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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Ottensu
Owner: ezilla
Breed: Buzz

About Ottensu:
“Me...? Oh no, I can’t ... WHAT? We’ve already begun this spotlight thing? Oh, I’m so not prepared. Ah, well.”

Fluttering his buzz wings, Ottensu looks anxiously from one side to the next. The shy little fellow is completely unprepared. Moving slowly to face you, Ottensu squeaks a little from shyness. “H-hi. My name is Ottensu. I’m a purple buzz, as you can see, heh. Uhm, I’m sorry, but I’m really not prepared for this. I’m supposed to talk about myself, right?” Ottensu questions, looking off to the right for a moment. “Okay, well, in that case, I guess I should start from the very beginning... Everything started off lovely. I had a home with a wonderful owner. She owned almost all buzz! I think she had a ruki and a couple hissis, though... Anyway, at the time I was a merry little brown buzz. My time was spent relaxing just outside of Neopia Central.

Then everything changed. My old owner decided that not enough was happening for me. Sitting about was nice and all, but perhaps I could go out and do something more. Collecting myself, we spent all afternoon looking for a new home for me. Finally in the evening, I caught the eye of one of my owner’s friends. She seemed nice enough and late that night I moved in with Ezilla. I was struggling to keep my eyes open, but Ezilla wouldn’t let me rest. She said something about me didn’t quite fit in. I looked at my new brother and sister. Both were sinister looking Darigan pets. That was the first time I really felt alone and homesick...”

“Will you stop staring at us? Mom, why did you have to adopt such a wimpy pet?” Drethe snarled. He was my brother and he was also absolutely rude.

“Drethe, be nice; he’s your new little brother. Anyway, he’ll look better once we paint him something else,” Ezilla said. She was an artist of sorts, and after about five minutes she finally spoke again. “Well, we could just paint you Darigan, Ottensu...”

“Darigan! You can’t paint me that! I don’t want to look mean...” It was true; I really didn’t want to be painted Darigan. I’d rather have stayed brown.

“Mom, you better not. He’ll probably give himself nightmares,” Akashasa chuckled. She’s my older sister, and the oldest sibling in the family.

“Oh fine, well, he still has to match somehow,” Ezilla noted. Flipping through pictures of different buzz styles, she finally stopped at one again. “How about this one, Ottensu?”

Peering over her shoulder, I glanced at the image. It was a picture of a lovely purple buzz, and I thought I’d look quite handsome. Drethe and Akashasa tried to look uninterested because I guess if they took interest they’d be less cool. Well, that’s what they thought anyway. Deep down I think both of them were pretty curious, though. They both kept hinting at my new color.

“Oh, that’s perfect! I can’t wait to be painted.” I couldn’t help but smile. I felt so impatient, but I didn’t want to bug my new owner for the present. It was already late, but she said we can always offer on a paint brush and check back in the morning. Luckily for us, she had just enough points and offered on a brand new paint brush. Moments later, our offer was accepted. Neither of us expected it to come so quickly, but we were too excited to feel tired. Rushing off to the Rainbow Pool, I was painted moments later. When we returned home, Akashasa and Drethe were awaiting our arrival. We decided to keep the color a secret from them, so stepping in the room Ezilla made sure to make my entrance suspenseful.

“Tadaa! What do you guys think? He’s not scary, but now you’re all purple! It’s such a dashing color...” Ezilla began to trail off.

“He looks even MORE wimpy now, Mom,” moaned Drethe. I think no matter what color I was painted they would have complained.

“Oh hush, he looks amazing. It’s Thursday night, right? Oh goodie, I still have some time left then,” Ezilla said to herself as she pulled out some paper.

“Uhm, guys, what’s there still time for, I’m confused...?” I asked. I was a little scared to know what devious plan Ezilla might have in store for me, but Akashasa and Drethe reassured me.

“Bah, it’s nothing. She’ll probably just enter you in the Beauty Contest, pretty boy.” Akashasa yawned. “Well, I’m off to bed. Hey Drethe, I’ll give you the pleasure of showing Ottensu to his room.” Akashasa rolled her eyes as she disappeared into the hallway.

“Fiiiine,” Drethe moaned. “Come on, you can stay in one of the guest rooms for now.” Bidding Ezilla and my siblings good night, I too headed to bed. It was very late, almost early morning by the time we were all tucked in. Ezilla stayed up, though, and the next morning she had a surprise for me.

Entering the kitchen, she was a little tardy for breakfast, but she returned with the fruit of her efforts, a simple but nice entry for the Beauty Contest. She talked about how handsome I’d be, but suddenly her tone became very serious, as if we were discussing secret battle plans and missions.

“We must start advertising your preview now, so people know we’re entered. Then we’ll make one advertising board once the contest starts. We won’t spend too much time there because we have to be sure to get your entry out and known more...” I soon learned that Ezilla rambled quite a bit. At least she knew what she was doing, I think.

I must say, until I entered the Beauty Contest, I never though a pageant could be so much work. All week we were rushing around, scrounging for votes anywhere we could find them. I think Ezilla was working extra hard, since I was her brand new pet and she wanted to prove to be a good owner for me. Finally, when Friday arrived, I was about ready to collapse. Advertising can be rather draining, but Ezilla and I both anxiously awaited the results. Finally, at 4:1500 NST sharp, I was awarded my prize.

When we received it, we both were so shocked and relieved. We had managed gold in species. True, we didn’t place overall, but walking home with my shiny new trophy, I felt so proud.

Ottensu shifts a little, “Well, that’s my story as of now. I’m excited to see what new adventures Ezilla has in store for me next! Thanks for reading.”

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