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Pet Spotlight

Submit your pet to the Pet Spotlight!

- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: oo0_SuperPea_0oo
Owner: purplepassiony2k
Breed: Chia

About oo0_SuperPea_0oo:
Ever pass by a wearables shop front window and get all excited because there are new releases and you find yourself forgetting whatever you were suppose to be doing and instead you are running in and trying everything on? Do you enjoy filling your closet with all the clothes, trinkets and every imaginable accessory known to Neopia? OF COURSE YOU DO! It's spelled S-P-O-I-L-E-D. *rolls eyes*

Today, like most days, I'm sitting here pushing my green nose against the glass in the shop window admiring all the items I am unable to wear – and it gets me dreaming every time. My dream is usually about me wearing a cape and flying through endless skies. I know what you are thinking, Pea + Cape = Superhero. Well, I did wear one once, for like a split second. My owner, Chelle, was holding her breath and handed me this shiny red cape and told me to equip it. I was like "S-w-e-e-e-t!" and thought this was the best day EVER! Then everything happened so fast -- there was this pop-up thingy and my owner started screaming in delight. Then she started talking real fast, about how she needed a picture or something called a "screenie." SO, I'm doing my best poses and thinking how cute I must look and how I wish she would hurry up so I could test out the flying capabilities... when, out of nowhere, she yanked it off of me and sent it back on its way. I stood there in bewilderment with no idea what had just happened. Had I been wrinkling it? Did the cape make me look fat?

I've never been the same again. My owner's pain is apparent as she looks at me with a hopeful face. She knows that no matter how hard I wish for another cape, such as the Defenders of Neopia Cape, my wish will not be granted. She has since spoiled me rotten and explained in detail why I couldn't keep it and has agreed to help me run for spotlight, so maybe an artist out there will feel bad and grant us "noncustomization" (neglected) Neopets at least one special article of clothing. Hey, it can happen! Those lucky baby Neopets now have the opportunity to look unique! Then ALL of you normal Neopets would be jealous of us for a change! *shifty eyes*

Fine, I can see I'm losing your attention. I do have other hobbies besides whining. And, oh yeah, a name... my name is oo0_SuperPea_0oo and we've already figured out by now that I am a very adorable, shiny, green vegetable pea. I was born on February 9, 2005 after visiting with that very nice lady, the Fountain Faerie. My whole reason for being born was for the avatar I spoke about earlier, but I'm over it. Sort of. I'm whining again, huh? *clears throat*

I do also have a part time job at the Faerieland Employment Agency, as I can't be a slacker all the time and play outside with my friends. I work with Oooey_Gooey, my very gender confused sibling! S/he is the *whispers* family pet Lab Rat, and hates to be called that, so hopefully I haven't been heard. We have totally separate personalities, too. I love the healthy fruits and veggies while Oooey is only happy if an item is dripping everywhere or sticky in some way. Oh well, right? We can't ALL be perfect like me! LOL. Some of the things I like to buy are Asparagus String Lights and Crates of Fruit. What could be better? *giggles* I really don't care for Radioactive Toxic Shrooms, Glowing Mushrooms, and those different colored toadstools, because they are not vegetables, they are fungi. Now that's just gross!! My favorite toys are the Wind Up Asparagus Chia and Bouncy Orange Ball. My favorite book is The Pea From Outer Space and I sleep with my Pea Chia Plushie everyday! Opps , my bad, I shouldn't have admitted to that one. *blushes* I think I'm done now; I've embarrassed myself enough today...

I hope you enjoyed reading about me and I would love to be your new Neofriend!!! Thanks for picking me for spotlight. *high fives TNT*

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