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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Friendy264
Owner: hazellauretta
Breed: Chia

About Friendy264:
Upon entering the Neohome, you are hit with a blast of chilly air, matching the frozen winter temperatures of Terror Mountain itself. “Maybe it's even colder?” you think to yourself apprehensively. The quickly fading winter afternoon light casts a dim glow through the entrance. Glancing about the living room, you look to see your host. She gestures for you to follow her, and then disappears up the stairs. Shivering slightly, you go after her, entering a large bedroom.
“I’m so glad you could come today.” She glances quickly at you, pulling up a velvet armchair. “Please, sit.” You see her pretty coal coloured eyes sparkle gently.
“I heard you came to learn more about me, is that right?”
The cold is causing your whole body to become numb, so you are surprised to even feel yourself nodding a yes to her. She lifts her large, black top hat from her head, and delicately places it on the hat rack. The large reddish-pink ribbon adorning the hat sways faintly with the motion. As she brushes away her hair, you realize that they are branches, with their wood like texture and rich russet colour. Her nose is a carrot. You take her appearance in slowly as she introduces herself as Friendy264.
“But you can call me by my nickname, Frenzie.”
“I suppose you want to hear a little story about myself.” She sits on the bed beside you. Studying your face, Frenzie catches sight of your approval, and takes a breath to begin.
“Where should I start, oh, I know.”

I was a fiery Red Chia when I was born. As you can see now, I am made of snow. I’ll tell you of a tale about how I got to be this colour.
I was the oldest of my siblings, yet they have all been painted before me. Well, this was before my youngest brother was born. My beloved owner thought that me not being painted like the others wasn’t very fair.
She asked me, what colour do you want to be?
I remember telling her I liked being red, but I did feel a little unhappy about it. One day, she came home with a couple of paintbrushes to choose from. I love wintertime, and in an instant, I thanked my owner and picked up the cute Snow Paint Brush, which was entwined with a red ribbon.
Hmmm, I recall it was a hot summer day that we took the time to travel to the Rainbow Pool. The temperature was quite scorching…

The Snow Chia looks up at you. You can see the realization in her dark eyes as you pull your sweater closer to yourself. “Oh! I’m so sorry. I’ll go turn up the heat a little bit. It really doesn’t have to be this cold; it is just that I prefer it. I hope you forgive me. The temperature totally slipped my mind!” You notice that her cold white cheeks may have flushed a bit, but it might have been impossible.
A minute later she returns into the room, and takes her seat beside the armchair again. The room feels as if it is less icy.

Many pets were getting painted that fine day. The humid breeze blew uncomfortably at my hair, as I waited in the line for my turn in the Rainbow Pool. A variety of happy pets left the Pool; some were crying because they weren’t changed into the colour they wanted. I smiled sympathetically as I watched them all leave.
Finally, it was my turn. Slowly, I stepped into the cool waters of the Rainbow Pool. My owner handed me the paintbrush and said, “Frenzie, you’re old enough to paint yourself now, unlike some of the young pets here.” I nodded, sulkily thinking, “I wish you painted me when I was little. I must be one of the oldest pets here.” I didn’t hold it against her, as she looked on proudly when I ran the freezing brush against my red body. The cold bristles tickled me, like snowflakes landing on my skin. My hair began to felt hardened, quite similar to the sensation of icicles. My soft Chia feet were painted into coals; shiny coal buttons appeared on my torso, and my eyes contained the last of my fiery red colour, seemingly encased in coal, burning with life. Lastly, a bright orange carrot appeared on my face. When I lifted the brush off my body, it disappeared. The ribbons of the Snow Paint Brush coiled about my body and magically transformed into a top hat, in a formal black, with the ribbon tied in a luscious bow on the hat.

You see the pure white Chia beam blissfully at the recollection. Her joyfulness makes you a bit more cheerful.

It was just wonderful! I was amazed at how the magical Paint Brush worked, since I have never been painted before. Even though outwardly I was frozen, inside, I felt warm and thankful. But there was one thing that my owner and I didn’t remember. There was a blazing heat about and, well, we quickly started home. It was on that day that we learned that it was important for me to stay cold and to freeze myself. That was because when we were returning to our Neohome, I was melting away in some parts. It’s a funny thought now, but at that time it was quite strange and frightening. Of course my owner moved our family to live in the Terror Mountain area, since it was more convenient for me. That’s where you found me today.
My cherished siblings had to adapt to this colder change, especially my brother, who is a Desert Lupe. He likes it hot, just like in the Lost Desert. Sometimes it is difficult to accommodate us both, but we try our best to live in the same Neohome. The furniture in my room had to be changed to be more waterproof, as with the other parts of the house. Since being painted Snow, my family and friends have been so very supportive of me. I am so grateful for their patience.

As Frenzie wraps up her story, she thanks you for listening to her tale. You know you feel touched and warmed by her anecdote, despite the frosty temperature in the room. As she leads you down the stairs, back into the living room, you feel that you have learned to be more resilient for the ones you love and care for, just like what the Snow Chia’s family and friends have done for her. She wishes you well on your journey back to your home, and reminds you to beware the below freezing temperatures of Terror Mountain. As you leave the estate, you glance through the window to see Frenzie turn the temperature back down again.

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