius!

Nowadays, when people first meet me, I can tell that they no longer think of me as an artist, or anyone to take seriously. I know they’re either thinking, “Great. Another baby xweetok. Another noise machine. Another poor baby sitter who has to take care of her.” Or they just come up, pinch my face and say what an adorable little chubby wubby baby I am.

I guess it all goes to show you that you should never judge a book by its cover until you’ve actually read it. Or a baby xweetok by her appearance until you’ve actually talked to her for at least fifteen minutes under that bright spotlight.

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