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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Ping_Imake
Owner: teddybearofdeath
Breed: Aisha

About Ping_Imake:
It was probably strange, considering its history, but she *so dearly* loved that place.

On second thought, it really wasn’t so strange. They were a lot alike, Ping and the small town of Neovia. She and the town both had pasts dark as a shadow at midnight. Pasts they both wanted to put as far behind them as they possibly could; pasts worth forgetting... However, they both found the light. Both recovered from the darkness and found the salvation of candles, lit to drive away those shadows at midnight. Both were able to move on and enjoy the future, free of darkness. Perhaps that was why they fit together so well.

Ping could remember vividly her first visit to the town. True, it wasn’t long ago, but it was still as vivid in her mind as if it were happening the moment she cared to recall it. She remembered walking with her two older brothers through the eerie Haunted Woods. Past the Brain Tree, past the strange camp of gypsies, past many gnarled and disfigured trees of the twisted forest... It seemed to be a hopeless spiral of darkness which soured her mood and made every breath heave out of her. Then, light. Soft at first, but growing with each step they took. Sure enough, both Ping and the rambunctious boys were silent as their eyes adjusted to the shaded, but peaceful hamlet they had finally reached deep in the bowels of that accursed forest.

They walked on in quiet awe, taking in the contrasting majesty of such a warm, slightly bustling town nestled in such a dark and inhospitable overworld as the Woods around them. It wasn’t long before each of the young neopets was lulled into their own direction of fancy in town and separated. Ping was led by her nose to the town’s little bakery. She had followed a smell she found incredibly enjoyable and enticing. The soft smell of lemon mixed generously with warm sugar wafted to her nose and filled her senses.

She entered “The Crumpetmonger” to soon discover the enchanting smell belonged to lemon tarts fresh from the oven. She also found the lady Meerca who ran the delightful bakery to be as warm and inviting as the smells produced by her shop. Skip ahead several more visits and extended conversations with the baker, and Ping took a job learning to bake wonderful pastries at that very shop. The pay wasn’t rich, but the Meerca woman was very generous. At the end of the day, she allowed Ping to take as much of the leftover baked goods home as she could carry. Ping felt very happy in her wonderful job, and now had a great feeling of purpose to her life.

The cheery jingle of the little bell attached to the bakery door wrestled the little red Aisha from her thoughts. Intending to help a customer, she turned from where she sat leaning against one hand rested on the counter. She realized she must have been daydreaming for quite a while, greeted by the friendly and familiar smiles of a certain red Xweetok and tiny green Pteri. Her brothers often came to walk her home safely from the spooky woods and carry the goodies home to eat.

Ping let out a soft giggle to greet her brothers and moved to grab boxes brimming with wonderful crumpets and tarts and scones. As she did so, she felt as if a great burden was finally relieved from her chest. Ping had never been so happy with her life, and she looked forward to tomorrow and every day after that.

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