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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Luxor_Blackbane
Owner: saro_the_legendaerie
Breed: Peophin

About Luxor_Blackbane:
Snow was falling softly on the Darigan Citadel as Luxor stretched, yawned and opened sleepy green eyes. The first thing that caught his attention was his Ukali, Farfael, perched on the windowsill like an ivory statue, one paw pressed gently against the cold glass.

"Morning," the Skunk Peophin drawled, reaching up to rub his colorblind petpet behind the wings, where the Ukali liked it the most. "You wanna go play in the snow after lunch?"

The Ukali nodded slowly, not turning away from the window, green gaze still fixed on the faint, light white powder that was blurring the sharp edges of the surrounding houses on the floating city. Luxor started to smile, then sank back onto the bed with a growl.

"Oh, by Jhudora's fire. I forgot to get that Spotlight thing done last night."

Luxor hauled his long, black and white body out of the low bed, dragging his quickly across the clean floor over to a low desk that had a stack of crumpled papers and a sleek black guitar strewn across it. The Peophin moved his precious instrument out of the way and rooted through the pile of old, half written songs and shopping lists until a blank sheet was found.

Luxor's Spotlight Application

Here, the peophin paused again, scowling as he searched for something to say.

My name is Luxor, I'm a Skunk Peophin and an amateur musician. I like... just about anything to do with music, although as the official unofficial caretaker of the house, I spend more time helping to cook and clean than I do on my hobbies.

There was a small stampede outside his bedroom door, and he could hear a female's Xweetok's brash voice hollering something about snow along with a scooting sound and the smell of smoke.

"Tera, remember to take off your Flaming Mittens if you want to build a Snowpet, and let Solin get the door!"

"I ain't lettin' that icy long eared stuck up canine fangirl-" There was a muffled yelp and the buzz of a Gelert Wand, and Luxor winced at the sound of something shattering.

"Fyora help me," he muttered to the sky before raising his voice with, "Save the violence for when you get outside! Holly, don't forget to get a coat and that the Healing Potions are in the bottom cabinet in the bathroom."

His bedroom door creaked open, and a young Christmas Peophin poked her head in, a battered Ditzy perched- somehow- on her sleek, evergreen back.

"Luxor, aren't you coming?"

The Skunk pet shook his head, sad to disappoint his little sister. "I'll meet you out there in a minute or two. Hey, take Farfael with you, will you?" The Ukali floated off the windowsill at Luxor's voice, and followed the female Peophin outside in typical silence.

It's not something I mind, though. You might call it a labor of love- and it's certainly a labor. But there's nothing like the holiday season to remind you how important family is-

The window to Luxor's room shattered suddenly, as a hard packed snowball that sparkled ominously of a Gelert Wand's forces exploded on the far wall. The Peophin sighed, taking a moment to calculate how many Neopoints to deduct from Solin's allowance for the damage.

Even the destructive ones.

"I'm sorry, Luxor," came a smooth, cold female voice, "but it's Tera's fault for ducking."

"You shut your doggy mouth!" The sounds of violence, no longer muffled by the glass, reminded Luxor that the Healing Springs would soon be able to heal his sisters again, and just in time.

Sometimes, I almost regret that I came to meet my adopted sisters. There are days that we fight, like any normal family, but there are also days that we can all get along. Not as often as I like, but they do happen. Things get even more chaotic, though, when the other Houses come to visit. A friend of mine once told me, it's no wonder my mane is white, what with all the stress I'm under, and there's probably some- Luxor paused, and scribbled the last word out, a lot of truth to that, but not all stress is bad stress.

Luxor glanced from the clock to his paper so far, and winced. When I'm not taking care of my family, like I mentioned before, I'm often playing my guitar. It can be hard to do, what with having hooves and all, but I like the challenge. One day, I'd love to have my own band, and maybe even play in Tyrannia! It's rather hot and dry there, but as far as I know there's not a concert hall in, say, Maraqua, so I'll take what I can get.


He started to fold up the entry and shove it in the envelope, then paused to scribble at the end, By the way, I'm sorry if I'm not very remarkable. I think I'm pretty normal, but perhaps that's remarkable enough in this family.

Thus finished, the Peophin whistled for his Ukali, who swooped neatly in the broken window as something exploded outside. Luxor made a face as he headed for the door. "Let's go, Farfael. We've got a letter to mail and more Potions to buy."

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