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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Cenlyr
Owner: archrona
Breed: Gelert

About Cenlyr:
Detective Inspector Cenlyr, of the Defenders of Neopia, gets interviewed for pet spotlight... Or does he?
A figure walked through the shadows of the catacombs. His claws made faint clicking noises as he walked across the stone. Entering the coffee shop, he hung his hat and grey coat on a chair, revealing him to be a faerie gelert. He took a copy of the Neopian Times from under his arm and placed it on a table.

"Julita! It's good to see you," he said to the yellow shoyru who bustled over. "Can I get two Snowberry Teas and a couple of cakes, please?"
"Sure thing, Cenlyr. It's good to see you too. What's the special occasion?"
"Well," said Cenlyr, "after I managed to solve the case of the maractite battle duck theft - you know, that wockythief Mipsel the Bold who climbed up the outside of the Hidden Tower? - well, now Mr Sprigg from the pet spotlight committee wants to interview me!"
"That's great! Congratulations, I hope you get picked," said Julita excitedly, but Cenlyr the gelert still looked worried.
"Well, thanks. I don't really want to be on it, so tiresome, you know, but it's good publicity for the Defenders of Neopia. The problem is, he'll probably ask about what I've been doing recently, but I can't really tell him, because Mipsel's still on the run and I don't want her getting wind of the chase."
"Don't worry," said the shoyru as she wrote down Cenlyr's order, "I'm sure you'll think of something!"

When Mr Sprigg arrived, he appeared to recognise Cenlyr right away and made a beeline for the table. Cenlyr stood up to shake the paw of the short, athletic looking mynci, who sported a fashionable shirt, sunglasses, and a well trimmed black beard.
"Mr Sprigg, I presume?"
"Yes, yes, definitely. Cenlyr? Nice to meet you, very nice," he said, in an extremely gruff voice.
"You too. Please have a seat - I've ordered some teacakes and things; in fact, here comes Julita with them right now."
"Oh, good. Well," said Mr Sprigg, as Julita set down the snowberry tea, lime cheesecake, and purplum pie, "let's get to business. So, you recently solved the case of the missing maractite duck, am I right?"
"That's right, I did. Mipsel is a very clever thief," Cenlyr explained, as Mr Sprigg looked happily interested, "but she left one fatal clue- a footprint with the sole pattern of those sneakers she always likes to wear. From there I managed to track her house down from the records at Uni's Fashion, and recovered the battleduck, but unfortunately she escaped at the last moment."
"Gosh, how exciting!" said Mr Sprigg, with a twitch of his beard. "So you're still tracking her down then?"
"Uh- oh, no, we've dropped that now. We have the duck back after all, and um, something very interesting has turned up in Tyrannia involving the giant omelette which needs more immediate investigation."
"Oh, really? Is that so?"
"Yeah, that's right. We think people have been... hiding stolen goods in the egg shells."
"So you're definitely not looking for Mipsel then?" asked Mr Sprigg in an extra gruff voice.
"Nope," said Cenlyr, reaching forward and yanking off Mr Sprigg's false beard. "I've found her already!"
"Galloping gallions," swore the mynci, in a much higher voice. She cast aside her sunglasses and leapt to her feet. She jumped forward in a run, but Cenlyr, jumping up from his chair, managed to throw his coat around her legs, tangling her up.
"Under my authority as Detective Inspector for the Defenders of Neopia, you're officially under arrest, Mipsel," said Cenlyr as he tied her paws together. "Anything you say may be held against you."
"That was exciting," said Julita as she brought some more tea over. Two young quiggles from the Defenders guided Mipsel out of the shop. "Were you expecting that?"
"Nope," said the faerie gelert, "although they don't call her Mipsel the Bold for nothing!" He sighed. Julita suddenly started giggling.
"You really did want to be on the pet spotlight, didn't you?"
"No!" said Cenlyr unconvincingly, and Julita burst out laughing.

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